Monday, August 7, 2017

Do Not Ever Bring Up The Past

As a Shaman I learned to never dwell into the past. The past is dangerous territory unless you know how to navigate it. If you bring those emotions back from your past. These emotions will effect the here and now, potentially future events too. I am still learning this lesson that way I can grow from it, and not look back so much on then to focus on now. Our past has these scars it creates. Scars that we do not need opened. Unless we are strong enough to overcome the pain from those events. Obtain the energy we need to make that energy part of us.

For those who are not Shamans and simply practice magick as a Pagan or Wiccan. Simply let go of the past, and never speak of it. Unless it is happy moments that bring positive energy. Other than this be wise to not dwell on what will never matter now. Merely focus on the now and everything now has to offer you and those you love very much.

This is a simple lesson anyone can follow.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Your Soul Is The Key To All Doorways

Last night was the first night I ventured into my Akashic Records, viewing a life I had millions of years ago. Because that is how old the continent of Atlantis was. Some may not believe in this ancient continent, but it did exist you can refuse it as much as you want. Yet nothing can smote out its name from existence. The energy still remains much like how Machu Pichu's energy resonates till this day. Just because something is lost does not mean it will be lost forever. Memories of these objects and places still resonate. That is why energy is absolutely important for this exact reason. Energy records information that does not physically exist. Or like how crystals work. Crystals have embedded knowledge of light and healing. Memories can be stored in these crystals. That is how our soul works. We lived in more lifetimes that most have. Depending on who your truer self is. We have these memories in our spirit that has records of all the lives we traveled through.

In my post "Using Your Intuition". Not only can we use our intuition. Looking to our intuition helps us trust ourselves. The more we use this method of trusting ourselves. It becomes simpler to manifest these memories, or energy which guides us to our goal. When we meditate on this trusting guidance. We can do it quicker and with great precision without the need for meditation. The love of my life has explained this to me, and he can quickly use his intuition. Sometimes the message isn't quite clear. That does not stop him though he trusts the message no matter how obscure/confusing the answers become. Once he experiences his answer in the physical world. He is able to form an understanding from his experience.

Your soul is the key to all doorways in existence. It is you who needs to open them by simply asking yourself to.

Friday, January 13, 2017

Vile Vortices And What They Represent

Ever since reading about Ivan Sanderson's information on Vile Vortices. Including the map overlaying where each vortice is located throughout the world. It does make sense in a way because ships and planes disappear within these vortices. Even recovery planes such as the old Martin Mariners one of which vanished while searching for any known signs of the Avengers Flight 19 that also vanished in the same area. None of these planes were found. Ships included. These incidents were said to have been caused by gale force winds which knocked those planes and ships of course. Or even crashed. The most recent disappearance happened October 1, 2015. SS El Faro was off the coast of Bermuda when it sank to the depths. El Faro was missing exactly one month until search crews discovered its remains 15,000 ft below sea level. There were no recorded survivors. Luckily the ship was found but unlike others which disappeared. Nobody knows where these vessels went. If they took shelter in another country, if they were capsized or with the planes they experienced engine failure from the strong winds.

After looking into these Vile Vortices some more it talks about strong magnetic fields. This tampers with the gauges in ships and planes traveling through vortices. After recently watching a video on Youtube about these disappearances a pilot belonging to Flight 19 mentions "The sky looks all wrong here..." This is something that is very interesting indeed. Why would magnetic fields cause the sky to look wrong? Although I do find something interesting. That strong magnetic fields can tear human muscles apart. If these magnetic fields are stronger than this. Planes and ships could be easily destroyed because of this phenomenon.


Youtube Video About Ship and Plane Disappearances:
( <iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe> )

These areas of interest still intrigue me. I look to learning more about this mystery. Along with those who find them interesting/ mysterious too.

Using Your Intuition

For a long time I was dumbfounded as to how can I use my intuition. It took a couple of years, but it finally clicked after reading a story about Vasalisa the Wise from the book "Women Who Run With The Wolves" by Clarissa Pinkola Estes. In her book she really speaks to the soul about how we can unlock the different parts of our spirit. Teaching us to trust the Wild Woman aspect, have her lead us on our own wild journey. Not only does this help women but it helps men too. Our intuition helps show us what we need to change in order for us to grow. The more we connect to our intuition the better connected we become with ourselves.

People who are not connected with themselves will stay that way. They get too comfortable being disconnected. Creating blocks in their spirit from their emotions. Too many blocks cause issues physically. After following my intuition I could show myself what would happen in different situations. I simply just asked myself saying "I ask myself..." After simply saying I ask myself I continue by asking what is the outcome if I do this or that. Then I am shown the result. The result is very positive or very negative. Then turn around and choose which path to go down to avoid the negative, and keep flowing with the positive waves. My man always says to go with the flow. If I wipe out, get back up, and then continue along my journey. Because he shares his stories of everything he had to overcome to get this far. Especially how he worked his ass of to change just so he could truly be with me. Because who he was before would have treated me very badly. Although I never knew who he truly was until he shared his story with me after moving in with him. He felt talking about it face to face is way more genuine, than talking about it over the phone.

Trusting our intuition and asking ourselves. Nobody else but ourselves on what could we do to change something. Where can we take ourselves in a week, month, or year. Our intuition can show us. Just remember to trust yourself. Ask yourself to lead yourself to your goals.

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Fear of Practically Anything

Everybody has fears. Being afraid of spiders, birds, crickets, clowns, bees etc. As for animals in most countries animals mean many different things like death, luck, wealth, love etc. etc. People fear the animal mostly from its negative qualities. The creatures of this world should not be feared *whatsoever. I use to have an excruciating fear of spiders. Because of their long legs, and even how some are so huge. Some can be the size of a bird. Spiders are practically heroes of this world, and nobody is singing no song for them except Shamans. Which I am a practicing shaman. I was taught that every animal we encounter has knowledge they pass down to us as long as we ask them for it. Also as long as we form an understanding of the knowledge they pass along through our spirits. Spiders have the strongest type of medicine. Spiders we know weave webs. Webs that can capture its prey, and they use their webbing to bind up its food. When Shamans speak of a Spider in healing terms. Spiders use their webs to mend what is injured or broken. Sew up the flesh if you get cut. Take away your bruises. Suck out infections.

Spiders do very miraculous acts for the people of this planet. They may look intimidating, and I give them dibs on that. They deserve to look intimidating because they have very strong magick. Snakes too. Snakes also have an intimidating aura about them. Snakes are speakers of wisdom. Snakes also represent rebirth. If a snake is ever to harm you there are enchantments which exist that aid in doing away with poisonous snakes.

Death is considered a fear. Many people fear dying alone, dying too early, dying from cancer or heart attack, being killed by someone. Death should not be seen as "The End". When someone or something dies does not mean they will never come back. Hermetic philosophy reveals that something can exist and not exist at once, because both are one and the same. Waves can rise and fall because both are one and the same. After a person dies does not mean they are gone. They are still here in spirit.

With fear one must overcome anything that brings fear into their spirit. Nobody should have fear in their lives. They must know how to stand fast, and face something head on. Fear is what hinders us from growing and evolving everyday.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Sympathetic Magick

One thing which can be considered a powerful form of magick is Sympathetic Magick. It involves drawing a picture, painting, using a picture taken of yourself/someone else. The energy of these particular pictures or symbols can be used. Say if you end up drawing a smiley face on your hand it draws on happy positive energy, the opposite can happen whenever you draw a sad face or angry face. I am very careful when I use various symbols, specifically ones that draw on different emotions. Pictures of gods and goddesses drawn on the power of those gods and they help you with whatever is asked of them.

I remember drawing a happy face on my husbands left hand, and a sad face on his right hand. After that he felt a weird unsettling energy from it. Because both shared the same amount of energy. All symbols radiate certain levels of energy. Very much like how Om Mani Padme Om is used. Each has different levels of vibration. Each one doing different duties. Chakras are also the same way too. The higher you go there is a difference between the pitch and volume of each chakra.

It took me some time to understand energy, but after a while energy is energy. It exists. It thrives in everybody, and everything animate or inanimate. By using pictures and drawings you are only helping to concentrate that energy to manifest your desires.

This is the only knowledge of energy everybody must know.

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Working With a Ouija Board

Last summer my fiancee and I go to a Swap Meet. A lady is selling a Ouija board she doesn't use anymore, or probably never used at all. That is when the fiancee and myself end up purchasing it from her.

I never used an actual Ouija board before. Of course I was excited yet somewhat nervous because I was not sure what to expect. For our first session we were curious and decided to contact Thoth. We asked questions. Then guess what happens......


Nothing happened....

I am like... isn't the oculus supposed to move...???

We even drew a circle to concentrate the energy. Today I am thinking about trying the Ouija board out again. My fiancee told me to use my quartz crystal skull to help increase the connection. Not sure if I will draw a circle, but will do it anyway to keep the energy in my field.

For the spirits I want to contact it will be Gods and Goddesses. Perhaps even my animal totems. Ask them important questions pertaining to my spiritual walk. Ask what path I should go down next. All of the cool, interesting, spirit-filled questions you would ask any higher spirits of knowledge.

I will let you know how things turn out with this attempt.