Monday, September 23, 2013

Occultism (Forbidden Knowledge)

Occultism is nothing bad in particular or in no way evil unless you see it in a different perspective. The word Occult is Latin for forbidden, hidden, secret. A lot of knowledge that is hidden is more than likely evil because it relates to dark magic, and things not really known to the whole world. People such as H.P. Blavatsky I had come across when doing research into Necromancy. H.P. Blavatsky lived during the 1800's (mide-late more than likely). Blavatsky had her very own magazine known as Lucifer and was around during the years 1887-1891. The magazine contained information that ranged from Black Magic in Science, Practical Occultism, Hypnotism, Kosmic Mind including many many other topics of interest within the occult.

H.P. Blavatsky

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H.P. Blavatsky went as far as to talking about Astral Bodies and about Doppelgangers.Doppelgangers is a double of another person elsewhere in the world. A good personal example is a friend from a long time ago showed me a picture of her great-grandmother. Shocking thing was that her great-grandmother looked exactly like ME!!!! I never thought I would see a picture of a complete stranger that had the same features as I did, but in a different period of time. Astral Bodies from what I shared with you all is when the soul extends from our physical body into the Astral Plane where it can travel to other places. Blavatsky claims Doppelgangers and Astral Bodies are the same exact thing. When really they do not seem to be the same thing at all.

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There are a vast number of symbols within Occultism as well. To Mega Therion is a website made in the UK that has a list that gives you the different symbols involved with the Occult. There are also Alchemical, Astrological, Planetary, Wiccan, Pagan/ Neo-Pagan , and Witchcraft symbols,Religious Symbols, and last but not least Occult Societies and Organizations. This list will certainly tickle your interest a lot into learning more about the Occult, and how they work. A lot of these symbols will probably be really familiar to you, and some of these may shock you behind the meaning. A picture below I will share may shock you on what the symbol really is. A symbol which means peace means something completely different. People are dumbed down to where they do not even know what a lot of these symbols even represent.

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Cross of Nero

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This is an introduction to the Occult. A lot of this information can help you become aware of what is used within the Occult mainly symbols used. Also how they use these symbols in everyday life to where only some of us know what these symbols mean. I am rather familiar with symbols myself Ouroborus reminds me of Jormungandr the Midgard Serpent spoken of in Norse mythology. Jormungandr could wrap his entire body around the world to the point where he could put his own tail in his mouth. The All-Seeing Eye is used as a symbol of enlightenment the Swastika which is really a symbol in Hindu beliefs is also a symbol of enlightenment as well. People see it as something bad when sometimes they are symbols of evil. Other times symbols represent peace, compassion, love, beauty etc. 

The Occult is rather interesting I will have to admit, but please take caution when exploring it further. I do not intend on having any of my readers taking interest in the occult. I am happy to have done another blog post like this for my readers. I will see you guys in the next blog post.

Monday, September 16, 2013

Necromancy (Conjuring of Spirits)

Necromancy is the conjuring of the spirits of the dead for magic purposes in knowing the future, or the influence of the course of events. Necromancers are the ones that practice the art of Necromancy. This form of magic is a king of Divination that involves very dark magic or black magic. In the Greek society Necromancy was known as making the descent into Hades to speak with the dead, but not to conjure up the spirits of the dead. There are spells which can be used to conjure up the spirits of the dead. I am only going to blog about this practice. I do not in any way want any of you to try this. It is for your own protection to stay away from this practice. This is to only better understand Necromancy and the Dark Arts.

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There are sigils which can be used to summon these dark entities from the spirit realm. Sigils are contained inside of books such as Grimoires, Book of Shadows including other titles involves these dark practices. Necronomicon is known as one of these books which shows how to conjure up specific demons. Each demon with a specific purpose some for fame, money, knowledge, luck etc. Codex Gigas is a gigantic Grimoire that contains a bunch of information on different spells and summoning rituals which can be performed. It is rumored that the Codex Gigas was written by a man who was aided by the Devil himself in writing this Grimoire.

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I came across different types of Necromancy type rituals they use at their own will. One that caught my attention is known as Puppet which is a Level 2 type ritual. This type of ritual is used solely for communicating with recently deceased people, and it is used as a form of psychological torture. What they do is take either a willing or unwilling subject who is susceptible to ghostly possession. They get soil and smear it on the subjects lips, eyes, and forehead. Not sure what the soil does but it probably spiritually seals the persons eyes and mouth to prevent them calling out for help, then the soil on the forehead opens the portal to where ghosts can enter to possess the person. Even after the soil has been washed away the ritual is still active. Pretty much the victim is still subject to possession by spirits.

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With these rituals that are performed a lot of these have direct links to the path it leads the conjurer down. Necromantic rituals are similar to Thaumaturgy rituals also learned in similar ways, but not compatible in anyway. In no way do I want any of my readers to pursue the practice of Necromancy. It is very dark and yet spiritually dangerous. Definitely do not pursue in purchasing the Necronomicon that book is very VERY dark and very evil. It opens portals that will let in anything. I am merely doing a blog post to let you know what it is about. I am glad to share my knowledge about Necromancy, and will being the next blog post. See you guys there.

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Type of Psychology I Never Knew Existed.

While carrying on a conversation with a great friend, and the author of a website I aide in writing articles for. I mentioned how Scientology was not as interesting as I thought it was. Then mentioned how Psychology was way WAY more interesting, because since I took it for my field of study. I was so addicted to the information. I was able to learn even more about the human brain such as emotions, phobias, sleep patterns, psychological disorders, psychological medications etc. I began to wonder if there was an Esoteric Psychology. I know there is Clinical Psychology, Child Psychology, Social Psychology so on and so forth. Never before had they listed Esoteric Psychology. Why not include this as a career as well???  How far down the psychological rabbit hole do you need to go before you enter Esoteric Psychology?

I had found a website that really gives great detail on Esoteric Psychology and what it is. Esoteric Psychology is also known as other names to such as Psychology of the Soul, Psychology of the Seven Rays, and Psychology of Antakarana. It is also said that Esoteric Psychology is one of the main branches of that great body of teachings called the Ancient Wisdom. It goes on to say how man's soul and personality relates on the nature between each other how they form this relationship. By reading this information off of a website I mentioned I am looking on. This type of Psychology does not appear to be as dark as I thought it would be. Not unless there is a level above Esoteric that nobody else knows about......

Further research will certainly be done about this manner of psychology. Also study its roots throughout religion including history itself. I never thought I would finally come across yet another level of psychology. A kind of psychology that is a lot higher up than anybody could ever imagine.

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