Thursday, January 1, 2015

I Have Come Pretty Far...

It has been  little over a year since I decided to begin my journey. I learned so much and experienced a good bit as well. Meeting others similar to myself who seek out who they truly are. We may see who we are on the outside, but on the inside it's another story. Some people will consider it "weird", "bizarre", or "crazy". It is alright to not see something as normal. The truth is there is a story behind everything you may not understand right away. Once you obtain understanding it beings to come together.

There has been many mysteries in our world I was able to piece together. Something that does not require scientists, archaeologists, or even doctors. I knew one true way in obtaining real facts is by going to those which created pieces of work many couldn't possibly explain without proper translations. This walk has certainly proven a lot to me. If I was my old self I probably wouldn't believe not one bit of what I read, see, or be told by highly spiritual people. On the upside of all this I can say that I am happy about how far I have come. I learned about my truer self  (very surprised with this). I found out I am able heal people without even being near them. Even with the elements I can use to heal a lot more effectively (not that my healing has not been effective).

I really look forward to what these next 6 months offer for my spiritual journey. I feel like I will learn so much more, and apply even more experiences to my life. Do not worry I am not going to forget in sharing my experiences with you. Sharing experiences helps other people see what they expect on their own journey.

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