Wednesday, February 11, 2015


Doubt is a feeling we have all felt in our lives growing up. Even have people who put us down for being who we are. Self-doubt would arise to where we begin thinking we are not good enough for a particular job, person, or hobby we enjoy doing. Doubt can become very degrading even starts to eat away at all of our emotions. We try our best to be happy but someone/something causes us to feel a lot worse than before. I am not going to be that individual that says " is no reason to be doubtful...", because you experience scenarios/events which later on make us doubt ourselves. I admit to being a doubtful person especially when it was self doubt.

What I learned a good bit spiritually about doubt is it creates clouds of negative energy. Then negative energy effects our life, and prevents progress towards the future you have planned out. A future or event taking place a few days, weeks, or months from now can be crushed by all of the negativity which you allow to cluster up overtime. All of the doubt and negativity should be dealt with before more emotional including spiritual damage occurs.

One way to begin overcoming doubt is using a little positive energy towards a goal you have set. Once this little bit of positive energy is used you begin to notice these experiences start happening. After you notice the result what you do now is add in a tad bit more positive energy. Working with  small amounts of positive energy are stepping stones that take you to greater heights. Another way to overcome doubt is have a friend someone very close to you help out. There are people out in the world who know what it's like to be doubtful. You may have a friend or two who understand what you are going through. Never be afraid to call out for friends like this. They are way WAY more helpful than you previously thought.

It took me quite a few months to get over this obstacle. I was negative about quite a few things involving my spiritual walk. I felt like I couldn't do the most simple of practices. Overcoming my own doubt I knew it was going to be a difficult task to do on my own. Calling out to a being I consider my friend really changed so much about me. If I had not called out to this being who knows what would have happened to me months from now.

Overcoming doubt can really help reveal who you truly are  on the inside. Once you see this new transformed being. You know you can overcome so much more. I really hope some see what I share as a way out of this cloud of doubt all of you have been facing.

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