Thursday, January 29, 2015

Grimoire of Armadel

Currently I began to work with the Grimoire of Armadel. This grimoire contains sigils belonging to angels and demons. Along with the main seals of these angels and demons another set of seals belonging to spirits under their command. A few of the seals within this grimoire requires the invoker to call upon that spirit during daybreak. One I recall needed to be invoked on a Thursday in the morning, and another which needs to be invoked at midnight. Trying to invoke them any other time will not be effective.

The Cassiel sigil I have to wait to use on a Saturday at 11 o'clock at night. Each time he is to be invoked it must be on the same day of the same hour. What Cassiel does is teach the invoker the various types of Sciences. I am prone to learn different sciences by myself yet textbooks only teach so much. Usually half truth most of it. Learning these various sciences from Archangel Cassiel is a lot more suitable than learning it from a textbook. Another sigil I plan to use is the sigil of Michael. Archangel Michael once you invoke him teaches the invoker different Mystical Sciences. Unlike Cassiel who can only be invoked once each week. Michael can be invoked at any time an individual seeks his insight. Those who begin to learn the ways of Mysticism. Archangel Michael is very knowledgeable of the Mystical Sciences to where he can help you along your way.

A sigil I have started using just yesterday is the sigil of Betor. Betor teaches you all about demons and the Angels of Darkness. Along with his teachings he tells you what all of their names are, their powers, and what they can do. Betor does appear speedily if not as soon as you call his name, but it does take a few minutes for him to appear. Betor from my experiences he implants knowledge within each of my chakras. Reason for this is because our chakras contain psychic energies. Our Crown and Third Eye chakras contain a lot of psychic energy.

There are other seals I do plan on using once I obtain the knowledge from the few seals I mentioned. I have a few more grimoires I plan to look into within the next few weeks. As I obtain more insight from these grimoires more I plan to post my findings accordingly. I do plan on sharing what happens as my small trek through the Principle of Correspondence continues.

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