Monday, February 9, 2015


Nathaniel is an Archangel I invoked early last week. He is still working within my spirit. His presence can still be felt. The first few days of him being present I could feel his energy on the right side of my abdomen near my sacral chakra. Any fire spirits you invoke including Nathaniel you will always feel it on the lower right side of your abdomen. Nathaniel he helps with transformation of the physical, spiritual, and emotional self. He gives the invoker gifts aiding him/her spiritually, or anything to help the invoker within his/her own life. 

Now that Nathaniel has worked with me for an entire week I can definitely feel a difference within myself. My emotions certainly feel different, more intact, and not all over the place. I feel a lot more serious. There is a very fiery side to this as well. In my spirit I do not feel conflicted, I feel more positive about future outcomes, and strong senses of peace follow not far behind. Nathaniel has done some really great work in helping me transform into the being I truly am. People with the element fire or the element air can have a strong connection to the fire element. Nathaniel has done his work with me very exceptionally.

This week I look forward to more transformations. Even put these changes to good use. The connection I and Nathaniel have is truly the strongest I have felt. Phenex being another one since he is connected to fire as well. I am pretty excited to see what else happens throughout the week.

My experiences will be recorded when more takes place.

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