Wednesday, December 24, 2014


Crystals are more than just found growing in specific areas or turned into jewelry. On spiritual journeys people use crystals for many different reasons including storing energy, cleansing, spell/ritual work, increasing your spirits vibrations, and opening specific chakras. Crystals come in all sorts of shapes/sizes even really beautiful colors. I have my very own crystal necklace that I wear. It is actually quartz crystal, and it was crafted to look like an Atlantean Seed Crystal.

Atlantean Seed Crystals if some do not know already. Atlantean Seed Crystals are very huge in size other times they can be cut down in size to make smaller versions. They do contain a lot of properties. This seed crystal is connected to the lost civilization of Atlantis. Another type of crystal the Lemurian Seed Crystal being connected to Lemuria which is another lost civilization.

I learned how to cleanse crystals. Two ways I highly suggest if you have crystals/gemstones since both work the same way. Place your crystal/gemstone into an area illuminated by sunlight. Leave it there for 5-10 minutes or however long you feel comfortable. The sun is a very powerful source of energy that includes cleansing as one of its purposes. The other way is by using holy water to cleanse the crystal/gemstone too. One method I have used personally after making a connection with them.I would use an offering to give to the Air spirits preferably a strand of my hair. Once I give them my offering I ask them to do anything I may need. If I need my crystal cleansed I will ask them to cleanse my crystal. As long as I have this connection with Air spirits. Anytime I feel it is time to cleanse my crystal I simply call to them and ask. Afterwards I thank them for their cleansing.

Crystals if used improperly will break. They slowly begin to crack until finally they break into small fragments. Which is why crystals should be used with positive reasons, and not for only negative reasons. Negative energies are in fact destructive even towards crystals. Crystals should be used with  utmost care.

A unique fact about crystals some may not know is that crystals already have owners. You may have a rather unique collection, but the crystals have an owner they seek to be with. The owner is one the crystal had a connection with in other lives. Crystals long to be with those they had very deep spiritual connections with. When a crystal/gemstone (gemstones react the same way) are with their owner. Getting to know the crystal is essential in how it can help with your spiritual progress. Crystals contain messages of your past lives, various memories, or even information stored within their crystalline framework. Which will not make sense to those that the crystal does not belong to, but will make sense to the True Owner.

Crystals come in various colors, and can represent various elements. I consider to be great when using them to store your energy in them for use later on. There is one thing I was taught about crystals I never attempted yet. With my crystal I can capture specific spirits in them. Spirits which will be of good use when I seek their aid. One thing I was told not to capture were demons. If I did and released that demon everything will be in shambles. Once hearing this I more than likely will never try doing that. I may put a water spirit or wind spirit inside of my crystal. I also have a Labradorite stone. With that gemstone I infused with my fire element. Anytime I need my fire element my Labradorite stone is readily available.

Crystals are something I would suggest anybody starting out on their spiritual journey to use. I was one of those people that had them yet did simple practices with them. Nothing too complex. Crystals help in countless ways, and they definitely have outdone modern medicine. I am definitely surprised by all that can be achieved with crystals. I am positive others can agree too.

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