Sunday, February 15, 2015

Principle of Correspondence- Phase 2

Currently with this next phase I have only been able to retrieve so much information and knowledge. I am still working with this principle so I can become more aware of knowledge I can share with others. The higher the awareness the more information that is presented.  That awareness can then be accessed at any time day or night. Which is a pretty interesting ability to have. If you need something to learn about you never looked into before. You can access the state of awareness to provide you with that information. With information I tried obtaining myself included the fall of Phenex, and the other fallen angels at the time the Fall took place. Other fallen angels are available to show this event take place. Not to forget there are angels who have this readily open to sharing with those who call to them. Last night I looked more into what the panther spirit has taught me involving the Art of War. Now that she is gone I looked to Master to see what he could teach me. The information was pretty fuzzy and could not really pick up on anything. Tonight I plan to ask again in order for the answer to be clearer.

There are plenty of higher dimensional beings with much information that is readily available to anybody. I do know there are books talking about Angels, Fallen Angels, The Watchers, and other various spirits. Spirits many never knew existed. As long as I continue in increasing my spiritual awareness. I am pretty positive within the passing weeks I can obtain more information I will then learn from. Also apply to my life. Waiting is not as hectic as it use to be, but I have grown to be more patient so the waiting period is not so bad. This phase does take a little time to take full effect. Similar to how the first phase worked.

As I begin to obtain more knowledge I learn from using this principle. I will proceed to share anything else I experience along the way.

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