Monday, December 29, 2014

Elements Within The Spirit

Our spirits may contain matter and energy. Our spirits are connected to all four natural elements Earth, Air, Fire, and Water. Although few beliefs include Spirit as another element. For this post I feel best to talk about the four elements everybody is familiar with most. Once I learn of  other elements I will be sure to share what I learned and experienced with them too. The reason our Spirit is made an element it helps create an understanding that all elements can be formed in Spirit.

Air which is an element I was born under belonging to astrological sign Gemini. I learned using the air element to spiritually blow away negative energies that could be causing another person issues inside of their spirit. Anybody born under the air sign can easily work with air spirits. I use the air element during healing sessions I do. Those who are an air element have heightened intuition, reasoning, and intellect. Air is expansive even when heated up, and has an expressive side which can be used in more ways than one.

Fire is another element that my truer self can control. Fire lies within our spirits Solar Plexus chakra. From experiences I have been able to take the fire element, and warm up even burn someones solar plexus. Don't worry I use fire when healing too. I have a friend which allowed me to test out my fire element on him so I did. :) Fire is used to purify. When you think of metal when being melted it is to see its purity. Healers can use fire in order to cleanse chakras that have too much negative energy. Fire is an active element fueled by passion, drive, and ambition. It to is expansive just like air since fire can naturally spread out with help of the air element. Fire is a destructive element. I prefer for beginners who read this post work with the fire element using caution. Even though I admit to using it in my own destructive way. The person did have it coming so maybe next time they will learn a lesson. :)

Earth is an element great for grounding a persons' spirit when needed. Earth is this strong force representing stability, fortitude, and building blocks used for spiritual growth. Our root chakra plays part in grounding also maintaining spiritual balance. Anytime when I heal someone. Earth I mainly used helping ground their spirit. I did this so healing could happen much easier. Thus for every healing I did happy to say they all turned out successful. I am rather impressed myself with my healing effort. other healers I know can benefit from this too.

Water the element having cleansing and purification properties much like fire and air. Water is a free flowing element taking many shapes. Spiritually I think of  water the Holy Water of our spiritual framework. Water is seen as ones emotions, feelings, or their intuition. It's considered passive moves like the ocean. Someone of the water element can have emotions that will rise up then fall back down. Emotion can flood an area where everybody senses how you feel. Emotions can become out of control. This is when you need to form your own personal spiritual balance. Water element is good for washing away spiritual negativity allowing positive energy to flow into the spirit.

I didn't think I had other elements readily available for use. It felt right once I began to heal some of my friends. I used fire then used air once I was ready for earth and water. I went for it and everything worked out great. Once I realized how effective all four elements were. That is when I ended up using all elements to my very own creative use. Since I learned the healing form of elements now it feels to be the appropriate time to use these elements for other acts. If I can effectively use all four elements then others have this same opportunity. The elements are another stepping stone for heightened spiritual awareness.

I am positive others will use these for greater purposes in this world.

Wednesday, December 24, 2014


Crystals are more than just found growing in specific areas or turned into jewelry. On spiritual journeys people use crystals for many different reasons including storing energy, cleansing, spell/ritual work, increasing your spirits vibrations, and opening specific chakras. Crystals come in all sorts of shapes/sizes even really beautiful colors. I have my very own crystal necklace that I wear. It is actually quartz crystal, and it was crafted to look like an Atlantean Seed Crystal.

Atlantean Seed Crystals if some do not know already. Atlantean Seed Crystals are very huge in size other times they can be cut down in size to make smaller versions. They do contain a lot of properties. This seed crystal is connected to the lost civilization of Atlantis. Another type of crystal the Lemurian Seed Crystal being connected to Lemuria which is another lost civilization.

I learned how to cleanse crystals. Two ways I highly suggest if you have crystals/gemstones since both work the same way. Place your crystal/gemstone into an area illuminated by sunlight. Leave it there for 5-10 minutes or however long you feel comfortable. The sun is a very powerful source of energy that includes cleansing as one of its purposes. The other way is by using holy water to cleanse the crystal/gemstone too. One method I have used personally after making a connection with them.I would use an offering to give to the Air spirits preferably a strand of my hair. Once I give them my offering I ask them to do anything I may need. If I need my crystal cleansed I will ask them to cleanse my crystal. As long as I have this connection with Air spirits. Anytime I feel it is time to cleanse my crystal I simply call to them and ask. Afterwards I thank them for their cleansing.

Crystals if used improperly will break. They slowly begin to crack until finally they break into small fragments. Which is why crystals should be used with positive reasons, and not for only negative reasons. Negative energies are in fact destructive even towards crystals. Crystals should be used with  utmost care.

A unique fact about crystals some may not know is that crystals already have owners. You may have a rather unique collection, but the crystals have an owner they seek to be with. The owner is one the crystal had a connection with in other lives. Crystals long to be with those they had very deep spiritual connections with. When a crystal/gemstone (gemstones react the same way) are with their owner. Getting to know the crystal is essential in how it can help with your spiritual progress. Crystals contain messages of your past lives, various memories, or even information stored within their crystalline framework. Which will not make sense to those that the crystal does not belong to, but will make sense to the True Owner.

Crystals come in various colors, and can represent various elements. I consider to be great when using them to store your energy in them for use later on. There is one thing I was taught about crystals I never attempted yet. With my crystal I can capture specific spirits in them. Spirits which will be of good use when I seek their aid. One thing I was told not to capture were demons. If I did and released that demon everything will be in shambles. Once hearing this I more than likely will never try doing that. I may put a water spirit or wind spirit inside of my crystal. I also have a Labradorite stone. With that gemstone I infused with my fire element. Anytime I need my fire element my Labradorite stone is readily available.

Crystals are something I would suggest anybody starting out on their spiritual journey to use. I was one of those people that had them yet did simple practices with them. Nothing too complex. Crystals help in countless ways, and they definitely have outdone modern medicine. I am definitely surprised by all that can be achieved with crystals. I am positive others can agree too.

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Spiritual Conflicts

I admit spirituality is not the easiest to cope with. There's the highs and there are the lows. I experienced both but I am still having hard times grasping who I truly am. Even if I am told I know who I am. Deep down I know nothing about my truer self. Yet I work my way up learning little by little. My spirits truer origin I recently learned about. Also I spoke with the Fire Crystals they too have revealed information that is vital to know. Mysteries here and there vividly appear too.

Right now I feel spiritual conflict with myself. I do not feel strong like I should. It is difficult most of the time to gather myself up to continue. Sometimes I just want to give up telling my spiritual walk goodbye. I really do want to stop because this journey caused me to become more negative than positive. Later on I feel like some jackass by continuing on this spiritual journey. I need whatever it is pulling me down this road to let go. It is hard to have a spirit connected to you to quit bringing you down this spiritual path you choose. (No the spirit is NOT demonic. Whoever is reading this do not even go down that road. I know what I am doing.)

My spirit guide is my brother to my truer self, and he is the one guiding me including protecting me. I love how he is here for me. He can help me yet those who are like me. They get mad because I choose my spirit guide over them. I think it is kind of selfish to say that. A spirit guide is asked to stay with those they are bonded with helping them in anyway possible. Even though some stay around for short time frames. Yes it does get tiresome spiritually having my guide pull me down this road. For now I am not even sure what choice to make. Close up my truer self for nobody to see it, or keep going and almost cause those who care about me to leave.

Such a difficult choice......

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Light and Darkness

An interesting discovery I came across these past few months is how light and darkness balance each other out. Light and darkness isn't defined as good nor bad. There is nothing bad about either side. They both complete one another perfectly. Light can form more light same for darkness it forms more darkness. There is bits of shadow in the Light then bits of light in the Shadows. This is how both sides create balance. If that wasn't the case everything would fall out of balance, and chaos would happen throughout our universe. One good thing that has not happened at all. One problem is many do not really understand forms of balance, nor have they tried balancing themselves.

The Yin and Yang symbol is one symbol perfectly representing balance of both Light and Darkness. In the symbol it shows that a dot of darkness is contained within its light. Also the darkness has a bit of light contained within its shadow. Symbols are only symbols until you study every layer. Then you can fully understand the symbols meaning.

My spirit is a strong spirit of Light. My spirit of Light shines my strong sense of love for people who love me. Having caring, nurturing energies. Behind this light though I do have streaks of  darkness yet haven't explored this side yet. I still have much to learn from the Light. I gained some knowledge  but more is hidden which I need to learn. I look forward to knowing more about my inner self. Main reason for this spiritual journey. Not to forget sharing what I learn and experience with you. Some might not get much from my experiences. Some may actually learn what I learn, and that is really great. 

 Light and Darkness I think should be embraced and learned from. Nobody should be afraid. You will not be stepping across any boundaries that will ruin your eternity. Letting your spirit expand is what is absolutely necessary for everybody right now. I hope this could be understood.

Monday, October 27, 2014

Acting in Front of An Audience of Gods

With my spiritual journey it feels similar to auditioning, even acting out parts in a play that  happened in my life. The Gods that govern my life sit... watching me... waiting for my next move. Sometimes I do a little of this or a bit of that. Other times I feel their eyes piercing my soul, and keeping their gaze solely on me. I know I cannot hide from them because they still find me no matter what. The performance is a mess and completely scatter brained. There are abilities I know I can do. Then there are tasks I know I cannot do right away. It takes practice including better understanding of what needs to be done.

Visualization is hard for me to conquer when seeing myself draw on energy from specific sources. Visualization I can tell isn't my best suit. My spiritual dance I know isn't happening much. Physically I cannot dance worth a damn plus won't even try. Spirituality can be your best friend, later on will turn into the worst pain in your ass. Apparently there is some flow I have to keep with which some here and there told me.  Only path I am taking is one I paved for myself. Never will I take a path someone else attempts in paving for me.

I see this performance has to continue. Even as I feel it breaking apart little by little. My Gods still  watch me day and night. Waiting for my next move. I still see them there sitting. Still waiting, still watching, and being ever so patient. Why do a performance when I can write about it like this. Looks like I have no choice but to get through this spiritual performance to the best of my ability.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Magick Seals

Magical seals I deem to be another important form of framework within ones own spiritual growth. I have worked with a few myself. I had a friend pick which ones he thought would be good for me to try out. I tried the Planetary Seal of the Sun, Seal of Aratron/Saturn, and a seal from the Lesser Keys of Solomon. The Planetary Seal of the Sun calls forth the spirit of the Sun to help with spiritual transformation. I called him back to my spirit once again today I need him to help me transform even more. I gave the Sun spirit a long enough break to recharge himself. The seal of Saturn it helps in sensing spirits that are near you or nearby. The seal used from the Lesser Keys of Solomon helps obtain information through dreams.

The seal I used from the Lesser Keys was a tad bit difficult to draw since I do not write in Hebrew. I am hoping that I can remember who I truly am I have begun unlocking each of my abilities as best as I could. I will still try no matter what. These seals specifically the Lesser Keys seal and the Sun seal have proven to be rather helpful. Still needs to practice with the Seal of Aratron some more. I can sense my friends spirit when he comes to me, but other spirits I have not really had the ability to sense yet. In a matter of time once I adapt my spiritual senses to greater heights seals will be a lot more helpful.

Magical seals can call upon spirits of the 4 Elements, from the different planets, from other dimensions. It is best to take heed when using a seal to make sure you are choosing a seal that is easy to harness. Today I may look into more seals from the Lesser Keys of Solomon to call upon the spirit of Air. I was born under the Air symbol and I am sure it will be rather simple to achieve. My Fire element is kind of hard to work with on myself. But burning someones Solar Plexus is easy. I may be able to learn a lot more from these seals even more as this point in time. I will mention my progress with these seals every now and then maybe. If I feel it is the right time to share more of my experiences.

Friday, October 3, 2014

Respect the Dead

All of us have lost loved ones in the passing years. People we were very very close to, those that took care of us when we were little, those that gave us good life lessons we will never forget so on and so forth. Some of my readers probably remember the updates I did on my great-grandfathers brain surgery August of last year, and the horrible news I had to share with you all about how he passed away from the tumors returning and therefore taking him March 13th. I do find it hard to talk about him but now I am a stronger person to talk about those we loved so dearly and therefore lost to this world.

Just because they are gone they can still hear us and see what we do. I remember from reading the Kybalion and the very first principle which is the Principle of Mentalism states that everything we see even what we do NOT see around us is part of the ALL. The ALL is a Universal Consciousness in which everything is created. When our loved ones pass away and are not here physically they become part of the All which includes the stars, planets, trees, sand, grass, flowers etc etc. I am not making up some story to calm you down from losing someone that meant everything to you. This is a better understanding of how our spiritual world works.

You can still talk to them and communicate with them. You do not need a Ouija board so please do not try that (considering Ouija is necessarily not a toy). Even the homemade ones. You can just talk to them as if they were already here sometimes you may get an immediate answer not long after you talk to them. Most of the time you need to develop the senses to understand how they are able to communicate with you. You will get familiar smells/scents, an item of their's could show up out of thing air. Ways in which spirits communicate is pretty shocking (in the good). It can be scary but never be afraid of what you cannot see. Learn to embrace it know they are there.

I thought a good bit on if I should write this blog post or not. Today I finally decided that growing spiritually does require some explaining to those who may not be growing spiritual. Or those who may even thought of growing spiritual. I think I spoke on almost everything I felt the need to get out in the open so I could clear the air. I hope you all have a good day.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Connecting to My Inner Self

Since my first phase of Yggdrasil' test I connected much better to my inner self. Our inner self is technically where all the amazing magical events happen. The stronger we connect to our inner self the more we are capable of increasing our spiritual gifts/abilities to help ourselves including others. I use to always find it uber difficult to connect to my inner self, because all I ever was told is to look within myself. Looking within yourself spiritually is super freaking hard to grasp including understanding how to. The first phase I was in last Wednesday I felt it was the right time to look to my inner self. I told her to come and help me protect my friend who was having this entity of some kind drain his power. When growing spiritually and as you increase those psychic senses to work to their full potential there will be entities you never knew existed. It does seem scary a first but you will overcome that fear to deal with them.

I completed my second phase on Sunday if I remember correctly. My second phase involved me using the healing gifts I have on a friend who was having pain in his heart chakra and in his spine. I felt really exhausted after that since it was my very first time ever healing someone else. I never healed before at all. With my inner self she is a destructive force of energy that can pretty much cause harm, but also she is a giver of life she can heal illnesses/diseases. Technically I can do as much harm as I can the same amount I can do good in the world. Once I grow stronger to my healing abilities I could easily heal without feeling exhausted afterwards.

I am still learning more about my inner self such as what gifts do I have hidden away I could use to help people. How I can become a being that will teach others how to connect to their inner selves. To let them expand their consciousness to greater lengths. My Gods have helped me a good bit as well in standing by me as I grow more. What I am very happy about is overcoming the fears that hindered me from growing. I understood who I truly am I had the difficulties of wanting to grow but afraid of the outcome. Now with the other phase I took I didn't even think "No it will not work." "I am not strong enough to achieve something so great." After I went after what I knew would be good for spiritual growth everything felt so much better. It is just what I want to go after next is the real question.

Emerald Tablets and the Kybalion are still highly important. Astral Projection has not been done yet. Maybe later on down the line when I increase my senses it will never hurt to give astral projection a try. The problem with astral projection is the number of different techniques there should only be a few not a zillion. I still have my Tarot cards but haven't touched them in a while. It will just be another thing I plan on doing later on.

Basically I am more focused on growing more spiritually. In each post I may share more of my experiences unless you would enjoy me venturing down into another area of the Occult. It is still super interesting I enjoy it a lot. Although some people may not agree but oh well people have their differences.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Odin's Day.

Every Wednesday is important for spirits that thrive to grow more spiritually. Also by growing closer to our inner selves. I learned yesterday that you can sacrifice one thing to Yggdrasil the World Tree. Whichever sacrifice you make Yggdrasil will test you to see if you are worthy enough. To see if you are ready to grow more. I was unsure of what my test would be like because everybody's is different. As soon as I made my sacrifice to Yggdrasil yesterday my test started right then and there. I have fears I need to face in order for me to grow more. That is why so many who accept other practices/beliefs are unsure of what might happen because it is fear which holds them back. I admit I am one of those that is unsure of the results, but it never hurts to find a way to take on that fear or whatever it is that is holding you back from your spiritual growth.

Odin's Day involves a test that Odin himself had to take. Which involved the loss of his eye. He sacrificed his eye so he could drink from the Well of Wisdom so he can obtain all knowledge to become an all knowing God. Not only did he lose his eye he had to be impaled by his own spear Gugnir for nine days straight, and was given the Futhark runes for surpassing this major test.

When Yggdrasil gives you the test it happens in stages to help you grow after each phase/stage is complete. It is all about taking small steps to achieve your goal. I feel stronger today than I have in what seems like forever stronger spiritually not physically. I feel better now that I overcame my first obstacle. I think many who believe in Odin and many other Norse Gods should look into Odin's Day on Wednesday. Each test for everybody is completely different. The best thing is to be prepared for what your test may hold. Also to be prepared to act.

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Gods and Goddesses of War

I really would love to go ahead and get more in depth with the various gods and goddesses who were on Earth thousands of years ago. I do know they existed because there cannot be just one God. Anyway I am not going to get into a big debate or anything. But my opinion is that they did exist and I believe in pretty much all of them a few I accepted into my life just recently. There are quite a few gods and goddesses I do know of. I do admit there are dozens upon dozens of others I do not know of at all. For this post I would like to talk about both sides. You can do more research into them yourself unless you want me to do another blog post on specific gods or goddesses I do not know of that well.

A Goddess of War I chose to start with is from Greece her name is Athena. A symbol I am quite familiar with is her symbol the Owl. Owls were always connected to the wisdom Athena has as a Goddess of War. She is one of the children of Zeus who is the Greek ruler of all of the Greek Gods and Goddesses. Many should pretty much already know all the Gods and Goddesses of Greece were pretty much children of Zeus. No reason to go on much further with explaining her story.


Murugan is a God of War in Hindu beliefs. He is the only one I could come across.  The vehicle he uses is by the Peacock more than likely that is an animal this God greatly associates with. The Black Panther's eyes decorate the feathers of a Peacock which shows great mysticism. Murugan is the son of Parvati (The Divine Mother), and Shiva (The Destroyer). There could be other Gods of War within the Hindu beliefs but the only one I came across is Murugan. If you are curious enough you can research it.


Mars is the Roman God of War. His Roman God symbol is the symbol used for Male. Mars was not always a God of War. Before he was a God of spring, protector of cattle, and growth in nature. The Earth element is connected to this god which probably is why he became a God of War later on. His parents are both Jupiter and Juno. There are other sources would not know if these were true, but Mars is considered the child of both Romulus and Remus. Romulus being the man who founded Rome, and the people of Rome.


Wepwawet is a God of War in Egypt I definitely need to talk about. Reason number one is the mass confusion of the god being mixed up with the God of Mummification (Anubis). Wepwawet is not a Jackal-headed god. Wepwawet is a Wolf-headed god. You can even see the difference yourself. Jackals have ears that stick up and are pointed. Wolves ears are are not that pointy. Google pictures of both animals and see it for yourself. With the link I am going to shared from Crystalinks it distinctly explains that Wepwawet is depicted as either a wolf or jackal headed god.


Camulos is a Roman-Celtic God of war. He is greatly associated with the Roman God of War (Mars). Camulos was considered the tribal god of the Remi. The Remi was a Gallic tribe living in Germany, Belgium, and within the Netherlands. Camulos was said to have wielded an invincible sword. Not sure if this connection is made to Mars, or why the connection was made at all. Looking into it more may provide the answers pointing towards these two gods including this connection they share.


Huitzilopochtli is the Aztec God of War and the God of the Sun. In Aztec beliefs Huizilopochtli is connected to the hummingbird or to an eagle. Both birds hold strong associations within Aztec beliefs. His name refers to an event after death where the soldiers that have perished will return as hummingbirds or eagles (reincarnated) and be apart of the left side of the world. Huitzilopochtli almost met his fate when his brothers and his sister tried to kill him. He was too cunning for them and foiled their plot, and he took his turquoise snake and slew them.


Nacon is the Mayan God of War. There is not much history on this god except for just being the God of War. I have a link that shows Nacon, and there may be another god of war. Maybe even a goddess of war. I never knew of any Mayan, Incan, or Aztec goddesses of war. So they may be rare to find unless there are wise tales of a female fighter during the times the Aztecs, Incans, or Mayans were around. It will just take time to search for the right information. Unless you call upon the god/ goddess themselves asking who they were.

Nacon: (Bottom of Page)

Bellona is the Roman Goddess of War she is identified with the Greek Goddess of War Enyo. Bellona is seen as the sister or wife of the God of War (Mars). A temple was built in her honor near the temple of Apollo. Others were merely just references to other temples to this goddess. For those that invoke this goddess it is said that her presence would help battles/wars go a lot smoother. She is described as being loud and active as she barks orders to other soldiers. She has a very energetic quality to her and one of high leadership standards.


I tried my best to see if there were more goddesses of war that I could include here. Couldn't find any goddesses of war in the South American and Central American regions. I knew there were goddesses of war from the Greek and Roman beliefs. Egyptian I believe there is to be a goddess of war.  I only did gods/goddesses I and others are familiar with. And chose a few here and there I do not know myself, others may not know either. With Nacon it might have to be in your hands to research into his life more. I could rarely find anything myself on him. I wanted to be more diverse with this post so far I included Roman, Greek, Roman-Celtic, Mayan, Aztec, and Egyptian. Next I am going to choose among Gods and Goddesses of a different meaning perhaps love, wisdom, knowledge, beauty, agriculture etc.

Monday, August 4, 2014

Spells and Rituals.

I learned quite a bit about spells and rituals within the passing days. I always figured spells and rituals always had to be done at the same time. Well I am glad I had more than one person explain the same experience they had, but with different spells they cast. Spells you can do with rituals also you can do spells without rituals. A friend he taught my how to do a spell by writing the runic symbol Fehu in green either with a pen, colored pencil, highlighter, marker etc. Then store it in my wallet or put in my pocket to keep it safe. The spell should unfold within a matter of days. As long as you keep a positive mind set on the spell your desire will be fulfilled.

Not only did two of my friends tell me this. Another guy in this Pagan group I am in on Facebook told me how he could just think of a spell to do without a ritual. Or he can think of what he desires then it happens. Two of my friends said the exact same thing. They did not need a bunch of items for a ritual to get a spell to happen. They could just think of what they desired then it happened. It had a lot to do with intention which creates an energy to let anything you need to happen in no time.

Some may claim it isn't possible but with people already having experiences it is pretty damn possible. Energy is what creates a lot of things even events to take place in ones life. Rituals can be useful to increase the energy/power of a spell. Without a ritual you can do that same spell more than once to make it more powerful and more effective. I learned two types of spells from my close friend. I will use those two so I can learn about doing spells without a ritual, once I get use to it I could probably give a few pointers to those interested in learning.

Being doubtful is one way that can cause a spell or ritual to fall through. Never be doubtful keep a positive mind always when chanting a spell or performing a ritual.

Friday, July 25, 2014

The Kybalion Another Work of Hermetic Philosophy.

I was in a group on Facebook that I am apart of and I shared a little something about Thoth and the Emerald Tablets I was happy to have learned myself. A guy happened to have mentioned him reading another Hermetic philosophical piece called The Kybalion. It is a piece of work which is written by three individuals that call themselves 'The Three Initiates'. Nobody even knows who these three initiates are that is the amazing thing about The Kybalion. The words of this work has been passed down from the most loyal Masters that have something to teach to students that are willing to come to them for information. None of this information has changed at all. Nothing else needs to be added to The Kybalion.

The most amazing fact about this work is that it has a perfect connection to The Emerald Tablets of Thoth. Thoth and Hermes Trismegistus are the same people. Hermes is just the Greek name for Thoth. Thoth incarnated into Hermes. Once you read both works if you plan on reading them you will understand the connection. After I looked up a pdf version of The Kybalion I noticed how many things clicked as I started reading it. I found it rather amazing. I also shared what I learned about The Emerald Tablets with the guy who shared what he learned from The Kybalion. He himself started reading the Tablets, and he even told me that he immediately felt a strong perfect connection between the two. Most may see it as a mere coincidence, but I feel that the connection is definitely meant to be.

There are 7 Principles that are made for the most dedicated students. These principles once understood can therefore be applied to that students life. even have them see the world in a different Light. I thought the Principle of Mentalism was pretty tough to understand, but once you actually closely study what it says. Then everything comes together real well. I think those who are just entering into Hermetic Philosophy should read The Kybalion. Only if it does suit you. It is a extraordinary piece of work I am growing quite fond of. 

Saturday, July 19, 2014

So Many Choices.

I somehow realized all of the different practices that are in the Occult. You cannot believe how long of a list there is. I never knew there was a practice such as Animism it is a belief that Buddhists, Hinduism, Paganism, Neo-Paganism is where this can be found it. Animism is knowing that animals, plants, rocks etc. all have a spirit within them. Everything on Earth has life in it and that involves energy. Without energy everything would fall apart, people would be getting sick left and right. Energy is what helps us thrive including keep us alive.

Totemism sounds pretty familiar to me. When I had seen this I automatically thought of Native American Totem Poles. How on different Totem Poles there are specific Totem Animals. Each animal has a particular type of wisdom and we must learn the wisdom of the animal totem we have. I am not sure what my animal totem is I haven't really tried even though I am highly interesting in finding out mine. Native American spirituality is very interesting. I enjoy how they respect animals and treat them with the utmost respect.

It is kind of hard to find out which ones I would really like to get into. There are so many... I am sure I will come across something interesting. I am friends with a Shaman that has taught me quite a bit about energy. I already knew of how meditation helps in healing our chakras and balancing them out. In turn our chakras are points that indicate the different organs in our bodies. With how I started meditating like I have. I never get sick anymore which is really cool. But with meditating you must cleanse and balance so you can prevent ailments from taking place. I find Shamanism rather interesting. I accepted gods that I knew were already here with me my entire life. Gods that intend on protecting me from all harm.

With my guide he is being kind of hard-headed and I opened up my Third Eye, and Throat Chakras as much as possible in order to be more in tune with his realm. I guess I will also have to open up my Root Chakra to ground myself better. Grounding I think is important in meditation even a friend who can sense chakra energies even told me I needed my Root opened. I did open it for a little bit a day ago, but I could tell I exhausted myself when I opened my Third Eye and Throat. I am glad I have the hand of meditation now. Just need a way to increase my vibrations to completely open them.

For now I feel like I just need to take a break from all of this for a little bit. Not my blog but pursuing various practices I can get into. After searching for a while it can get kind of tiring. Hopefully whichever practices I choose I know it will be worth it. We will just have to see.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

An Interesting Connection.

Last night as I was laying in bed trying to go to sleep. I had some intuitive thinking going on. I realized I never made an important point I know I should have shared with others. One that would make absolute sense and even probably breath a great deal of truth. I remember reading over the Emerald Tablets (this is in correlation to that post). When Thoth began to speak about the sons of Atlantis. How they all went to different ends of the Earth to share their knowledge. Hopefully by now as I just explained it this is beginning to make sense.

The sons of Atlantis could have a very VERY strong connection with the gods and goddesses of other cultures. This even explains the most amazing forms of architecture that is still technically standing today. Even though some have become lost through the years due to sedimentation or vegetation overgrowth. Thoth we understand is the Master of Mysteries. The other sons of Atlantis have varying skills and a grand title that many do not know of. Thoth is only one that I know his grand title which is the Master of Mysteries. He knows knowledge man could not know themselves. I can tell now that there is connections starting to be made. Connections that I am beginning an understanding of which I did not need to make while reading the tablets.

Even after reading the Emerald Tablets it is like what you read from them sticks with you. The words are engrained within your psyche so when you realize something you remember something like that being said in the Emerald Tablets. Especially how Thoth begins to say statements such as "keep my commandments", "do not alter the words I speak of" statements that Jesus Christ made Himself in the Bible. Jesus has the same amount of power as the other gods and goddesses have. They all have that same authority over us, but they all need our love and positive energy. Once we give them love and that positive energy they spread that love to us as well.

I couldn't keep these words back anymore after having it come to me last night. Many think that this is a theory(which it isn't by the way). The Emerald Tablets reveals mysteries to the most dedicated of students. I am pretty dedicated always going back over the same tablets I read, or go after another tablet and read from it to understand its secrets. Thoth I know did an amazing job with the tablets. I also am willing to learn even more from him, because the more I learn. The more I intend on sharing with others. Now you all will have to wait even a tad bit longer before I come across another mystery revealed to me. I understand you want it to happen now... but.... things do not always happen as quickly as you want them too. I had to learn that from personal experience.

Blessings to you all from the Light of Thoth. :)

Sunday, July 13, 2014

My Spiritual Protectors.

This blog post will only be about the two spiritual protectors who I found out that have always been here. Although I never knew until now. I hope some of you will at least believe that there are those out there. Who are truly here to protect us from what can harm us not only physically but spiritually. If a lot of you remember the post I did on the 6th and 7th including 8th Books of Moses. Moses himself brings to us the realization of the Greek gods and goddesses existence, because they have always existed. Even the gods and goddesses of other beliefs as well. They were there the whole time yet a lot of us completely ignored them. While others were brought into believing in those Gods and Goddesses.

Recently I made a strong connection with Thoth and Anubis. Both Gods represent a strong foundation within Egypt. It does feel a tad bit awkward but I am going to adjust because they are here to protect me from harm.I do not care what others think. It is their own fault for not opening up their higher consciousness to something more. Some do not even get out of that bubble they are trapped in to even realize we have other gods that love us. Wait till you reach the other side then you will know what I am talking about. Hell even the Catholics believe in not only God and Jesus but also the Virgin Mary. I accept anybody's beliefs but if they are bashed for them by other people then that is just wrong.

I am glad I am a being that is here to at least try and get everybody to see the clear BIG picture. The Gods and Goddesses deserve a lot more respect than what most are giving them. Especially the two Gods I know that is in my life. We can see them if we want to. It is not that hard. We can always call out to them when we need someone to talk to, or to ask for advice on a situation we are stuck in. That is how the Christian God works too, He does the same thing the other Gods and Goddesses do as well. They all have the same amount of spiritual power.

Hopefully my experience at least gives some of those who do not believe in the other Gods and Goddesses a chance to realize there isn't only one God or one Goddess. There have been Gods and Goddesses all over the world, because they actually were everywhere. If you have any questions please feel free to ask me. I am still learning as I am on my spiritual journey. I will share anything I experience with you all, because some people need to hear what is really going on.

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Emerald Tablet of Thoth the Atlantean

Some may have heard of the Emerald Tablet of Thoth, and you are probably wondering why Thoth isn't who many thought he was. Atlantis is a long lost civilization and this is the original home of Thoth. A man by the name of Doreal interpreted and translated the Emerald Tablets as Thoth gave permission for him to. Thoth warned that nobody is to change or take away or add to these tablets. The wrath of Thoth will be on that person. A few parts in the tablet talking about the history of Thoth. What I noticed is how he said a few statements that Jesus Christ said in the Bible. Especially how we are to not take away, add to, or change any of its scriptures. This is another link in which gives light to the existence of gods goddesses.

This is a hall Thoth speaks of. This hall is known as the Halls of Amenti. A second tablet explains these halls, also what is contained within them. Beings still reside within the Halls of Amenti . Thoth talks about the Halls of Amenti is used for the chosen ones to  become one with a human body. This is where reincarnation happens. Within the Halls of Amenti a flower began to blossom and grow. The more this flower grew the more of the darkness was driven back by the light this flower gave off. This flower is known as the Flower of Life. There are books which talk about the Flower of Life, but may not be on key with the Emerald Tablets explanation of this flower. 

Thoth also tells of the Ascended Masters which guide us from the darkness into the light. I could tell from my journey through life I was in the dark, but something brought me into the light. Any master of light gently guides those I assume were assigned to them. This year must be when more people are going to be led into the light. Mainly since a shift in consciousness will take place. The most impressive thing about these  tablets is that they are imperishable, also resistant to all elements, corrosion, and acid. All of the Emerald Tablets had been formed from a substance which was created through alchemical transmutation. Those secrets that Thoth has shared with the world can prove very useful to the most serious of students. I find these tablets to help myself understand a civilization that was close to being extinct. The Atlanteans including Thoth boarded on his masters ship, and escaped Atlantis before the sea swallowed this ancient city whole.

(Also when I mean ship. Not a spaceship. An actual ship that floats on water.)

Just thought I would briskly point that out. :)

Another part I read which involves the Atlanteans how they made it to Khem (Egypt). Thoth has the children of Atlantis separate to each part of the world. Thoth himself goes to Egypt and this is where he remains until he incarnates into Hermes Trismegistus. A lot of great ancient structures we have come across in the passing decades were masterfully crafted by the Atlanteans. So this pretty much solves the mystery of who built the Pyramids of Giza, Mayan temples, clearly every complex structure man himself could never accomplish on his own.

I myself find the Emerald Tablets so fascinating because they unlock secrets each time they are read over. I suggest people who haven't read the tablets to do so. You can actually Google the tablets and find pdf's of them. None have been altered from what I see because Thoth did leave a pretty clear warning to those who tried to alter any of the words being translated. I hope you found this post rather informative, and I really would love to see others learn from it.f

Monday, June 23, 2014

Return Of My Long Lost Love.

There was a c.d. my parents got me when I was about 6-7 years old. I always love the music on that c.d. it always made me cheerful, and the beat was so overwhelming I loved it so much. After the original copy was lent to someone and I never got back. It really tore me apart I absolutely loved that band to death. Never thought I would ever get it back again. Because some c.d.'s are never re-issued, but quite a few months ago I found out the c.d.'s they made over the years were actually being re-issued on there website. I kept meaning to get it but after the bands website changed I could not find the c.d. Mainly because the Oceania tour The Smashing Pumpkins did was over at least I think so. I did get one of their other c.d.'s recently and it is called Oceania once I listened to that c.d. I started to remember the wonderful beats I absorbed as a kid.

I always loved The Smashing Pumpkins I have a lot of different bands I consider my favorite. The Smashing Pumpkins I absolutely fell head over heels in love with. Their music always made me happy especially their song called Beautiful. That song always made me feel as if I was beautiful. That no matter what I am a beautiful person on the inside and outside. Even if people would say otherwise. That c.d. I had when I was younger I finally got around to ordering me another one off of Amazon. I actually just got it today and I am listening to the song "Bullet With Butterfly Wings". By the time this post is over I will be listening to a different song on the c.d. There are some of the songs I listened to then and didn't really like, but now since I have a stronger taste in music the songs are absolutely awesome.

I know I may seem pathetic gushing over a band and their music, but I understand a lot of people may feel the same way. There is always that one band that will always be there for you, and make you smile even during the worst of times. I am overly joyed that I actually have this c.d. again. A lot of people probably will think I was supposed to be talking about a person in my life coming back to me. But long lost love's do not always have to be people it can be something you had a long time ago pop back up in your life again. If there is a guy who can sweep me off my feet, then he can show up if he wants to. :)

Monday, June 16, 2014

Learning The Ways of Tarot.

I decided to order my very first tarot deck. The deck that caught my eye the most and I felt more drawn to is the Golden Tarot deck. I was really wanting to get an Egyptian tarot and the Hermetic tarot decks. Somehow I didn't feel as connected to those as I do with the Golden Tarot deck. It comes with a nice booklet to help interpret the meanings of each card, and it even interprets the reverse meaning of the card. I decided to do my own reading myself last night once I became comfortable doing one. I did learn a good deal from my personal reading. I understood that I am worrying about something that is hindering my spiritual walk. My emotions are getting in the way as well. Even though I may feel this way about why this friend of mine made this decision it has nothing to do with me. I cannot change another person's behavior because everybody is different, and everybody changes everyday. I must focus on myself and push those emotions that are hindering my spiritual growth out of the way such as anger, jealousy, envy etc.

Just by simply reading the cards this way I am starting to better understand myself. The number 7 card in the Celtic Cross Spread I did for my personal reading last night actually deals with a person I am to come across soon enough. Not sure when they may show up, but all I know is it will be soon. I am going to learn how to read Tarot cards based on elements that are within each card. In my tarot card deck it has Coins, Wands, Swords, and Cups. These four items represent the four elements Earth, Air, Fire, and Water. A few cards I could easily tell it had the element based on a horoscope I am familiar with such as Pisces the fish, Taurus the bull, Leo the Lion etc.

In the passing days I really intend on learning a lot from my Tarot deck. My sisters were not even enraged when they had seen them. They asked me to do a small reading from them, but I explained how I only just got them. Tarot does take quite a bit of practice. It may seem difficult because of the signs, symbols, and the Major and Minor arcana themselves. Those symbols can be learned. Hermetic Tarot definitely would have been advanced for me. I am glad that I bought my first deck of tarot cards.

Once I master this deck I definitely plan on browsing for a new deck.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Choosing My Own Path.

I know some might not see this as a good thing, and ask me why would I get rid of something I enjoyed. Well for one thing I did enjoy at first. But I forgot one thing. The more you worry about something you end up feeding it all of the negativity from your ego which brings this scenario to life. I learned to not worry about government corruption as much, because for one thing I know it is there all the time. Since I know it is there. That is it. It's presence is known so just move on from it. I need to focus on myself and finding out who I truly am. Look to my new spiritual path I am laying out for myself. Worrying about something that may never change is not going to help my decision. I gave up my group to my admin told them my decision and reason for giving it up. They understood but was sad I had to leave. Leaders must make sacrifices even if it is sacrifices they are not ready to make.

The other blog I had for exposing government corruption I deleted it. I see it nothing but an obstacle I charged right through. It felt as if all the group and blog did was weigh down on my spiritual growth. I need to be apart of this spiritual awakening, and I know I certainly will benefit from it. Looking to other beliefs and practices can actually help me find better ways to expand my consciousness, learn to use healing energies, feel comfortable in my own body and spiritual walk. Even using particular items that aids in growing spiritually such as amulets/talismans.

I just gave my group on Facebook to my admin. He can do whatever he wants to do with the group. I was thinking about this a month ago, but now I made a good decision. Most might not think so but I definitely know I decided on this decision. With my spiritual walk I know I will be heading in a good direction. At work I have not been scheduled any hours this week since another associate returned from college. So I am looking for a second part time job elsewhere. Unless they want me to do Full Time then I will accept that instead.

The spiritual shift a few friends of mine have talked about I can actually feel a shift in how I perceive things now. At first I was so indecisive about so many things always second guessing, underestimating myself, unable to go after something I know I may get a lot out of. Choosing your own path is not that hard after a good deal of pondering on it. You should just go for it. 

Monday, May 26, 2014


Hermeticism is a philosophical tradition that was started based on Hermes Trismegistus i.e. Thoth. If you do a search or find books on the Emerald Tablet of Hermes this tablet gives you a lot more information on who he is. Hermeticism is linked to Alchemy and if I am not mistaken also linked to secret societies such as Freemasonry, Hermetic Order of The Golden Dawn,  AMORC (Rosicrucians) etc. etc. These secrets orders strongly use Hermeticism but also use what they need to in order to teach new initiates.

Hermeticism is a path/journey into spiritual growth. At one point Hermeticism had been completely banished. This was due to Christianity being considered the main religion of the Roman Empire. Books with Hermetic writings were in fact preserved during the Middle Ages. These books were few in number. Besides Christianity has more Paganism in it than most people of the Christian religion would think. This practice views humanity being on this spiritual journey in accordance to returning into a state of unity with the Divine. Humans are able to access the Subtle Realms by different techniques  by meditation, ritual, including varying spiritual or magical practices. Although many do not wish to pursue anything evolving around this. Growing spiritually I see as being very important. I intend to grow spiritually, because I need a massive change for myself. Many other people need to take advantage of this opportunity as well.

Hermetics (those who practice Hermeticism) are those who seek divine truth, seekers of understanding, and the seekers of Gnosis. They are very open including being tolerant of other peoples spiritual paths/beliefs. Anybody is welcomed into Hermeticism if they see it is the right path for them. Hermeticism I see as being ever so loving to those seeking  the truth.The truth is pretty difficult to find these days. I am lucky enough to find what I can, especially before I accepted the unknown for what it was. Never be afraid of something you do not know anything about. It keeps you from spreading your wings to new heights.

There is a lot more on Hermeticism if you feel the need to look into this more like I have.


Saturday, May 24, 2014

Still On the Search....

I am still on a search for the 9th and 10th Books of Moses. I was able to come across the 8th book with hardly any problems. As I did a tad bit more research I found out that the 8th, 9th, and 10th Books of Moses are a lot more powerful than the 6th and 7th. Mainly since both the 6th and 7th books solely focus on each seal, and what each seal represents. There is said to be a 13th Book of Moses as well. If this claim is true it may prove kind of difficult to obtain. Depends on where I look to say the least.

Somehow I know I could be on a very important trail. A trail I know many people would not dare tread down for any reason. Hopefully this trail will provide even more insight on this matter. Doing a search on different Grimoires may help in some way. But like I said I need to look in the right places. I did post a question about the seals Moses knew of, and I received a response from someone. They knew the answer to my question but they did not feel comfortable in discussing the seals. Whatever the reason was it must have not been good. I know I have learned to embrace the unknown to not fear it at all, but it is best to be extremely careful in scenarios such as this.

I take this small trek through this small unknown area very seriously. Although some may think I do not know what I am getting myself into. I am perfectly aware of what I am doing. I will still be on the search for these other books hoping to come across them somewhere. I know they may not be in the library. Not sure if any churches would have a library with various biblical texts.

All I have to say is that this search will continue......

Monday, May 19, 2014

The 8th Book of Moses

I have looked into the 8th Book of Moses a little bit, and this book speaks more on calling out a specific god. There is a chart which shows the different gods and goddesses. On one side of the chart it names the Greek gods such as Helios, Selene, Ares, Hermes, Zeus, Aphrodite, and Kronos. It seems that this book is sort of inclined with rituals, but a lot of what is given requires things to be said by word of mouth. One I noticed required the caster to face East in order to make Helios to appear.

Not sure if anything in particular is required for anything to appear. It does tell you to collect intricate items here and there. This book is a little bit more detailed than the 6th and 7th Books of Moses. I scrolled through the book and it appears to have similar books (otherwise chapters contained in this book). A lot of the capitalized words I think may be in Hebrew. I do know in no way it could be Greek.

What I skimmed through so far gives detailed descriptions of how to properly become initiated. other information speaks on calling up a particular god on a given day, hour, week, or month. The question I am starting to think is why would Moses be involves with this information??? I know many may not agree with me when I say this...but... I know for a fact the gods including the goddesses of any type of mythology you know of did or actually DO exist. These gods did have power given to them. Not to bring destruction or evil. To keep order among the human beings, and to love them no matter what.

The gods learned not to abuse their power. To only use them when necessary. Our Almighty Father in Heaven permitted this because with God anything is possible. God has that authority over the universe. Those equal to God help in the same way He does by protecting us, blessing us, and loving us etc. I do understand how rituals can be pretty dangerous if you are inexperienced. It is good to have a person who has gone through the 8th Book of Moses, and therefore knows what to do. Some of these items I have seen not sure how to obtain them like the egg of a scarab, or the navel of a male crocodile. Although probably more prominent in other foreign countries.

I definitely will look into the 9th and 10th Books of Moses to see what they contain. It may go deeper into what the 8th book contains, or it might be completely different. This book is completely different from the 6th and 7th in which only the different seals were solely focused on. Seals I understand do take an important act in rituals. Soloman even knows about seals since h used them himself to help construct Soloman's Temple. Once I read up on the 9th and 10th book I will share my findings.


Friday, May 2, 2014

The 6th and 7th Books of Moses

I finally came around to telling you all about the lost books that belonged to Moses. Books of Moses that were never included in the Holy Bible. Perhaps to keep us unaware of practices we can take part in, but will be judged for doing so. There are three other books of Moses not mentioned as well these are the 8th, 9th, and 10th Books of Moses. They are all Grimoires. If some of you are not aware of what grimoires are these are books of magic spells.

The 6th Book of Moses contains the magical incantations used for each type of seal represented in the 6th and 7th books. Moses extracted this information from the Books of the Cabala and the Talmud. Moses created these different seals using magical spirit-art. There is a total of seven seals. Each seal representing the different levels of spirits. The 7th Book of Moses contains The Twelve Tables of Spirits. An extract from the Magical Kabala is included too.

All of the tables in the 7th book includes the first four tables that conjure the spirits of Earth, Air, Fire, and Water. Fifth through tenth tables conjure up spirits of Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, The Sun, Venus, and Mercury. Extracts  that Moses used from the Magical Kabala is the Breastplate of Moses, Helmet of Mosees and Aaron, the Breatplate of Aaron etc. one  inscription on a seal when read properly will assemble devils or spirits, or it will cause the dead to appear.

With these incantations along with the seals shown. I do not know if these seals have to be drawn or engraved into any particular metal. It gives each incantation that is said in Hebrew. These questions may lead to my own personal research. Maybe even experiment a little bit. A tad problem is getting started, and only Moses himself knew what to do. Casting circles may not help because these are seals we are learning about. What I think is the seal probably has to be copied, and then chant the incantation for it to work. Another problem is how should the incantation be chanted in its original language, or can it still work by chanting it in English (or other languages)???

So far I have found a few seals made into necklaces. These necklaces I assume may hold the same capabilities the seal would have being drawn. The possibilities are kind of limited it seems, but hopefully these limits can expand some. Moses probably knew a way in which people could connect with the angels and spirits for aide. There are over 120 powerful tablets, charms, talismans, and seals all of which have been redrawn as well as digitally enhanced. With these seals which have been enhanced they make it easy to read when chanting each incantation.

Even since they made them easier to read. I still stand by my other questions. The words have to be read in Hebrew (or at least I think so). The Psalms can be used in concordance with a specific seal. All of the Psalms can help with situations a person is having difficulty in handling. Not sure if other people have had any experiences they can talk about pertaining to successfully conjure up anything.

I am glad to tell you about the 6th and 7th Books of Moses. That they do in fact exist including the 8th, 9th, and 10th Books of Moses. What I intend on sharing with you next is the Emerald Tablets of Thoth. Also how Thoth is really not an Egyptian although textbooks might say otherwise. I also intend on researching about the last three books of Moses. To see if I uncover a lot more than what is contained within the 6th and 7th.

Link: of Moses.pdf

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Kemetic Gods and Goddesses

Kemet was the ancient name for Egypt or from what Thoth shared in the Emerald Tablet. Egypt was also called Khem. Kemet has many gods and goddesses many of them you may know like myself. Others you might not know that well. I do know a decent number of the gods and goddesses such as Bastet, Anubis, Ra, Horus, Osiris, Isis, Hathor, and Thoth. All of the gods and goddesses had a duty there were in charge of in the lives of the Kemetic people.

Anubis he was the god of mummification including the dead. Something I never knew is that people in Kemet who would see jackals roaming around in the cemeteries then believed Anubis watched over the dead. This is why Anubis is seen with the head of a jackal. Although most pictures you would see these days will have Anubis with the body of a jackal. With more human features, and the body a solid black color. Which is how he is depicted now. Then he would usually have the head of a jackal, and the body of an ordinary man. Egyptian Priests during ceremonies held for the deceased they would wear jackal heads in honor of the person that has died.

Hathor is seen as a protective goddess, and is also the goddess of love and joy. Hathor was the wife of Horus. It is said that she sometimes was thought of as a mother to the pharoah. A very peculiar fact about Hathor I never knew about is how Hathor is connected to foreign places and materials. A temple was built in honor of Hathor in Dendera.

Geb is a god I do not know much about. I did a little research, and Ged was the god of the earth. Ged also was involved int he battle of Horus and Seth when they fought for the throne of Egypt. Horus was made ruler of the living by Geb. An ironic fact I came across is how the Egyptians would see earthquakes as Geb's laughter.

Khepri  is a god I am not familiar with just like Geb. Khepri is a man with the head of a scarab. He is known as the god of creation, the movement of the sun, and rebrith. The Egyptians would see scarabs appear out of nowhere. This is how they believed their creator god appeared is from nowhere. There are other creation stories about Khepri. It sounds similar to how the Christian God is Infinite and has always been there. He was not created in anyway.

Thoth is an Egyptian god of writing and knowledge. The Egyptian people believe  Thoth if many of you remember from the Egyptian Judgement post he is present during that event to record that person's weighing. I see Thoth as a scribe of some kind. Thoth is connected to the moon as well. There is another secret about Thoth that many do not know about. He isn't Egyptian like most people would think. His roots go down a different road.

Nut I know in being goddess of the sky. In depictions of Nut she is described as a woman with her body stretching across the sky. Her dress is then decorated with starts. She is the sister also wife of Geb (this is a frequent thing with gods and goddesses) mainly in keeping Egyptian royalty progressing throughout the centuries. Nut was also the mother of Isis, Osiris, Nepthys, and Seth. See what I mean how even though they may be brother and sister they get married anyway. It definitely has to do with keeping the royal bloodline going.

I will provide the link so you can learn about the other gods and goddesses worshiped in Kemet. I chose a few gods and goddesses I did not know about that well. I also chose a few I am quite fond of. I think this link will give you a good bit of information on them.

Friday, April 25, 2014

Incarnation Not Reincarnation

Many many people have not used the word reincarnation properly over the years. With the Buddhists belief reincarnation it is actually a move made called "incarnation." After the spirit has left its physical shell it will incarnate itself into the next physical body to live a different life. The way of past lives happen like this. Many people probably will not agree, mainly to how they were taught about the spirit. Or they just do not really want to choose to accept that fact.

Incarnation can be done by spiritual immortals. Immortals of spirits can choose the direction of their rebirths. When incarnated we are both body and soul within one being. It is mentioned how incarnation is relatively complex. With the interaction between the physical and subtle bodies that allows this incarnation. Energy which travels through the roots(nerves) of our bodies, chakras which are the main points locating our organs, also the important energy used between body and soul. Energy is used in the balancing and cleansing of the chakras also repairing the organs within our bodies. Not to forget in preventing illness and disease.

If incarnation fails to become active at the right moment when conception happens it can result in miscarriages. Otherwise if pregnancy is carried to term, and if the integration is flawed/incomplete birth defects also neurological disorders arise. The child ends up with these issues through that life. Once the soul sheds its physical form upon death this process happens again. Most souls are capable of this while others remain in the spirit realm. Spirit guides and the Higher Self can choose, not to incarnate. They stay in spirit form to aid human beings, and guide them to a higher state of consciousness.


Incarnation many may not agree with. If you do not really accept topics such as this then everybody is entitled to their own opinions. Those who exploring these topics enjoy them Past Lives play a specific part with incarnation. Past Lives will be discussed in another post. Doing more research on your own time is beneficial as well. See you in my next post.

I also know this post is a tad bit shorter than my other ones. I try not to write an entire book about topics I have did a little research into. I write as little as possible, but put a lot of meaning into what I write. 

Monday, April 21, 2014

The Arcturians

I learned about the Arcturians when searching for information on Edgar Cayce "The Sleeping Prophet". Arcturus is one of the most advanced civilizations in this galaxy. They are a fifth-dimensional civilization that is a prototype of Earth's future. An Arcturians energy works as an emotional, mental, and spiritual healer for humanity.

A book which is the  "Book of Knowledge- The Keys of Enoch"... which sounds like the "Lesser Keys of Soloman". Lesser Keys of Soloman has no relation to the Arcturians. Although I will probably be doing a separate blog post on this. The Book of Knowledge-The Keys of Enoch describes this as the mid-way programming center in some way is used by physical brotherhoods within our universe.

Arcturus is Greek for Bearkeeper, and the location is in the Bootes constellation (Ursa Major). An interesting fact about the Arcturians is that they are governed by the elders. It is because the inhabitants of Arcturus have advanced knowledge, wisdom, and extremely high vibrational frequencies. With the higher vibrations the individual is closer to Light, the spirit, or God. Everybody and everything is connected by vibrational frequencies. I do recall mentioning this in a few previous posts. Vibrational frequencies help in expelling negative energies. The Arcturians eliminated illness centuries ago by achieving these high vibrations.

The characteristics of the Arcturians sound similar to the Greys i.e. Zeta Reticulans. There are some slight differences. Greys obtained the name due to their grayish ashen skin. Arcturians have a green colored skin. Their eyes are very large also almond-shaped. The color of the eyes can be either dark brown or black. Also for their hieght they can be 3-4 ft. tall. Arcturians can see, hear,  even speak telepathically. They cannot use their physical eyes to see. The most coolest trait the Arcturians have is looking alike, and not having to worry about comparing looks. Which is what is done here on Earth A LOT.

I hope to have explained and even did a good bit of research after learning of the Arcturians. Edgar Cayce's readings have been accurate. There are individuals out there trying to say otherwise, and putting misinformation to ruin Cayce's name. I do recommend reading a book or two of Edgar Cayce's. There are quite a few books out there with his readings in them. Some even on Atlantis. A link will be below if you want to read over any of this information.

Website Link:

Saturday, April 19, 2014


Numerology is the science of numbers. Our energy level consists of numbers, and these numbers helps us out on different levels. This is pretty much connected to the blog post on Cartomancy since Numerology is best used with Tarot as well. If you use Tarot give someone a random reading and make up something then you are not really using Tarot for what it should be used for. Numerology is a great way to use when working with Tarot, because when adding numbers together in Numerology then with Tarot understanding each card also the number they represent. It makes Tarot much easier to do.

Unless you do not want to try and practice Tarot and only want to learn about it. It never hurts to learn about it at all. Numerology is the same way. If you never heard of it, and you want to learn more about it definitely learn about Numerology. I am learning about it to better understand myself since I already explained how energy consists of numbers. Those numbers are linked to us so we can know ourselves a little bit better.

There are different numbers that can be found within your full name, birthday, and even shows the personal cycles you will have that year. Your Life Path number determines what qualities you obtained the day you were born, and qualities you learn to develop as the years pass. The Personal Year it tells you of what lies ahead for you such as this year for example. There maybe spiritual growth you will learn to develop, you may even experience or pursue things you never thought you would etc.

Now the talk about Numerology and Tarot. Tarot has each card that is labeled by a number either at the top or the bottom of the picture shown on the face of the card. Tarot cards vary by different decks such as Rider-Waite, Deviant Moon, Robin Wood etc. The pictures are different also varying by what deck you have. Numerology for your birthday can be used to determine which 3 Tarot cards you line up with.

Example: I was born 06/13/1992
1+9+9+2=2+1= 3

In Tarot from the Rider-Waite deck. My three cards would be The Emperor, The Empress, and The Lovers. In other decks the names of the cards can change, but also have the same meaning usually they have different meanings. From what I have learned and from what my friend Joel has taught me about how to find out what your three cards are. This is the best way using Numerology to find this out. You can give it a try by your own will. If not then it is alright. Never hurts to be curious. :)

Those that did do the strategy I learned, and now I am passing on to some of you that want to try. Just do what I did with the birthday(with your own birthday of course), but remember if the double digit is 11, 22, 33 etc. they are Master Numbers and cannot be changed at all. I also have a website that I will share with you that my friend Joel shared with me too.

I am glad to give a little information on Numerology and how it is used with Tarot. Or how to understand Numerology in general. I would like to expand to learn more about Numerology. Tarot I am kind of willing to actually give it a go, and to learn more about it. They have books to teach you how but then the reader must feel what the card gives off to them to do a much better reading.

I will see you guys in my next blog post. :)

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Cartomancy (Tarot)

Cartomancy is a type of divination using Tarot. It helps in telling the person’s positives and negatives within their personality. They are used for telling the future as well. Numerology from what I learned from a friend is also used in better understanding how Tarot is done. From how I understand Tarot is when using Numerology you take your/someone else’s birthday you add the month together to get a single digit, you add the day to get a single digit, and you add the year to get a single digit. BUT if your birth month is November or the day you were born is on the 11th or 22nd then you do not touch it. Numbers such as 11, 22, 33, 44 etc etc etc. in Numerology are Master Numbers that cannot change at all.

There are different decks of Tarot cards not only the ones that have the picture of The Emperor, Death, The Fool, The Lovers etc. Tarot cards also have varying numbers of chalices, pentacles, swords etc. I cannot really differentiate between the two types of decks I just explained. I will have to do my very own research to figure that out, unless I come across some people who could better explain it all to me.

Tarot sounds simple enough except for when you have to remember the meanings of each card. I think that would definitely be tricky to do. Many are afraid to get the Death card, because they think it actually means death for them. Death does mean death but it refers the passing on of another person, an animal, or an event in your life is to come to an end. I had a reading done by a friend who is a Shaman to let me know my spirit guide is here with me, but my guide does not think I am ready to see him yet.My guide is here to protect and guide me. I agree with the reading myself because I still need to grow even more spiritually aware of my guides presence before I can see that he is there. I always knew after I left that dark part of my life that I was being protected by something, and I was guided more into the Light than ever before.

Tarot is not a parlor game of any kind although some people can make it that. There are individuals that take Tarot seriously to give fellow friends readings, and even do readings for themselves to see if there needs to be any change in their life. Tarot definitely is not bad at all. It can be looked into just to see how Tarot in general works. I myself have learned a good bit of the basics to it, but not a whole lot to where I know what I am doing. If you know real experienced people with Tarot then they can happily explain its structure.

Numerology I will go more in depth with it in my next post. It will include more on Tarot. I may even get my hands on a deck of Tarot cards, and take a few pictures front and back to show you what it looks like. Or better yet I can just get an ordinary deck and then get a more modern version of one.

Note: The two types of decks are Major Arcana and Minor Arcana.

Saturday, April 5, 2014


Shamanism is a very old practice that has been around for thousands of years. It is an ancient healing tradition that has extended from the Amazon Rainforest in South America, and then slowly spreads it wings to different sections of the world. As many people who have links to beliefs linked to Shamanism they keep this quiet to prevent any scrutiny from taking place against their beliefs including their ways of life.

Shamanism is used for healing the mind, body, and spirit. Living a healthy life free of any poisonous foods that can cause illness. Shamanism most see it as a religion, but it is more of a belief and practice than a religion. Shamanism including soul retrieval have been around for a total of 40,000 years. Both of these practices are practiced by healers of every prodigenous culture here on Earth. Shamanism goes more in depth by speaking on behalf of our protective fields, power animals, soul loss, soul sharing or stealing, the story of Little Johnny (shamanism story told to better explain Soul Loss) including other lessons weaved into Shamanism.

Soul Loss in particular can be explained rather clearly as how most veterans that have come home from the war, and do not appear to act like themselves. They have PSTD which is considered as a form of soul loss. There are many things which can cause soul loss in many people such as the death of a loved one, an accident, physical, emotional or sexual abuse, abandonment etc. etc. Symptoms that can tell you if you/or someone else has experienced soul loss includes depression, feeling spaced out, having recurring abusive patterns show up in our relationships, not remembering parts of your past, disconnecting from our feelings etc etc.

Power Animals sound a lot like spirit animals talked about in Native American traditions. In Shamanistic beliefs we are said to be born with at least 2-3 power animals which are here to protect us. They are on our energy levels, and help protect our energy levels. Power animals match our personalities, and help with challenging tasks. Everybody has different combinations of power animals each with different qualities that matches the individuals. They will come and go during our life, but that is when newer ones will step up to take the previous power animals place.

Shamanism is not bad at all. Just like many other beliefs connected with the Occult. If you want to explore them you can. Nobody is going to make you unless you fall under peer pressure easily. I am exploring the different aspects myself, and I learned a great deal. The Akashic Record is an actual book of records with all sorts of knowledge in its pages. You can read more about it in my previous blog post. I am sure quite a bit of you will enjoy that blog post very much.

If there are any questions you have on Shamanism please feel free to ask me. I know I may be learning more about it, but it never hurts to ask questions. See you all in the next blog post. :)