Thursday, December 26, 2013

Trying to Open My Inner Self.

Lately in previous blog posts I talk about opening my Chakras. They are pretty much the first step in opening up my inner self. I am not sure what else to do next after opening the few chakras I was able to. I can only relax so much before I get to a chakra that cannot open itself. The only way I can understand who I am and what my purpose is. That way is by opening my inner self. The journey is kind of challenging but I hope I can do even more, and that includes looking for other possibilities that can help me achieve that part of myself. I know I was born a leader, willingness to help others, think of others more than myself, defender of the faith including other qualities as well. Certain actions I do makes me think otherwise. But I know I am just talking nonsense when saying that. I do believe I am something very important including everybody else in this world as well. Some have not found that part of themselves yet.

Also with searching for my spirit guide. I do know that I have one I am still trying to figure out what mine is. Spirit guides are not bad evil entities or anything. They are pretty much here to help push us into the right direction in our lives. I believe I do need one myself because sometimes there are decisions I am not sure I want to make. With a spirit guide they can help me make the right decision. I understand with my beliefs there are things in the Bible that were probably excluded, and I also understand that many people stick to what is said in the Bible. But did those people even know that there has been quite a bit that has been excluded from the Bible. Why stay in one spot when you can expand and explore so much more??

I do intend on finding out more about myself considering that is the most important journey I could possibly take. Dwelling into the Occult has also been rather interesting in learning about my inner self. It is where I can learn even more but I do need to dig deeper to find out more. The journey might take just as long but I know it will definitely be worth it.

Monday, December 16, 2013

Ancient Greek Symbols

I understand this blog post has been delayed for a while now. With my on the job training it kind of hindered my blog posts a tad bit. I wanted to start up this Ancient Greek blog post after I accidentally posted previously with it being unfinished. Well tonight I am starting it since quite a few have been needing to see this. Haha Anyway let us get started on these Ancient Greek symbols.

The Minotaur symbol is one many people should already be familiar with. Considering it tells the story of Daedalus and Icarus. A father and his son that try to escape the island of Crete in which the temple of the Labyrinth was ordered to be built by King Minos. The Labyrinth was to be built for the Minotaur to reside within it's walls. The Minotaur later on is told of in the tale of Theseus having to kill the Minotaur. Theseus had to travel into the Labyrinth in order to complete his task.

The Gorgon symbol is yet another symbol many more than likely know about. A Gorgon was known as a terrible creature or loud sounding. She was a large vicious female type monster with large fangs. This Gorgon was known as a protective deity. Although she became too powerful and those that gazed into her eyes were turned to complete stone. One of these well known Gorgon's was called the Medusa. She was not the only Gorgon known in Greece. Two other Gorgons included Stheno and Euryale. The difference between the three is that Medusa was never immortal, but Stheno and Euryale were immortal.

Zeus is the Greek Father of gods and men. He ruled the people of Mount Olympus. Much like Thor the Norse of God thunder. Zeus is also known as the Greek God of the sky and thunder. Jupiter is the Roman counterpart of Zeus, and his Etruscan counterpart is Tinia. Zeus is the child of Cronus and Rhea. It explains from most traditions he was married to Hera. Those familiar with the Iliad, he is the father of Aphrodite the goddess of Love by Dione. There are a few tales here and there which will tell something a tad bit different.

Apollo is considered one of the most important gods of Greek and Roman mythology. Apollo is known as the god of the sun and light, truth and prophecy, medicine, healing, and plague etc. Among other many interesting things as well. Apollo is the son of Zeus and Leto. His twin sister is the chaste huntress Artemis. Apollo reminds me of the name Apollyon in the Book of Revelations. Not sure if both represent the same god, or it represents to completely different gods.

The Mano Fico symbol also called the figa is an ancient Italian talisman of ancient origin. This symbol has been found during the Roman era, and it was also used by the Etruscans. The symbol worn as an amulet or use as an apotropaic gesture. Mano Fico was used as a magical property to protect those from the Evil Eye.  Mano Fico is probably still used as a symbol, but it probably isn't used as much as it was during the Roman or Etruscan eras.

There are many more symbols used from Greece. Others are from Rome as well and most of them interlock in one way or another. I am sure you enjoyed this blog post. I understand it is short and not much information was found on the site I looked over. I will share the link and you can do further research into these symbols. The Hebrew symbols blog post I am sure will be much better. See you in the next blog post. :)

Website Link:

Monday, December 9, 2013

What Do You Think So Far?

I know a lot of you have seen my blog posts about various types of symbols. Have there been any particular symbols that you would like to see? Any symbols that I have not looked into yet? I have come across Kemetic Spirituality along with that type of spirituality is the talk of symbols used to represent each type of god or goddess of the Kemetic Religion. Kemet is the older name of Egypt. The country of Egypt has always interested me as long as I could remember. I will still be looking up other symbols that a lot of us are not aware of, and will do research into these symbols to better understand them. I am sure everybody will certainly benefit from the knowledge of these symbols. So far I think I had fun doing the blog post on the Planetary Symbols. It does have a small link to Astrology, but symbols do have many different meanings.

Whatever symbols you find ones that you feel a strong connection with. Symbols you should use to your advantage, because they are indeed important. People use symbols in a business logo, for a club, secret societies even use symbols, different religions use symbols etc. Symbols are all around us every single day. I asked a friend if they thought of any symbols they have never seen talked about he suggested that I speak on behalf of Greek and Hebrew symbols too. I do enjoy Greek mythology quite a bit talking about the symbols would be rather exciting. Hebrew symbols I am not too familiar with, but will certainly take it into account and learn about them as well.

Roman symbols seems like another likely candidate to do a blog post on. I will see about Buddhism, Hinduism, Shintoism etc. and look at the different symbols adopted by these religions. I am glad I came across symbols because they certainly give me a good bit to explore and talk about with others. It makes me wonder if Lemuria has symbols that actually exist? The only way for me to know is do a little research into it. Hopefully find a reliable source of information.

I hope you are as excited as I am about these others symbols I will research into. Have a great evening everybody. :)

Friday, December 6, 2013

Planetary Symbols

This is the one blog post I know I definitely will have fun in doing. Planets, stars, constellations, galaxies just everything about space interests me. The symbols themselves are even BETTER. Symbols to me have a greater meaning than anybody else thinks. People just classify them as childish drawings or something that has lines and circles. Each symbol has a meaning...obviously. Ha ha Planetary symbols are connected to Astrological symbols because they too tell something about a person as well.

First planetary symbol is Mercury since it is the first planet of our Solar System. Mercury is represented as the  part of you which receives/processes every type of incoming perception. Your senses take part in this perception process. A person's Mercury side looks to label or to find a reason for everything. Mercury people defines our boundaries with logic and labels. It tells those that know a Mercury person that if they are not with the process they can fall for Mercury's tricks as he/she rationalizes, argues, and chatters endlessly.

Venus being the second symbol also the second planet of our Solar System. Venus is the part of us that seeks love and harmony including the appreciation of beauty. It represents what we cherish, what colors we utterly enjoy, the shapes and sounds we love, and who we love in relationships.Venus is describing the a process each person goes through to find things/people you love, where all of the love and appreciation you have comes from. These things you happen to find comfort and harmony in.

Those that are quite familiar with the goddess Venus. She represented love. This symbol does sound self-explanatory.

Mars fourth symbol and fourth planet. This symbol reminds me of the Roman god of War which is Mars. Mars represents the power of focusing the power of your will into action. Different types of energy that is associated with Mars includes initiative, courage, ambition, and physical energy. Energy of Mars demands to be used in a physical way. If Mars' energy is not released and bottled up inside a person can experience accidents, become victimized, or become ill with infections or inflammations. Arrangement of this symbol represents you expressing your courage and initiative, life experiences that fire you up, also by changing your will, ambition, and courage. It also helps in you initiating new experiences, and act on personal desires.

Jupiter represents Faith as well as faith in life itself. This involves a process of expanding and overflowing joy, opportunity, love of freedom, and generosity. People that end up failing to recognize Jupiter's opportunities will experience unrealistic self-confidence, laziness, or scattered energies. Jupiter describes the ways in which a person can express joy and humor and how you lighten your load. It is important to prevent yourself from failing to recognize the Jupiter opportunities, and to open yourself up to any possibilities that happen to come along.
The house symbols position explains the life situations in which a person seeks in order to expand and connect with something much bigger than themselves.

Saturn's symbol represents the process of energy slowing down and concentrating into form. Saturn is physical structure, such as bones and teeth. Also it is associated with society's structure, government, big business, and the people which run these types of operations. Those that fail to recognize Saturn's energy will end up experiencing bitterness, doubt, depression, restrictions, despair, delays, inhibitions, or frustrations. Saturn seems to have a longer list of experiences one may have if he/she fails to recognize Saturn's energies. With the Saturn symbol you are capable to define your place in society by seeking excellence and social approval.

Uranus helps those from Saturn-like structures and connecting with universal wholeness. Uranus is also known as sudden flashes of insight, or mad genius. This symbol also intends to interrupt normal reality and therefore challenges the person to reinvent themselves.Uranus energy causes someone to break the rules which can aggravate authority figures. Although some who have the Uranus symbol do not cause any trouble at all.

Neptune's symbol looks exactly like the Trident the god of the ocean used. Neptune is the Roman god of the seas kind of like the Greek's god Poseidon. Neptune if I am not mistaken had the body of a Merman. Neptune's symbolizes the process of dissolving beyond boundaries. The symbol is used by the Muse of an artist, writer, or musician. If a person fails to recognize yet move into Neptune's illumination, you may become deceived by illusions.

The final symbol Pluto represents the process of both death and regeneration. If a lot of you are familiar with the Roman god Pluto he rules the underworld and he demands that people face their own wounds honestly. Once you meet its demands you are the able to create an unshakable meaning to your life. Pluto pushes a person to look within the deepest more darkest part of themselves. To push through your own personal garbage to find the treasure that is hidden within. After reading about this symbol it does seem rather disturbing, and dark in its ways but that is how the Roman god Pluto was. Mainly since he is the ruler of the Roman Underworld.

I am glad to have done this post on Planetary Symbols. It has a small link to the Astrological Symbols. Symbols have many meanings but with how the person explained these definitely made it sound even more interesting. I am not saying take these symbols meanings word for word. On the link I am about to share with you in order for anybody to view each symbol, and the energies spoken of about every symbol. The energy fields it talks about reminds of the chakras how they open up and widens a energy field around the person full of positive energy. When negative energy gets to it then that is when the positive energy decreases. I hope you all enjoyed this blog post. I certainly enjoyed researching these symbols, and telling you what I learned from them. You can do more research into these symbols. I may do that myself. See you guys and girls in the next blog post. :)

Website Link Here:

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Astrological Symbols

Astrological Symbols exist in various countries specifically in places such as China, Greece, Rome, Ancient Egypt, and the group of Chaldeans. Astrological symbols are used to represent someone born within specific days of a month. Whichever symbol a person is either a Leo, Scorpio, Sagitarrius, Cancer including other symbols will classify that person as being strong willed, patient, able to start trouble, a person that loves to get attention, artistic, loves to listen to serene music so on and so forth. Astrology is related to the stars yet Astrology is indeed related to Astronomy which is the study of stars. Planets and elements are related to the Astrological symbols including the planet and the element of the symbol gives an more in depth look of how a person reacts to certain situations, they are people that give off good energy, were born leaders, have fascinations for specific objects of interest.

The astrological symbols we are pretty familiar with includes the Greco-Roman astrological symbols. China is another set of symbols others are becoming aware of as well. It makes me wonder of other countries or perhaps civilizations that no longer exist having astrological symbols defining someone. The Mayans is a group of people I do believe to have astrological symbols they created such as the Jaguar, Serpent, and others I am not quite familiar with. I do have a website I found speaking on behalf of all the astrological symbols used in Mayan astrology. Each symbol is defined as an animal on a totem. I looked at mine since I was born on June 13th the animal totem I have is the Turtle it is known as the Moon Goddess. It is explained that those born under the Turtle totem have a deep significance as the carriers of ancient wisdom's, including the carriers of the earth. Those that have the Turtle totem as well are in some way always finding themselves finding deeper meaning in everyday occurrences. They have a natural affinity for the moon, and spiritual endeavors.

Other symbols that were used by the Mayans for astrological purposes include animals such as Crocodile, Puma, Moan Bird, Jaguar, Black Jaguar, Frog etc. For each astrological symbol it does contain more than one animal, and refers to more than one earthly occurrence such as farming. You can look at this website if you are curious as to what Mayan Astrological symbol you are.

Website Link Here: (Hover Mouse Under Here to Get Link)

Greco-Roman (Hellenistic) Astrological Symbols are apparently different from the Mayan since they believed in different gods and goddesses. The symbols referred to mythological characters talked about in myths. I mentioned them a little bit up above, and these symbols refer to planets also elements that thrive on and beyond the Earth are referenced to them. My Astrological symbol with the Greco-Roman symbols is Gemini 'The Twins'. It is known as the Roman numeral II. The constellation is pretty easy to find if you study the stars, and the positions they put themselves in each day. Duality is said to be understood to get the meaning of this sign. The planetary symbol associated with Gemini is the planet Mercury. Elemental sign for Gemini is Air. Not only does Gemini have hold on the Air element symbol, but also Libra and Aquarius has are air symbols as well.

It is explained that Gemini's, Libra's, and Aquarian's are said to be the most civilized, most social, detached, abstract, rational, and considered the most human of all signs of the zodiac. For myself I do see that I can become rather social with people, but I can be a water sign because they are non-verbal. They are pretty shy and never really talk with other people. I can be shy around people sometimes, but most times I never want to talk to anybody. I feel better alone and able to do what I want without people judging. Other Greco-Roman/ Hellenistic Astrological Symbols also include Leo, Scorpio, Pisces, Sagittarius, Aries, Libra, Aquarius,Taurus etc. Planets that can be associated with each includes Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto, Venus, Mars etc. Element symbols would include Air, Earth, Fire, and Water. Others are included as well although most people would not consider them elements. More information you can look at is included at the link I will share as well.

Website Link Here: (Hover Under Here For Link)

Egyptian Astrological Signs is the signs that really captured my interest. People born on a certain day just like other astrological signs is aligned with an Egyptian god or goddess rather than animals. I was curious about what god/goddess I aligned with for my birthday and I got Hathor, and place said I had the god Set. I wouldn't really have a clue which one I had though. Those with the sign of Hathor were born between the dates of May 26-June 24. Their strengths is that they are charming and romantic(which is not true about me). Weaknesses. Jobs they are assumed to have include social work, show arts, painting and communication. Apparently I am definitely no Hathor. Haha

Other gods and perhaps goddesses that are used for Egyptian Astrology include Anubis, Amun, Osiris, Isis, Horus, Sekhmet, Wadget etc. is where I found a much better way to explain each zodiac sign under Egyptian Astrology. I will go ahead and put this link below so you can take a look for yourself.

Website Link Here: (Hover Under Here For Link)

If you used the website links to look at your own astrological sign. Feel free to comment in the comment section what your astrological symbol is, including the planet and element your sign is aligned with as well. It is always awesome to figure out another person's astrological sign. Even those from other countries. I really hope you all enjoyed this blog post as well. I cannot wait to do Planetary Symbols next. I am sure there is tons of information on that to. :)

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Got In Touch With Root and Sacral Chakras. :)

I went back to one Binaural Beat I listened to last week that involved Chakra Balancing and Chakra Cleansing. I thought it would be very challenging to do but it really isn't. I am prone to think too hard on things and even end up overlooking the actual meaning to meditate or relax. Haha I never knew I would hear a humming sound after relaxing. Clearly Root Chakra was easier to get the humming sensation from. Sacral took a little bit longer to reach. Eventually I achieved that one but the humming changed frequency. I am guessing the higher you go the frequency completely changes. I feel calmer since opening my Root Chakra.

Google Image URL:

My left ear started hearing the humming. When I listened to the other Binaural Beats I posted about yesterday. The right side of my brain experienced that chilled sensation that went down the right side of my spine. The left side of my brain did not experience this at all. From what I learned in Biology and again in Psychology. Our left brain and right brain experience differences from one another. Not unless my chakras are not balanced to the point where my brain is not fully capable of hearing the humming noise in both ears. With this meditation it will have to be taken in small steps so I can achieve better relaxation and inner peace. I certainly need inner peace with having such a serious attitude with life in general.

In wanting to try Astral Projection I probably have to get my Soul Chakra Balanced in order to project from my body properly. I wouldn't really know if the Soul Chakra has this capability I will just have to figure it out. I have been told by a few friends I should not think too hard on some things and just go through with doing it. They were definitely right. At least I achieved a few steps in meditation to where I actually relaxed myself long enough to get the prolonged humming noise of my chakras opening. Deeply inhaling and exhaling slowly is the key to getting relaxed. Without the beats it would have been hard to know if I relaxed and opened them. These beats is the only way of knowing if you relaxed to open your chakras.

Today I look forward to listening to these same beats and going through each chakra.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

How Effective is Isochronic Binaural Beats?

When I was meditating a few months ago I was completely unaware of Binaural Beats. Are they as effective as some claim them to be? On Youtube they have different Binaural Beat frequencies that went to specific paths to meditate on such as Astral Projection, connecting to your Spirit Guide, improving the Pineal Gland etc. I decided to try one and as I became relaxed in my left ear I slowly began to hear what I thought was background music at first, I ignored it as if I didn't know it was there and it grew a little bit louder. When I became alert to the noise it went away. I was able to hear that same noise a few times after listening to the beats some more. When I would just listen to the music, and see if I could hear it again I couldn't. Maybe I was actually starting to get relaxed to where I can activate my chakras. Not sure but it is worth considering.

The problem with me meditating now is how I cannot stop ending up having some thought pop up into my head. I am trying to focus on the binaural beats to help me relax. I get relaxed do not get me wrong, but I do not want my mind constantly thinking about something. Only if there was a simpler way to meditate without that happening. From a site a friend shared with me on 6 different methods of meditation. I was trying to focus on my breathing, and absorbing the tunes from the beats I had been listening to.Guided Meditation seems difficult the reason why is that I do not want to focus on the person's words, and fall out of place with my meditation listening to the Binaural Beats seems easier than the Basic Breathing Meditation and the Guided Meditation. I really would like to achieve meditation as much as possible so I can be at peace with myself. Also shed the stress or sadness including anger from always biting at my ankle.

If you have meditated before has the binaural beats helped you out in anyway? If so how were you able to achieve that point of peace? Did you focus on anything that is peaceful?

Monday, September 23, 2013

Occultism (Forbidden Knowledge)

Occultism is nothing bad in particular or in no way evil unless you see it in a different perspective. The word Occult is Latin for forbidden, hidden, secret. A lot of knowledge that is hidden is more than likely evil because it relates to dark magic, and things not really known to the whole world. People such as H.P. Blavatsky I had come across when doing research into Necromancy. H.P. Blavatsky lived during the 1800's (mide-late more than likely). Blavatsky had her very own magazine known as Lucifer and was around during the years 1887-1891. The magazine contained information that ranged from Black Magic in Science, Practical Occultism, Hypnotism, Kosmic Mind including many many other topics of interest within the occult.

H.P. Blavatsky

More Information Here:

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H.P. Blavatsky went as far as to talking about Astral Bodies and about Doppelgangers.Doppelgangers is a double of another person elsewhere in the world. A good personal example is a friend from a long time ago showed me a picture of her great-grandmother. Shocking thing was that her great-grandmother looked exactly like ME!!!! I never thought I would see a picture of a complete stranger that had the same features as I did, but in a different period of time. Astral Bodies from what I shared with you all is when the soul extends from our physical body into the Astral Plane where it can travel to other places. Blavatsky claims Doppelgangers and Astral Bodies are the same exact thing. When really they do not seem to be the same thing at all.

More Information Here:

There are a vast number of symbols within Occultism as well. To Mega Therion is a website made in the UK that has a list that gives you the different symbols involved with the Occult. There are also Alchemical, Astrological, Planetary, Wiccan, Pagan/ Neo-Pagan , and Witchcraft symbols,Religious Symbols, and last but not least Occult Societies and Organizations. This list will certainly tickle your interest a lot into learning more about the Occult, and how they work. A lot of these symbols will probably be really familiar to you, and some of these may shock you behind the meaning. A picture below I will share may shock you on what the symbol really is. A symbol which means peace means something completely different. People are dumbed down to where they do not even know what a lot of these symbols even represent.

More Information Here:

Cross of Nero

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This is an introduction to the Occult. A lot of this information can help you become aware of what is used within the Occult mainly symbols used. Also how they use these symbols in everyday life to where only some of us know what these symbols mean. I am rather familiar with symbols myself Ouroborus reminds me of Jormungandr the Midgard Serpent spoken of in Norse mythology. Jormungandr could wrap his entire body around the world to the point where he could put his own tail in his mouth. The All-Seeing Eye is used as a symbol of enlightenment the Swastika which is really a symbol in Hindu beliefs is also a symbol of enlightenment as well. People see it as something bad when sometimes they are symbols of evil. Other times symbols represent peace, compassion, love, beauty etc. 

The Occult is rather interesting I will have to admit, but please take caution when exploring it further. I do not intend on having any of my readers taking interest in the occult. I am happy to have done another blog post like this for my readers. I will see you guys in the next blog post.

Monday, September 16, 2013

Necromancy (Conjuring of Spirits)

Necromancy is the conjuring of the spirits of the dead for magic purposes in knowing the future, or the influence of the course of events. Necromancers are the ones that practice the art of Necromancy. This form of magic is a king of Divination that involves very dark magic or black magic. In the Greek society Necromancy was known as making the descent into Hades to speak with the dead, but not to conjure up the spirits of the dead. There are spells which can be used to conjure up the spirits of the dead. I am only going to blog about this practice. I do not in any way want any of you to try this. It is for your own protection to stay away from this practice. This is to only better understand Necromancy and the Dark Arts.

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There are sigils which can be used to summon these dark entities from the spirit realm. Sigils are contained inside of books such as Grimoires, Book of Shadows including other titles involves these dark practices. Necronomicon is known as one of these books which shows how to conjure up specific demons. Each demon with a specific purpose some for fame, money, knowledge, luck etc. Codex Gigas is a gigantic Grimoire that contains a bunch of information on different spells and summoning rituals which can be performed. It is rumored that the Codex Gigas was written by a man who was aided by the Devil himself in writing this Grimoire.

More information here:

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I came across different types of Necromancy type rituals they use at their own will. One that caught my attention is known as Puppet which is a Level 2 type ritual. This type of ritual is used solely for communicating with recently deceased people, and it is used as a form of psychological torture. What they do is take either a willing or unwilling subject who is susceptible to ghostly possession. They get soil and smear it on the subjects lips, eyes, and forehead. Not sure what the soil does but it probably spiritually seals the persons eyes and mouth to prevent them calling out for help, then the soil on the forehead opens the portal to where ghosts can enter to possess the person. Even after the soil has been washed away the ritual is still active. Pretty much the victim is still subject to possession by spirits.

More Information on Rituals Here:

Image location:

With these rituals that are performed a lot of these have direct links to the path it leads the conjurer down. Necromantic rituals are similar to Thaumaturgy rituals also learned in similar ways, but not compatible in anyway. In no way do I want any of my readers to pursue the practice of Necromancy. It is very dark and yet spiritually dangerous. Definitely do not pursue in purchasing the Necronomicon that book is very VERY dark and very evil. It opens portals that will let in anything. I am merely doing a blog post to let you know what it is about. I am glad to share my knowledge about Necromancy, and will being the next blog post. See you guys there.