Monday, December 29, 2014

Elements Within The Spirit

Our spirits may contain matter and energy. Our spirits are connected to all four natural elements Earth, Air, Fire, and Water. Although few beliefs include Spirit as another element. For this post I feel best to talk about the four elements everybody is familiar with most. Once I learn of  other elements I will be sure to share what I learned and experienced with them too. The reason our Spirit is made an element it helps create an understanding that all elements can be formed in Spirit.

Air which is an element I was born under belonging to astrological sign Gemini. I learned using the air element to spiritually blow away negative energies that could be causing another person issues inside of their spirit. Anybody born under the air sign can easily work with air spirits. I use the air element during healing sessions I do. Those who are an air element have heightened intuition, reasoning, and intellect. Air is expansive even when heated up, and has an expressive side which can be used in more ways than one.

Fire is another element that my truer self can control. Fire lies within our spirits Solar Plexus chakra. From experiences I have been able to take the fire element, and warm up even burn someones solar plexus. Don't worry I use fire when healing too. I have a friend which allowed me to test out my fire element on him so I did. :) Fire is used to purify. When you think of metal when being melted it is to see its purity. Healers can use fire in order to cleanse chakras that have too much negative energy. Fire is an active element fueled by passion, drive, and ambition. It to is expansive just like air since fire can naturally spread out with help of the air element. Fire is a destructive element. I prefer for beginners who read this post work with the fire element using caution. Even though I admit to using it in my own destructive way. The person did have it coming so maybe next time they will learn a lesson. :)

Earth is an element great for grounding a persons' spirit when needed. Earth is this strong force representing stability, fortitude, and building blocks used for spiritual growth. Our root chakra plays part in grounding also maintaining spiritual balance. Anytime when I heal someone. Earth I mainly used helping ground their spirit. I did this so healing could happen much easier. Thus for every healing I did happy to say they all turned out successful. I am rather impressed myself with my healing effort. other healers I know can benefit from this too.

Water the element having cleansing and purification properties much like fire and air. Water is a free flowing element taking many shapes. Spiritually I think of  water the Holy Water of our spiritual framework. Water is seen as ones emotions, feelings, or their intuition. It's considered passive moves like the ocean. Someone of the water element can have emotions that will rise up then fall back down. Emotion can flood an area where everybody senses how you feel. Emotions can become out of control. This is when you need to form your own personal spiritual balance. Water element is good for washing away spiritual negativity allowing positive energy to flow into the spirit.

I didn't think I had other elements readily available for use. It felt right once I began to heal some of my friends. I used fire then used air once I was ready for earth and water. I went for it and everything worked out great. Once I realized how effective all four elements were. That is when I ended up using all elements to my very own creative use. Since I learned the healing form of elements now it feels to be the appropriate time to use these elements for other acts. If I can effectively use all four elements then others have this same opportunity. The elements are another stepping stone for heightened spiritual awareness.

I am positive others will use these for greater purposes in this world.

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