Thursday, January 29, 2015

Grimoire of Armadel

Currently I began to work with the Grimoire of Armadel. This grimoire contains sigils belonging to angels and demons. Along with the main seals of these angels and demons another set of seals belonging to spirits under their command. A few of the seals within this grimoire requires the invoker to call upon that spirit during daybreak. One I recall needed to be invoked on a Thursday in the morning, and another which needs to be invoked at midnight. Trying to invoke them any other time will not be effective.

The Cassiel sigil I have to wait to use on a Saturday at 11 o'clock at night. Each time he is to be invoked it must be on the same day of the same hour. What Cassiel does is teach the invoker the various types of Sciences. I am prone to learn different sciences by myself yet textbooks only teach so much. Usually half truth most of it. Learning these various sciences from Archangel Cassiel is a lot more suitable than learning it from a textbook. Another sigil I plan to use is the sigil of Michael. Archangel Michael once you invoke him teaches the invoker different Mystical Sciences. Unlike Cassiel who can only be invoked once each week. Michael can be invoked at any time an individual seeks his insight. Those who begin to learn the ways of Mysticism. Archangel Michael is very knowledgeable of the Mystical Sciences to where he can help you along your way.

A sigil I have started using just yesterday is the sigil of Betor. Betor teaches you all about demons and the Angels of Darkness. Along with his teachings he tells you what all of their names are, their powers, and what they can do. Betor does appear speedily if not as soon as you call his name, but it does take a few minutes for him to appear. Betor from my experiences he implants knowledge within each of my chakras. Reason for this is because our chakras contain psychic energies. Our Crown and Third Eye chakras contain a lot of psychic energy.

There are other seals I do plan on using once I obtain the knowledge from the few seals I mentioned. I have a few more grimoires I plan to look into within the next few weeks. As I obtain more insight from these grimoires more I plan to post my findings accordingly. I do plan on sharing what happens as my small trek through the Principle of Correspondence continues.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Phase 1 of the Principle of Correspondence

Currently I am almost finished with the first phase of the Principle of Correspondence also becoming better connected with this principle. To be able to effectively work with this principle you need to be in this meditative state. There are two ways in which this can work. One is when you are meditating normally and therefore achieve this state where you receive visual images. The other way is using your deep sleep state to become aware of what is going on in the spirit realm.

If you do well in being in a meditative state to where you can receive visual messages. You can tell yourself you want to be more aware. It may not work right away for others, most might show awareness right at that point in time. When I say forming an awareness. You will take control of your spirit within these visual images received during meditative sessions. Once you take this control over your spirit you can venture to areas not seen within our physical world. Unless you come across places within the physical realm never discovered before.

Somehow I can meditate fairly well. Although I have not been to the point where I receive visual images. I took more of a divination route by using dream divination so that I can obtain information from my truer self. With dream divination I never thought to be aware within that state. Those who are not that good with the meditative state, or in doing meditation should use the deep sleep state. When we reach the deepest part of our sleep at night. That state where even the loud crashes of thunder will not even wake you up. This state is the most relaxed state you can get, those that meditate during the day probably know the relaxed state I am talking about. Those with difficulty meditating will do much better using your deep sleep state.

Astral Projection will be easier to achieve since I am sure many have tried around the morning time to project. Most sources or people who do it say they have done it when starting to wake up. They have to remain in this awake-asleep state. I have tried that myself but it hasn't proven to be quite useful for me. This is another reason why working with the Principle of Correspondence from our deep sleep state can effectively make Astral Projection much more simpler.

For the passed 4-5 days I reached a deep sleep state since I started telling myself I want to be more aware. In a few days I will be in the next phase of the Principle of Correspondence. Some might think this is odd. How else are those starting out spiritually even studying Hermeticism supposed to unlock each door of their spirits temple? The only way you will know is by working with the Seven Principles yourself.

Then the decision of whether these techniques work is solely up to you.....

Monday, January 19, 2015

Principle of Mentalism

The first principle spoken of in both the Kybalion, and within the Emerald Tablets is the Principle of Mentalism. I found it rather tricky to grasp how I could apply this to my life. I finally figured out I have been apply this principle to my life the entire time. By reading through this first principle and making clear understanding of THE ALL. Including everything THE ALL consists of. The puzzle pieces started being put together everyday.

Our physical world, spiritual world, everything we see on a daily basis. Even outer space from planets, stars, galaxies etc. Every bit of our universe is consisted of ONE Universal Consciousness, a Universal Infinite Living Mind. Dedicated students who can apply this to themselves abiding by the Mental Laws will then obtain the Master-Key. This key opens up many other doors you can venture through. Each door with infinite knowledge. By you simply looking to the gods/goddesses, spirits of the Light, spirits of the Shadows, Ascended Masters... any spiritual being you seek knowledge to apply to your life. You have obtained the Master-Key. Seeking out these spirits for knowledge will transform you into the spiritual being you were always meant to be.

This is the first stepping stone. Those who began the process of getting into both Kybalion/Emerald Tablets I decided to pass on this knowledge with you. With how we are all connected to this Universal Consciousness obtaining knowledge shouldn't be difficult whatsoever. Seals used for calling to angels, demons, spirits of the various elements represent types of keys. Seals were crafted for that specific reason. As I realize it myself writing this for seekers of knowledge. The keys to all knowledge have surrounded every single one of us for years. It was not the proper time for you to know this back then. Today is the day where it all begins. The first key has been shared with you now take this key, and use it ever so wisely. Absorb all knowledge passed down to you. Next door is to Principle of Correspondence it will be ready for you to venture through next.

Once you gain much knowledge and are in fact ready to pass through the next door. When the time is right. I will share knowledge of correspondence also how it works within this Universal Consciousness.

Sunday, January 18, 2015


Before I am bombarded by questions asking if I am/was possessed. My answer is in fact no to all questions surrounded by what you were going to ask. I found it very important to speak on this subject matter. A lot of people think possession happens out of the blue, or for no apparent reason. That is not the case actually. With an individual being possessed they allow demonic spirit's to gain access within their own spirit. It really depends on the kind of demon. There's demons you can work well with, and demons you cannot work with. Not all demons are supposedly "bad" or "evil". There really is no such thing as "Good" or "Evil". There is just the spirits of the Light and the spirits of the Shadows. Even if there are spirits of the Shadows. Does not mean those Shadow spirits are bad. The Shadows have just as much knowledge as the Light. Demons are spirits that have knowledge you can learn from. It's only demons willing to teach humans, or spiritual beings about what they know. 

For someone to say demon(s) possessed someone there is always reasons why. It usually is never the demon in most cases. Usually it's the person who encountered the demon first hand. Provoking demons demanding their presence is one unwise act which could get one possessed. After one goes through with drawing the seal, and calling the demons name, also stating what they need help with. Threatening the demon to appear on your time is a dangerous move to make. Demons work differently from a lot of spirits. They present themselves on their own time. Not to forget they reveal their presence when the time is right. Patience definitely must be learned when seeking their aide.

Next reason one becomes possessed is due to them being careless. The person does not use caution. Yes there are demons you can work well alongside. It is that person's position to make sure everything is done the demons way, and not in the favor of how the demon works. It is always best to be prepared for when the demon arrives. Have your offering ready, make the demonic spirit feel welcome, let the demon do whatever you asked them to help with. Then you can thank them for their help. Once it is all done the spirit will take their leave.

Another major reason that person is NOT experienced enough when working with various spirits. Someone who is a beginner to invoking spirits, not knowing what to do, how to do it, randomly doing things which shouldn't be done. They can call up any random demonic entity. Going in blindly leaving the spirit wide open to possession is extremely unwise. Never take chances to see what "might" happen. Either something will happen or will not happen. You need to have a person who has a lot of experience helping. Especially one who can be trusted to not let nothing get out of hand. Otherwise you will have to learn it the hard way.

Today certainly felt like the proper day to talk about this topic on possession. I have experience also another experienced person who helped me understand spirits. I could work with different seals to spirits even demons too. Just a few days ago I drew the seal of Vassago, and another seal for the demon Phenex. Vassago is one who reveals things to come and what will be. Phenex is a poet who can help with writing even appearing as a Muse. With the help of my friend and with a lot of what I learned about demons. I easily was able to execute these spiritual maneuvers carefully. I am glad with the results. Vassago and Phenex actually helped a lot, and I am very happy with their aid.

 Angels I plan on calling to as well. Please nobody freak out after reading the end of this. Embracing the unknown is how you will learn more about our Universe, and what you cannot see within the Material World. Once you embrace it plus understand it. Everything begins to fall into place smoothly.

Saturday, January 17, 2015


Today after enjoying more of John Milton's Paradise Lost I started pondering on questions I had about what happened last night. I whipped out my Tarot deck shuffling my deck thorougly, and asking my question I had which I definitely needed to ask. The reading went really well. With all 3 cards I pulled I studied the first card, second card, and finally the third. Not to forget after looking over each card I interpreted all of the feelings I felt from those cards. (Don't worry this is going along with what intuition is, and how it works for those who use intuition). Even those who thought about using Tarot themselves.

Intuition is also called Clairvoyance "clear seeing", because with very high level intuition you are capable of getting mental images. Another way in my case you can look at a picture, painting, or Tarot card. You will then study what you see from within the image, and begin decoding putting all of the pieces together. It begins to harness your understanding of images you become prone to seeing. My form of intuition starts with piecing together images, then understanding their meaning which answers any questions I need answered.

Intuition I have seen it as this spiritual decoding mechanism helping decode mysteries needing to be solved. Once it is solved you know its meaning, and from that day forward the meaning will stick with you. Anybody who commits in taking time to work with intuition can have all sorts of scenarios/information click where they do need to spend countless days searching for answers. Intuition I received simply by dedicating myself to look into what my Tarot cards revealed to me then it made sense afterwards.

I am looking to increasing more of my intuition. Curious to see where it takes me within the upcoming months. 

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Energy Manipulation

I am surprised I never came around to discussing energy manipulation. I have worked with energy for a while now. I learned to manipulate energy a few ways. These techniques I agree are helpful. One technique was passed a long to me by my friend Terry. There are three different techniques that fall into place with one of the first techniques I learned about. I am currently looking for other ways I can work with energy.

My very first exercise I used for learning energy manipulation was by creating an energy ball. The way you make it sounds difficult but it's super easy. First what you have to do is place your hands together like you are about to say a prayer. Next hold your hands one centimeter away from each other. At this point focus on the small gap. You should be able to feel this pulsing sensation happen, and your hands start moving some from this pulsing. If somehow you cannot feel pulsing of energy. Simply move your hands further away from each other, then proceed in bringing them back near each other with one centimeter gap in between them again. Once refocused you should be able to feel the pulsing of energy increase.

Another technique that goes along with creating energy balls. Once the steps of creating a energy ball is completed. Take the steps of creating your energy ball. Take your energy ball, and place it over a chakra you need recharged. That chakra will receive a boost of energy. I use an energy boost for my Third Eye, Crown, and Throat chakras. This technique does sound simple yet it's very powerful from what I experienced. Another thing I think I should go ahead, and include is creating a type of protection for the spirit. This technique I still practice myself off and on (since I find it a tad bit hard to visualize). You can create this energy field over you that can prevent negative energies from penetrating your spirit. If you can muster this up visualize this sphere of energy surrounding you, and feel its warmth consume you as it protects you from harm.

Energy manipulation ties in with elemental work. With an elemental you can manipulate elemental energy then use it for charming an object you are connected to. This requires little visualization. You simply envision elemental energy passing through you into the object you grasped. With the Labradorite stone I have I manipulated my fire energy, and infused it to become part of my Labradorite.

There is many other ways to manipulate energy. I decided to share what I learned from great teachers. I figured this was definitely worth sharing. :)

Monday, January 12, 2015


Today I began to think of spiritual figures that I recently learned about. One in particular is Death. I hear talk about him even had someone talk about his very own experiences with Death (in a spiritual sense). We do know that Angels come for spirits once someone is ready to ascend. Death works in an entirely different way. He is guided by what is called Fayths. Fayths in Greek mythology have the power to foresee the death of people. Wherever death is to happen Death goes out, and sets up an event the person dies in. Any deathly event such as someone dying in a car accident, someone is killed by some estranged individual etc.

Death has been depicted many different ways even as the Grim Reaper (reaper of souls). From what I was taught about Death is however you see Death. He WILL appear that way to you once your time has come, or another person's time to pass on. Of course there were other higher spiritual beings who may visit a person close to death. There is one spirit in a way is something similar to Death, but not even close to how Death works. Banshee is one spirit I heard many tales on. Banshee is this spirit who shrieks when someone's death is near. In Ireland she is depicted as a "Woman in White" and she goes by Benshea. She plays part in announcing someones death, but does nothing more than that.

Omens create particular ways for Death to present himself. Death is certainly not rude he has manners. He sets up omens to announce he will arrive soon. One omen that is widely spoken of is very distinct knocking above an ill person's bed, or door near an ill person's relative. The distinct knock includes 3 knocks nothing more. In most countries death omens can come in forms of an animal of  specific colors usually white or black. Or if you find dead animals of  certain kinds it's a death omen. Death isn't all about death usually, but he is helpful spiritually. He causes your old self to die, and the newer side of you starts to blossom. When death happens life will not be far behind to start a new beginning.

Overall I see no reason to worry about Death. He is that mysterious figure most believe in, when others scoff at his existence. All I have to say is hopefully he doesn't come knocking at your door in the middle of the night. :)

Friday, January 9, 2015


The World Tree otherwise known as Yggdrasil. She is one powerful spirit I recently experienced. I remember learning about the Norse including events such as Ragnarok, Thor's battle with the Midgard Serpent Jormungandr. Even places including Niflheim, Helheim, and Jotenheim I enjoyed learning about them a lot. Yggdrasil happened to capture my interest. All trees are powerful Earth spirits. Yggdrasil being the highest of these Earth spirits.

My experience with Yggdrasil definitely was worth it in the end. Yggdrasil tests those worthy enough to gain the warrior title. Odin completed the ultimate test of a warrior. Even spilled his own blood to prove himself to Yggdrasil. He as a God definitely has some guts. A fellow friend of mine passed Yggdrasil' test himself. With how he explained it his test sounded absolutely horrifying. Yggdrasil will only test you with stuff you can handle spiritually. She will not make it too burdensome. If you give up and do not go through with completing her test. You are deemed unworthy. This test is not for the faint of heart. I suggest being careful if you do take Yggdrasil' test head on.

 Some of you probably begin to wonder if I took her test. I am proud to say I did. The tests I took involved overcoming my own fears. My test had different phases with each phase I became stronger. Once I completed all phases Yggdrasil had drawn out my spirit have it travel to another place to earn my title as warrioress. This brought me closer to my truer self. I feel better now since I grew stronger spiritually. My test was emotionally gripping at times, but I pushed on until the end.

Anybody can go to Yggdrasil to test themselves. Be strong enough plus be prepared for each phase coming at you. If you stumble doesn't mean you failed. Just get back up and keep going. Yggdrasil will accept anybody to be tests. Some tests are a lot more intense than other tests. Earlier when I mentioned Odin I suggest you read his test he endured. You could learn what was experienced, even what he gained after surpassing each part.

Also one thing I suggest as well. If you are awaiting for Yggdrasil' decision. Never EVER awaken her during Winter. I didn't awaken her it's best to wait on her to reveal herself. For me it was an uneasy waiting period, but definitely worth the wait. Even when Yggdrasil sleeps in the Winter she is still useful. With how I talk about this you may think it was easy with Yggdrasil' test. To tell you the truth it isn't easy. The test can mess with your emotions, have you endure pain, even lose those you were close to. Some might not understand it is what makes you stronger in the end. It also reveals the truer side of people you knew. Better to find facts out via spirits of authority than word of mouth by humans.

After I went through this test it makes dealing with situations much easier. Knowing you can rise up over those obstacles which get in your way. I am sure some who see this will understand where I am coming from. :)

Thursday, January 1, 2015

I Have Come Pretty Far...

It has been  little over a year since I decided to begin my journey. I learned so much and experienced a good bit as well. Meeting others similar to myself who seek out who they truly are. We may see who we are on the outside, but on the inside it's another story. Some people will consider it "weird", "bizarre", or "crazy". It is alright to not see something as normal. The truth is there is a story behind everything you may not understand right away. Once you obtain understanding it beings to come together.

There has been many mysteries in our world I was able to piece together. Something that does not require scientists, archaeologists, or even doctors. I knew one true way in obtaining real facts is by going to those which created pieces of work many couldn't possibly explain without proper translations. This walk has certainly proven a lot to me. If I was my old self I probably wouldn't believe not one bit of what I read, see, or be told by highly spiritual people. On the upside of all this I can say that I am happy about how far I have come. I learned about my truer self  (very surprised with this). I found out I am able heal people without even being near them. Even with the elements I can use to heal a lot more effectively (not that my healing has not been effective).

I really look forward to what these next 6 months offer for my spiritual journey. I feel like I will learn so much more, and apply even more experiences to my life. Do not worry I am not going to forget in sharing my experiences with you. Sharing experiences helps other people see what they expect on their own journey.