Sunday, January 18, 2015


Before I am bombarded by questions asking if I am/was possessed. My answer is in fact no to all questions surrounded by what you were going to ask. I found it very important to speak on this subject matter. A lot of people think possession happens out of the blue, or for no apparent reason. That is not the case actually. With an individual being possessed they allow demonic spirit's to gain access within their own spirit. It really depends on the kind of demon. There's demons you can work well with, and demons you cannot work with. Not all demons are supposedly "bad" or "evil". There really is no such thing as "Good" or "Evil". There is just the spirits of the Light and the spirits of the Shadows. Even if there are spirits of the Shadows. Does not mean those Shadow spirits are bad. The Shadows have just as much knowledge as the Light. Demons are spirits that have knowledge you can learn from. It's only demons willing to teach humans, or spiritual beings about what they know. 

For someone to say demon(s) possessed someone there is always reasons why. It usually is never the demon in most cases. Usually it's the person who encountered the demon first hand. Provoking demons demanding their presence is one unwise act which could get one possessed. After one goes through with drawing the seal, and calling the demons name, also stating what they need help with. Threatening the demon to appear on your time is a dangerous move to make. Demons work differently from a lot of spirits. They present themselves on their own time. Not to forget they reveal their presence when the time is right. Patience definitely must be learned when seeking their aide.

Next reason one becomes possessed is due to them being careless. The person does not use caution. Yes there are demons you can work well alongside. It is that person's position to make sure everything is done the demons way, and not in the favor of how the demon works. It is always best to be prepared for when the demon arrives. Have your offering ready, make the demonic spirit feel welcome, let the demon do whatever you asked them to help with. Then you can thank them for their help. Once it is all done the spirit will take their leave.

Another major reason that person is NOT experienced enough when working with various spirits. Someone who is a beginner to invoking spirits, not knowing what to do, how to do it, randomly doing things which shouldn't be done. They can call up any random demonic entity. Going in blindly leaving the spirit wide open to possession is extremely unwise. Never take chances to see what "might" happen. Either something will happen or will not happen. You need to have a person who has a lot of experience helping. Especially one who can be trusted to not let nothing get out of hand. Otherwise you will have to learn it the hard way.

Today certainly felt like the proper day to talk about this topic on possession. I have experience also another experienced person who helped me understand spirits. I could work with different seals to spirits even demons too. Just a few days ago I drew the seal of Vassago, and another seal for the demon Phenex. Vassago is one who reveals things to come and what will be. Phenex is a poet who can help with writing even appearing as a Muse. With the help of my friend and with a lot of what I learned about demons. I easily was able to execute these spiritual maneuvers carefully. I am glad with the results. Vassago and Phenex actually helped a lot, and I am very happy with their aid.

 Angels I plan on calling to as well. Please nobody freak out after reading the end of this. Embracing the unknown is how you will learn more about our Universe, and what you cannot see within the Material World. Once you embrace it plus understand it. Everything begins to fall into place smoothly.


  1. Good post. It was very interesting. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thanks Rebecca,
      I think possession was a key thing most people are hearing about. Especially from Hollywood movies which are "based" on these true stories. I had to clear the air about possession. Even how some people who mess with demons do it without knowing what he/she is getting themselves into.

      I am sure many will understand.


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