Sunday, February 22, 2015

Need The Right Keys....

With all of the seals and sigils I have used to unlock doors to different knowledge. I do enjoy all of this knowledge given to me, even applied many of these facts to my spirit. Turning to various spirits from both the Light and Darkness roved rather useful thus far. These seals/sigils do in fact provide a lot of insight My questions surround around the keys I believe can help boost my subconsciousness. This boost in my inner memory can help me remember more of my truer self. There are keys connected to my home which no longer exists now, and is beneath tons of water. Reasons for this ancient place that fell I am hoping to find out soon.

Angels plus a few demons I invoked do know all of the actions taken that later on caused Atlantis even Lemuria to fall. The Watchers themselves watched how both ancient civilizations thrived, how advanced they were, even the great amounts of peace all inhabitants felt. Looking to angels, fallen angels, even The Watchers I strongly feel answers will be given to me from them. Day after day I constantly think so hard...trying to remember all of those people I knew, places I visited, buildings traveled to and from. It does get tiring yet I continue down this path. There has to be more of these keys somewhere. Possibly in places I never attempted to look nor thought of looking.

Somehow these answers I sense are staring me right in the face. Sooner or later I am hoping these answers reveal who they are.

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