Friday, July 25, 2014

The Kybalion Another Work of Hermetic Philosophy.

I was in a group on Facebook that I am apart of and I shared a little something about Thoth and the Emerald Tablets I was happy to have learned myself. A guy happened to have mentioned him reading another Hermetic philosophical piece called The Kybalion. It is a piece of work which is written by three individuals that call themselves 'The Three Initiates'. Nobody even knows who these three initiates are that is the amazing thing about The Kybalion. The words of this work has been passed down from the most loyal Masters that have something to teach to students that are willing to come to them for information. None of this information has changed at all. Nothing else needs to be added to The Kybalion.

The most amazing fact about this work is that it has a perfect connection to The Emerald Tablets of Thoth. Thoth and Hermes Trismegistus are the same people. Hermes is just the Greek name for Thoth. Thoth incarnated into Hermes. Once you read both works if you plan on reading them you will understand the connection. After I looked up a pdf version of The Kybalion I noticed how many things clicked as I started reading it. I found it rather amazing. I also shared what I learned about The Emerald Tablets with the guy who shared what he learned from The Kybalion. He himself started reading the Tablets, and he even told me that he immediately felt a strong perfect connection between the two. Most may see it as a mere coincidence, but I feel that the connection is definitely meant to be.

There are 7 Principles that are made for the most dedicated students. These principles once understood can therefore be applied to that students life. even have them see the world in a different Light. I thought the Principle of Mentalism was pretty tough to understand, but once you actually closely study what it says. Then everything comes together real well. I think those who are just entering into Hermetic Philosophy should read The Kybalion. Only if it does suit you. It is a extraordinary piece of work I am growing quite fond of. 

Saturday, July 19, 2014

So Many Choices.

I somehow realized all of the different practices that are in the Occult. You cannot believe how long of a list there is. I never knew there was a practice such as Animism it is a belief that Buddhists, Hinduism, Paganism, Neo-Paganism is where this can be found it. Animism is knowing that animals, plants, rocks etc. all have a spirit within them. Everything on Earth has life in it and that involves energy. Without energy everything would fall apart, people would be getting sick left and right. Energy is what helps us thrive including keep us alive.

Totemism sounds pretty familiar to me. When I had seen this I automatically thought of Native American Totem Poles. How on different Totem Poles there are specific Totem Animals. Each animal has a particular type of wisdom and we must learn the wisdom of the animal totem we have. I am not sure what my animal totem is I haven't really tried even though I am highly interesting in finding out mine. Native American spirituality is very interesting. I enjoy how they respect animals and treat them with the utmost respect.

It is kind of hard to find out which ones I would really like to get into. There are so many... I am sure I will come across something interesting. I am friends with a Shaman that has taught me quite a bit about energy. I already knew of how meditation helps in healing our chakras and balancing them out. In turn our chakras are points that indicate the different organs in our bodies. With how I started meditating like I have. I never get sick anymore which is really cool. But with meditating you must cleanse and balance so you can prevent ailments from taking place. I find Shamanism rather interesting. I accepted gods that I knew were already here with me my entire life. Gods that intend on protecting me from all harm.

With my guide he is being kind of hard-headed and I opened up my Third Eye, and Throat Chakras as much as possible in order to be more in tune with his realm. I guess I will also have to open up my Root Chakra to ground myself better. Grounding I think is important in meditation even a friend who can sense chakra energies even told me I needed my Root opened. I did open it for a little bit a day ago, but I could tell I exhausted myself when I opened my Third Eye and Throat. I am glad I have the hand of meditation now. Just need a way to increase my vibrations to completely open them.

For now I feel like I just need to take a break from all of this for a little bit. Not my blog but pursuing various practices I can get into. After searching for a while it can get kind of tiring. Hopefully whichever practices I choose I know it will be worth it. We will just have to see.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

An Interesting Connection.

Last night as I was laying in bed trying to go to sleep. I had some intuitive thinking going on. I realized I never made an important point I know I should have shared with others. One that would make absolute sense and even probably breath a great deal of truth. I remember reading over the Emerald Tablets (this is in correlation to that post). When Thoth began to speak about the sons of Atlantis. How they all went to different ends of the Earth to share their knowledge. Hopefully by now as I just explained it this is beginning to make sense.

The sons of Atlantis could have a very VERY strong connection with the gods and goddesses of other cultures. This even explains the most amazing forms of architecture that is still technically standing today. Even though some have become lost through the years due to sedimentation or vegetation overgrowth. Thoth we understand is the Master of Mysteries. The other sons of Atlantis have varying skills and a grand title that many do not know of. Thoth is only one that I know his grand title which is the Master of Mysteries. He knows knowledge man could not know themselves. I can tell now that there is connections starting to be made. Connections that I am beginning an understanding of which I did not need to make while reading the tablets.

Even after reading the Emerald Tablets it is like what you read from them sticks with you. The words are engrained within your psyche so when you realize something you remember something like that being said in the Emerald Tablets. Especially how Thoth begins to say statements such as "keep my commandments", "do not alter the words I speak of" statements that Jesus Christ made Himself in the Bible. Jesus has the same amount of power as the other gods and goddesses have. They all have that same authority over us, but they all need our love and positive energy. Once we give them love and that positive energy they spread that love to us as well.

I couldn't keep these words back anymore after having it come to me last night. Many think that this is a theory(which it isn't by the way). The Emerald Tablets reveals mysteries to the most dedicated of students. I am pretty dedicated always going back over the same tablets I read, or go after another tablet and read from it to understand its secrets. Thoth I know did an amazing job with the tablets. I also am willing to learn even more from him, because the more I learn. The more I intend on sharing with others. Now you all will have to wait even a tad bit longer before I come across another mystery revealed to me. I understand you want it to happen now... but.... things do not always happen as quickly as you want them too. I had to learn that from personal experience.

Blessings to you all from the Light of Thoth. :)

Sunday, July 13, 2014

My Spiritual Protectors.

This blog post will only be about the two spiritual protectors who I found out that have always been here. Although I never knew until now. I hope some of you will at least believe that there are those out there. Who are truly here to protect us from what can harm us not only physically but spiritually. If a lot of you remember the post I did on the 6th and 7th including 8th Books of Moses. Moses himself brings to us the realization of the Greek gods and goddesses existence, because they have always existed. Even the gods and goddesses of other beliefs as well. They were there the whole time yet a lot of us completely ignored them. While others were brought into believing in those Gods and Goddesses.

Recently I made a strong connection with Thoth and Anubis. Both Gods represent a strong foundation within Egypt. It does feel a tad bit awkward but I am going to adjust because they are here to protect me from harm.I do not care what others think. It is their own fault for not opening up their higher consciousness to something more. Some do not even get out of that bubble they are trapped in to even realize we have other gods that love us. Wait till you reach the other side then you will know what I am talking about. Hell even the Catholics believe in not only God and Jesus but also the Virgin Mary. I accept anybody's beliefs but if they are bashed for them by other people then that is just wrong.

I am glad I am a being that is here to at least try and get everybody to see the clear BIG picture. The Gods and Goddesses deserve a lot more respect than what most are giving them. Especially the two Gods I know that is in my life. We can see them if we want to. It is not that hard. We can always call out to them when we need someone to talk to, or to ask for advice on a situation we are stuck in. That is how the Christian God works too, He does the same thing the other Gods and Goddesses do as well. They all have the same amount of spiritual power.

Hopefully my experience at least gives some of those who do not believe in the other Gods and Goddesses a chance to realize there isn't only one God or one Goddess. There have been Gods and Goddesses all over the world, because they actually were everywhere. If you have any questions please feel free to ask me. I am still learning as I am on my spiritual journey. I will share anything I experience with you all, because some people need to hear what is really going on.