Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Light and Darkness

An interesting discovery I came across these past few months is how light and darkness balance each other out. Light and darkness isn't defined as good nor bad. There is nothing bad about either side. They both complete one another perfectly. Light can form more light same for darkness it forms more darkness. There is bits of shadow in the Light then bits of light in the Shadows. This is how both sides create balance. If that wasn't the case everything would fall out of balance, and chaos would happen throughout our universe. One good thing that has not happened at all. One problem is many do not really understand forms of balance, nor have they tried balancing themselves.

The Yin and Yang symbol is one symbol perfectly representing balance of both Light and Darkness. In the symbol it shows that a dot of darkness is contained within its light. Also the darkness has a bit of light contained within its shadow. Symbols are only symbols until you study every layer. Then you can fully understand the symbols meaning.

My spirit is a strong spirit of Light. My spirit of Light shines my strong sense of love for people who love me. Having caring, nurturing energies. Behind this light though I do have streaks of  darkness yet haven't explored this side yet. I still have much to learn from the Light. I gained some knowledge  but more is hidden which I need to learn. I look forward to knowing more about my inner self. Main reason for this spiritual journey. Not to forget sharing what I learn and experience with you. Some might not get much from my experiences. Some may actually learn what I learn, and that is really great. 

 Light and Darkness I think should be embraced and learned from. Nobody should be afraid. You will not be stepping across any boundaries that will ruin your eternity. Letting your spirit expand is what is absolutely necessary for everybody right now. I hope this could be understood.

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