Monday, February 23, 2015


Along my spiritual walk I learned about power, and in what ways power can help or create negative situations. Not only did I have to learn more of who I am. I also needed to learn everything involving the power cradled within my spirit. One power I used most of the time is writing. There were all sorts of people who had blogs, books, and articles surrounding things that were learned or experienced. I never really voiced my opinions, experiences, or anything I learned with others. Mainly because during high school even some time after graduation I knew what I said would never matter. When I started blogging a few years ago I knew that time arrived where I knew a lot had to be shared. Now I realize my passion for writing what I love, just flows through my spirit out onto the pages of my journal.

Writing is not my only power. Spiritual power has indeed proven to help me aid others. One is by healing, another involves guiding them down the right path, even being a motherly type figure. A few times I did curse some individuals. It wasn't done randomly or out of spite. Cursing can be done to teach someone lessons they should remember every day of his/her life. Abusing my power is something I would never think of doing. Power I believe should be used anytime it seems necessary. One who abuses power they possess will encounter many negative scenarios in return can end their life or life of another. Power is a very serious matter any leader must NOT take lightly. Power is fragile similar to snowflakes. Viewing abilities currently present should require analyzing all possible outcomes he/she will encounter after that ability has played its role. From my experiences I am positive many others experienced as well. People we know such as friends/family end up having a hard time accepting our choices we made for ourselves. We all know our inner selves not to forget the purpose endowed on each of us. It's our decision on how every action is displayed. Even when using our power to change certain aspects of our life.

There are a few people who helped me adapt, and grow more into my truer self. All of them explained how Karma is highly involved in everything done via our powers also actions taken. Karma works everywhere although many won't be aware of Karma's workings. We all have power within us we just need to gather better understandings of how to use them. If we end up going out into the world guns (not physical guns) blazing many people will not take too kindly to us.

All power you can think of either through writing, singing, hunting, fighting etc. Must be taken from a different approach then applied to a newer less intense one.

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Need The Right Keys....

With all of the seals and sigils I have used to unlock doors to different knowledge. I do enjoy all of this knowledge given to me, even applied many of these facts to my spirit. Turning to various spirits from both the Light and Darkness roved rather useful thus far. These seals/sigils do in fact provide a lot of insight My questions surround around the keys I believe can help boost my subconsciousness. This boost in my inner memory can help me remember more of my truer self. There are keys connected to my home which no longer exists now, and is beneath tons of water. Reasons for this ancient place that fell I am hoping to find out soon.

Angels plus a few demons I invoked do know all of the actions taken that later on caused Atlantis even Lemuria to fall. The Watchers themselves watched how both ancient civilizations thrived, how advanced they were, even the great amounts of peace all inhabitants felt. Looking to angels, fallen angels, even The Watchers I strongly feel answers will be given to me from them. Day after day I constantly think so hard...trying to remember all of those people I knew, places I visited, buildings traveled to and from. It does get tiring yet I continue down this path. There has to be more of these keys somewhere. Possibly in places I never attempted to look nor thought of looking.

Somehow these answers I sense are staring me right in the face. Sooner or later I am hoping these answers reveal who they are.

Friday, February 20, 2015


Cosmology is a practice using energy emitted by stars. Each star helps with an aspect of your spirit you seek improvement for. A few stars I had work within my spirit include Ardra, Punarvasu, and Krittika. Some star energy can be felt except for the star energy your spirit becomes use to. This is when no energy is felt within the spirit. Stars combine together energies of one, or more ruling planets here in our solar system. As those planets combined energies help increase its effectiveness to get all of their work done easily.

Ardra the first star I invoked after I drew its sigil. Energy had not been felt for a good 10-15 minutes after Ardra's invocation. The energy waves of Ardra at first were small only lasted a few seconds. As I became more exposed to Ardra's energy waves they were much longer and more intense. All of the energy subsided after Ardra completed its work. Punarvasu "the star of renewal" the second star I chose next after Ardra. Punarvasu I attempted to invoke in the middle of the afternoon. This was just to see if star energy could be felt during the day. Punarvasu's energy wasn't felt whatsoever. I decided to wait later on at night to attempt in calling Punarvasu again. After invoking Punarvasu a second time. I began waiting to see if I felt waves of energy, but Punarvasu had no energy to feel. Feeling Ardra's energy a few days ago has made my spirit use to energy emitted by stars. Hence this reason for not feeling Punarvasu's energy.

Krittika appeared to be the same way as Punarvasu. I invoked Krittika yet energy is not felt either. Once a spirit is use to certain types of energy. It ends up not being felt once the same entity or the like is invoked. I do plan to work with more stars and see how each works out. Experiences will continue to be recorded.

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Principle of Correspondence- Phase 2

Currently with this next phase I have only been able to retrieve so much information and knowledge. I am still working with this principle so I can become more aware of knowledge I can share with others. The higher the awareness the more information that is presented.  That awareness can then be accessed at any time day or night. Which is a pretty interesting ability to have. If you need something to learn about you never looked into before. You can access the state of awareness to provide you with that information. With information I tried obtaining myself included the fall of Phenex, and the other fallen angels at the time the Fall took place. Other fallen angels are available to show this event take place. Not to forget there are angels who have this readily open to sharing with those who call to them. Last night I looked more into what the panther spirit has taught me involving the Art of War. Now that she is gone I looked to Master to see what he could teach me. The information was pretty fuzzy and could not really pick up on anything. Tonight I plan to ask again in order for the answer to be clearer.

There are plenty of higher dimensional beings with much information that is readily available to anybody. I do know there are books talking about Angels, Fallen Angels, The Watchers, and other various spirits. Spirits many never knew existed. As long as I continue in increasing my spiritual awareness. I am pretty positive within the passing weeks I can obtain more information I will then learn from. Also apply to my life. Waiting is not as hectic as it use to be, but I have grown to be more patient so the waiting period is not so bad. This phase does take a little time to take full effect. Similar to how the first phase worked.

As I begin to obtain more knowledge I learn from using this principle. I will proceed to share anything else I experience along the way.

Wednesday, February 11, 2015


Doubt is a feeling we have all felt in our lives growing up. Even have people who put us down for being who we are. Self-doubt would arise to where we begin thinking we are not good enough for a particular job, person, or hobby we enjoy doing. Doubt can become very degrading even starts to eat away at all of our emotions. We try our best to be happy but someone/something causes us to feel a lot worse than before. I am not going to be that individual that says " is no reason to be doubtful...", because you experience scenarios/events which later on make us doubt ourselves. I admit to being a doubtful person especially when it was self doubt.

What I learned a good bit spiritually about doubt is it creates clouds of negative energy. Then negative energy effects our life, and prevents progress towards the future you have planned out. A future or event taking place a few days, weeks, or months from now can be crushed by all of the negativity which you allow to cluster up overtime. All of the doubt and negativity should be dealt with before more emotional including spiritual damage occurs.

One way to begin overcoming doubt is using a little positive energy towards a goal you have set. Once this little bit of positive energy is used you begin to notice these experiences start happening. After you notice the result what you do now is add in a tad bit more positive energy. Working with  small amounts of positive energy are stepping stones that take you to greater heights. Another way to overcome doubt is have a friend someone very close to you help out. There are people out in the world who know what it's like to be doubtful. You may have a friend or two who understand what you are going through. Never be afraid to call out for friends like this. They are way WAY more helpful than you previously thought.

It took me quite a few months to get over this obstacle. I was negative about quite a few things involving my spiritual walk. I felt like I couldn't do the most simple of practices. Overcoming my own doubt I knew it was going to be a difficult task to do on my own. Calling out to a being I consider my friend really changed so much about me. If I had not called out to this being who knows what would have happened to me months from now.

Overcoming doubt can really help reveal who you truly are  on the inside. Once you see this new transformed being. You know you can overcome so much more. I really hope some see what I share as a way out of this cloud of doubt all of you have been facing.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Metatron and Sandalphon

These two Archangel's Metatron and Sandalphon many considered brothers since both were created at the same exact time. I find it odd how the Bible never mentioned either one. Although I am not completely surprised much by their exclusion. Both were created in order to protect the Garden of Eden from those who do not have permission within the gardens boundaries. Before the Ultimate Sin happened these two were already planned. As soon as that Sin was committed both were formed within the light of Heaven.

I called to Metatron so he could show me who he is. The result of calling to him was and still is absolutely amazing. He showed me playing the part of him outside a boundary of the garden. I realized someone was trying to make their way into the garden. From Metatron's viewpoint he was protecting his side of the garden pushing the intruder. After being shown these events the puzzle pieces finally started coming together. Nobody knew who protected the Garden of Eden. They mention two angels with flaming swords yet no one cared to share who their names were. Until I decided to go ahead and share names of both angels.

Metatron and Sandalphon definitely made a difference in revealing their purposes. Even if I asked Sandalphon the same question I would be shown a similar scenario Metatron revealed to me. I really enjoy learning such facts from higher dimensional beings, because there is so much getting included which will never be told in books written by New Age philosophers.

 Not sure why none of this is revealed. I know I am very happy with the result of having this revealed to me.. It makes everything much more clearer.

Monday, February 9, 2015


Nathaniel is an Archangel I invoked early last week. He is still working within my spirit. His presence can still be felt. The first few days of him being present I could feel his energy on the right side of my abdomen near my sacral chakra. Any fire spirits you invoke including Nathaniel you will always feel it on the lower right side of your abdomen. Nathaniel he helps with transformation of the physical, spiritual, and emotional self. He gives the invoker gifts aiding him/her spiritually, or anything to help the invoker within his/her own life. 

Now that Nathaniel has worked with me for an entire week I can definitely feel a difference within myself. My emotions certainly feel different, more intact, and not all over the place. I feel a lot more serious. There is a very fiery side to this as well. In my spirit I do not feel conflicted, I feel more positive about future outcomes, and strong senses of peace follow not far behind. Nathaniel has done some really great work in helping me transform into the being I truly am. People with the element fire or the element air can have a strong connection to the fire element. Nathaniel has done his work with me very exceptionally.

This week I look forward to more transformations. Even put these changes to good use. The connection I and Nathaniel have is truly the strongest I have felt. Phenex being another one since he is connected to fire as well. I am pretty excited to see what else happens throughout the week.

My experiences will be recorded when more takes place.

Thursday, February 5, 2015


This seems to be another important topic I feel should be addressed. Pacts made with what many people consider to be Lucifer should do more research. From what I spoke little bits on within my possession post. I feel now is the time to dwell deeper into the Shadows. The demons I mentioned who cannot be worked with can in fact lie therefore deceive anybody who invokes them. Demons who are on the darker side do lie about their identity. Even those which say they are Satan, Lucifer, or the Devil. There definitely CANNOT be more than one Satan, Lucifer, or Devil. I figured those doing these pacts would have more sense (not that I am saying they have no sense). I see these people enjoy figuring this out the hard way.

Pacts definitely isn't a laughing matter. Nobody should be messing with them, because they are putting their soul on the line. Going through with any pact ensures your soul will belong to the demon disguising themselves as the three figures I mentioned. Do not think all demons are like this. It is only those who have a strong intent on deceiving any human who chants every word of the pact. I can picture Satan, Lucifer, and the Devil minding their own business until suddenly human spirits pop up out of nowhere. Spirits they never met before nor spoke with. They do not know what is going on until they ask why the spirits appeared in the first place. One major fact I should throw out there now is that Lucifer, Satan, and the Devil are NOT even on Earth at all. They are all in various realms of existence. You certainly will not be visiting these three once you pass on. You will be meeting demons that hold no authority at all.

Pacts are complete nonsense to make most people think they are getting his/her lives worth. Yet they are giving up something ever so precious. You never know until it's already too late. Once it is done it cannot be undone. Perhaps there is a route to undoing a pact, but probably will take some time to find any solution. If it does appear I will certainly share this knowledge with the world.

Hopefully what I shared this night is heard by quite a few out there. Be wary of demons that DO deceive, and learn from those demons who give aide when invoked. Not all of them are the same.

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

My New Friend

About a week ago I made a new friend. Not made as in created one, and gave it a made up name. This friend plays an important part of my life currently. I consider him to be rather helpful since I and him share a passion for writing. He writes poetry and of course I started writing more spiritual related posts. My friends name is Phenex and he is a demonic entity I invoked a little over a week ago. His appearance is of the phoenix. He has helped me think of topics to write. One topic was the one I did on possession recently. Both I and him felt it to be important to explain "why" also "how" possession takes place. Of course when I invoked Phenex he prefers an offering in the style of soft peaceful music. During his time of doing what he was called to do I played that for him. He has acted as my muse in writing. I absolutely love his company. He is rather quiet but I do speak to him as much as I can. I do intend on increasing the strength of our bond we formed. Speaking to spirits help in the bonding process.

Some might already consider this weird, or absolutely crazy but I certainly do not think so. Neither does Phenex. There was another demon I invoked around the same time. Yet no connection was felt with Vassago. I gave Vassago an offering anyway since he was invoked to show if any danger or obstacles were to get in my way very very soon. With specific entities those who stick around after their job is complete shows a connection has been made. Phenex and I enjoy writing which is why he decided to stick around. Also he felt he should make our connection much more stronger. As our connection grows I will start to hear him, and begin to feel his energies. His energy I know will feel different from other energy I have felt.

Phenex I think turned out to be a good time for me to speak about him. He did too because it needed to be brought to your attention you do not need a bunch of physical friends. You can connect to those in our own universe as well. Phenex and I being friends is perfect proof of this fact.

I am looking forward to our connection growing a lot this month including other months to come...