Monday, February 23, 2015


Along my spiritual walk I learned about power, and in what ways power can help or create negative situations. Not only did I have to learn more of who I am. I also needed to learn everything involving the power cradled within my spirit. One power I used most of the time is writing. There were all sorts of people who had blogs, books, and articles surrounding things that were learned or experienced. I never really voiced my opinions, experiences, or anything I learned with others. Mainly because during high school even some time after graduation I knew what I said would never matter. When I started blogging a few years ago I knew that time arrived where I knew a lot had to be shared. Now I realize my passion for writing what I love, just flows through my spirit out onto the pages of my journal.

Writing is not my only power. Spiritual power has indeed proven to help me aid others. One is by healing, another involves guiding them down the right path, even being a motherly type figure. A few times I did curse some individuals. It wasn't done randomly or out of spite. Cursing can be done to teach someone lessons they should remember every day of his/her life. Abusing my power is something I would never think of doing. Power I believe should be used anytime it seems necessary. One who abuses power they possess will encounter many negative scenarios in return can end their life or life of another. Power is a very serious matter any leader must NOT take lightly. Power is fragile similar to snowflakes. Viewing abilities currently present should require analyzing all possible outcomes he/she will encounter after that ability has played its role. From my experiences I am positive many others experienced as well. People we know such as friends/family end up having a hard time accepting our choices we made for ourselves. We all know our inner selves not to forget the purpose endowed on each of us. It's our decision on how every action is displayed. Even when using our power to change certain aspects of our life.

There are a few people who helped me adapt, and grow more into my truer self. All of them explained how Karma is highly involved in everything done via our powers also actions taken. Karma works everywhere although many won't be aware of Karma's workings. We all have power within us we just need to gather better understandings of how to use them. If we end up going out into the world guns (not physical guns) blazing many people will not take too kindly to us.

All power you can think of either through writing, singing, hunting, fighting etc. Must be taken from a different approach then applied to a newer less intense one.

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