Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Principles of Vibration, Polarity, Rhythm, Cause and Effect, and Gender

For this post I decided to squish together these five principles  since they only require an understanding of each. No action is needed for their understanding currently. Later on I will perform different practices to better master each principle. Once you truly look at each principle including how it works within our universe. Understanding falls into place. My explanations for each principle I will do in a list type of format.

Principle of Vibration: All matter contains vibration within its complex framework. When an object remains still the atoms within slowly vibrates. Taking the aforementioned object and holding it in your hand, then sliding it across a surface increases the vibrations. Both physical and nonphysical beings contain vibration. These vibrations can be heard even felt as long as you remain open to them. Our spirits contain so much vibration it stays unnoticed as if no vibrations occurred.

Principle of Polarity: Everything has two poles much like how Earth has both a North and South poles. Duality plays a significant role. Referring to Light and Darkness how these two sides coincide with each other. Darkness in the Light, and Light in Darkness. Positive and Negative, Happy and Sad, Young and Old. Duality is this constant cycle that cannot be broken. Opposites remain the same yet only differs by degree. All truths you hear are mere half-truths. Everything opposite each other is the same but differs by degree. Everything contains a pair opposite.

Principle of Rhythm: All objects have a systematic rhythm of movement. Back and forth, to and fro, rise and fall, left and right. If you see how a pendulum sways it stays committed to that swinging motion until its stopped and put away. Even waves of the sea how they rise really high then proceeds to crashed own. Our universe is filled with all sorts of rhythm. They are rhythms which cannot be ceased. Vibration contains different levels of vibration/ rhythm. The rhythm as you start from your Root chakra then stop at your Crown chakra. Just by hearing these rhythms the increase of each vibration rise higher than lower.

Principle of Cause and Effect: With every cause an effect follows. Every effect has a cause. A grand example is whenever you write a piece of work (cause), then a group of people enjoy what you wrote then begin to share your work with more people (effect). With how these people share your writing (effect) a series is planned out in order for your writing to expand (cause). Another example involves a business project you completed recently for a presentation (cause). This business project deals with new technology trying to hit the consumer market. Your project blows away the senior VP and President of the company, then decide to put your plans into effect (effect). In any action you take on a spiritual journey, in your career, or life in general will have an effect which turns into a cause.

Principle of Gender: Gender is contained inside of everything both physical and non-physical. All objects have its Masculine and Feminine principles. Both principles work every moment of each passing day. These two principles work not only in the physical realm but also Mental and Spiritual planes too. Different forms of creation happening physically, spiritually, and mentally could not be possibly without the Principle of Gender. Masculine manifestations contain a Feminine part, and Feminine contains Masculine properties, This is how both Males and Females were created equally. It has been this way for thousands of years. Men are not superior over Woman, Women are not superior over Men. Both remain equal now and forever.

With the help I provided to you in understanding these principles much better. I know everything will help create a perception of existence. I indeed have taken a lot of understanding by studying each principle. Many others shall receive this knowledge too.

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