Saturday, November 16, 2013

Got In Touch With Root and Sacral Chakras. :)

I went back to one Binaural Beat I listened to last week that involved Chakra Balancing and Chakra Cleansing. I thought it would be very challenging to do but it really isn't. I am prone to think too hard on things and even end up overlooking the actual meaning to meditate or relax. Haha I never knew I would hear a humming sound after relaxing. Clearly Root Chakra was easier to get the humming sensation from. Sacral took a little bit longer to reach. Eventually I achieved that one but the humming changed frequency. I am guessing the higher you go the frequency completely changes. I feel calmer since opening my Root Chakra.

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My left ear started hearing the humming. When I listened to the other Binaural Beats I posted about yesterday. The right side of my brain experienced that chilled sensation that went down the right side of my spine. The left side of my brain did not experience this at all. From what I learned in Biology and again in Psychology. Our left brain and right brain experience differences from one another. Not unless my chakras are not balanced to the point where my brain is not fully capable of hearing the humming noise in both ears. With this meditation it will have to be taken in small steps so I can achieve better relaxation and inner peace. I certainly need inner peace with having such a serious attitude with life in general.

In wanting to try Astral Projection I probably have to get my Soul Chakra Balanced in order to project from my body properly. I wouldn't really know if the Soul Chakra has this capability I will just have to figure it out. I have been told by a few friends I should not think too hard on some things and just go through with doing it. They were definitely right. At least I achieved a few steps in meditation to where I actually relaxed myself long enough to get the prolonged humming noise of my chakras opening. Deeply inhaling and exhaling slowly is the key to getting relaxed. Without the beats it would have been hard to know if I relaxed and opened them. These beats is the only way of knowing if you relaxed to open your chakras.

Today I look forward to listening to these same beats and going through each chakra.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

How Effective is Isochronic Binaural Beats?

When I was meditating a few months ago I was completely unaware of Binaural Beats. Are they as effective as some claim them to be? On Youtube they have different Binaural Beat frequencies that went to specific paths to meditate on such as Astral Projection, connecting to your Spirit Guide, improving the Pineal Gland etc. I decided to try one and as I became relaxed in my left ear I slowly began to hear what I thought was background music at first, I ignored it as if I didn't know it was there and it grew a little bit louder. When I became alert to the noise it went away. I was able to hear that same noise a few times after listening to the beats some more. When I would just listen to the music, and see if I could hear it again I couldn't. Maybe I was actually starting to get relaxed to where I can activate my chakras. Not sure but it is worth considering.

The problem with me meditating now is how I cannot stop ending up having some thought pop up into my head. I am trying to focus on the binaural beats to help me relax. I get relaxed do not get me wrong, but I do not want my mind constantly thinking about something. Only if there was a simpler way to meditate without that happening. From a site a friend shared with me on 6 different methods of meditation. I was trying to focus on my breathing, and absorbing the tunes from the beats I had been listening to.Guided Meditation seems difficult the reason why is that I do not want to focus on the person's words, and fall out of place with my meditation listening to the Binaural Beats seems easier than the Basic Breathing Meditation and the Guided Meditation. I really would like to achieve meditation as much as possible so I can be at peace with myself. Also shed the stress or sadness including anger from always biting at my ankle.

If you have meditated before has the binaural beats helped you out in anyway? If so how were you able to achieve that point of peace? Did you focus on anything that is peaceful?