Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Phase 1 of the Principle of Correspondence

Currently I am almost finished with the first phase of the Principle of Correspondence also becoming better connected with this principle. To be able to effectively work with this principle you need to be in this meditative state. There are two ways in which this can work. One is when you are meditating normally and therefore achieve this state where you receive visual images. The other way is using your deep sleep state to become aware of what is going on in the spirit realm.

If you do well in being in a meditative state to where you can receive visual messages. You can tell yourself you want to be more aware. It may not work right away for others, most might show awareness right at that point in time. When I say forming an awareness. You will take control of your spirit within these visual images received during meditative sessions. Once you take this control over your spirit you can venture to areas not seen within our physical world. Unless you come across places within the physical realm never discovered before.

Somehow I can meditate fairly well. Although I have not been to the point where I receive visual images. I took more of a divination route by using dream divination so that I can obtain information from my truer self. With dream divination I never thought to be aware within that state. Those who are not that good with the meditative state, or in doing meditation should use the deep sleep state. When we reach the deepest part of our sleep at night. That state where even the loud crashes of thunder will not even wake you up. This state is the most relaxed state you can get, those that meditate during the day probably know the relaxed state I am talking about. Those with difficulty meditating will do much better using your deep sleep state.

Astral Projection will be easier to achieve since I am sure many have tried around the morning time to project. Most sources or people who do it say they have done it when starting to wake up. They have to remain in this awake-asleep state. I have tried that myself but it hasn't proven to be quite useful for me. This is another reason why working with the Principle of Correspondence from our deep sleep state can effectively make Astral Projection much more simpler.

For the passed 4-5 days I reached a deep sleep state since I started telling myself I want to be more aware. In a few days I will be in the next phase of the Principle of Correspondence. Some might think this is odd. How else are those starting out spiritually even studying Hermeticism supposed to unlock each door of their spirits temple? The only way you will know is by working with the Seven Principles yourself.

Then the decision of whether these techniques work is solely up to you.....

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