Thursday, February 5, 2015


This seems to be another important topic I feel should be addressed. Pacts made with what many people consider to be Lucifer should do more research. From what I spoke little bits on within my possession post. I feel now is the time to dwell deeper into the Shadows. The demons I mentioned who cannot be worked with can in fact lie therefore deceive anybody who invokes them. Demons who are on the darker side do lie about their identity. Even those which say they are Satan, Lucifer, or the Devil. There definitely CANNOT be more than one Satan, Lucifer, or Devil. I figured those doing these pacts would have more sense (not that I am saying they have no sense). I see these people enjoy figuring this out the hard way.

Pacts definitely isn't a laughing matter. Nobody should be messing with them, because they are putting their soul on the line. Going through with any pact ensures your soul will belong to the demon disguising themselves as the three figures I mentioned. Do not think all demons are like this. It is only those who have a strong intent on deceiving any human who chants every word of the pact. I can picture Satan, Lucifer, and the Devil minding their own business until suddenly human spirits pop up out of nowhere. Spirits they never met before nor spoke with. They do not know what is going on until they ask why the spirits appeared in the first place. One major fact I should throw out there now is that Lucifer, Satan, and the Devil are NOT even on Earth at all. They are all in various realms of existence. You certainly will not be visiting these three once you pass on. You will be meeting demons that hold no authority at all.

Pacts are complete nonsense to make most people think they are getting his/her lives worth. Yet they are giving up something ever so precious. You never know until it's already too late. Once it is done it cannot be undone. Perhaps there is a route to undoing a pact, but probably will take some time to find any solution. If it does appear I will certainly share this knowledge with the world.

Hopefully what I shared this night is heard by quite a few out there. Be wary of demons that DO deceive, and learn from those demons who give aide when invoked. Not all of them are the same.

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