Friday, February 20, 2015


Cosmology is a practice using energy emitted by stars. Each star helps with an aspect of your spirit you seek improvement for. A few stars I had work within my spirit include Ardra, Punarvasu, and Krittika. Some star energy can be felt except for the star energy your spirit becomes use to. This is when no energy is felt within the spirit. Stars combine together energies of one, or more ruling planets here in our solar system. As those planets combined energies help increase its effectiveness to get all of their work done easily.

Ardra the first star I invoked after I drew its sigil. Energy had not been felt for a good 10-15 minutes after Ardra's invocation. The energy waves of Ardra at first were small only lasted a few seconds. As I became more exposed to Ardra's energy waves they were much longer and more intense. All of the energy subsided after Ardra completed its work. Punarvasu "the star of renewal" the second star I chose next after Ardra. Punarvasu I attempted to invoke in the middle of the afternoon. This was just to see if star energy could be felt during the day. Punarvasu's energy wasn't felt whatsoever. I decided to wait later on at night to attempt in calling Punarvasu again. After invoking Punarvasu a second time. I began waiting to see if I felt waves of energy, but Punarvasu had no energy to feel. Feeling Ardra's energy a few days ago has made my spirit use to energy emitted by stars. Hence this reason for not feeling Punarvasu's energy.

Krittika appeared to be the same way as Punarvasu. I invoked Krittika yet energy is not felt either. Once a spirit is use to certain types of energy. It ends up not being felt once the same entity or the like is invoked. I do plan to work with more stars and see how each works out. Experiences will continue to be recorded.

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