Monday, January 19, 2015

Principle of Mentalism

The first principle spoken of in both the Kybalion, and within the Emerald Tablets is the Principle of Mentalism. I found it rather tricky to grasp how I could apply this to my life. I finally figured out I have been apply this principle to my life the entire time. By reading through this first principle and making clear understanding of THE ALL. Including everything THE ALL consists of. The puzzle pieces started being put together everyday.

Our physical world, spiritual world, everything we see on a daily basis. Even outer space from planets, stars, galaxies etc. Every bit of our universe is consisted of ONE Universal Consciousness, a Universal Infinite Living Mind. Dedicated students who can apply this to themselves abiding by the Mental Laws will then obtain the Master-Key. This key opens up many other doors you can venture through. Each door with infinite knowledge. By you simply looking to the gods/goddesses, spirits of the Light, spirits of the Shadows, Ascended Masters... any spiritual being you seek knowledge to apply to your life. You have obtained the Master-Key. Seeking out these spirits for knowledge will transform you into the spiritual being you were always meant to be.

This is the first stepping stone. Those who began the process of getting into both Kybalion/Emerald Tablets I decided to pass on this knowledge with you. With how we are all connected to this Universal Consciousness obtaining knowledge shouldn't be difficult whatsoever. Seals used for calling to angels, demons, spirits of the various elements represent types of keys. Seals were crafted for that specific reason. As I realize it myself writing this for seekers of knowledge. The keys to all knowledge have surrounded every single one of us for years. It was not the proper time for you to know this back then. Today is the day where it all begins. The first key has been shared with you now take this key, and use it ever so wisely. Absorb all knowledge passed down to you. Next door is to Principle of Correspondence it will be ready for you to venture through next.

Once you gain much knowledge and are in fact ready to pass through the next door. When the time is right. I will share knowledge of correspondence also how it works within this Universal Consciousness.

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