Friday, October 2, 2015

Charming Objects

Charming an object or various objects are very simple to do. You can charm objects for any reason at all. As long as you know simple steps in doing so. I for one charmed my Pikachu plushy I got a couple of months ago. Not only does it hold the memory of the night I got it. But this plushy also contains healing energies I placed within it. I learned other ways to heal as well and one was to charm an object. Since charming objects were purely simple to achieve any time of day. I went through with placing the 4 different elements during the first phase of charming. For the next phase I added different colored energies since each energy contains a specific frequency that aids in healing.

First thing you should do before implanting any spirit energies of your own into an object. Take the object and knock out any negative energies, or energies of others that have attached themselves to the object. This way you will not have other energies that are not yours interfering with the energies of healing, protection, love etc. With objects that are not soft in nature, and have hard surfaces I suggest using a feather and gently brush it over  your object of choice. This too helps in removing negative energies and energies of others from interfering as well.

Secondly, Right when you go about charming an object. This is what I have done and it is more effective that not doing it. Also do not forget the object you wish to charm with you. I will explain in a tad bit how you can retrieve the object safely if you forget about it. Cast a circle around you so that the object fits inside of the circle with you. Casting a circle is great for concentrating energy which is why I highly recommend this method when charming objects. Because without casting a circle and charming an object the energy tends to scatter about the room. This is why the circle is very good for keeping all energy in one place.

Note: Not only could you simply ask the elements to place their energies inside of an object. You also can call out to your gods/goddesses, spirits, animal totems you are connected with etc. They all contain specific purposes in which you can place inside of the object.

Note 2: If you forget the object after you cast the circle. You simply just open a door to exit the circle, once you open the door to exit. Retrieve your object. Enter back through the same area you left the circle from. Then seal closed the door again to the circle. It is best to say this out loud as you both open and seal the door.

Envisioning different colored energies is good to place inside of an object when charming. Or ask a specific god/goddess to implant their energy of love, peace, fortitude, sereneness etc into the object. Or any other types of energy you are looking to place within your object. Explain very clearly as to why you are needing this energy placed within your object. It is wise to always explain why you seek to use specific energies from your spirit guides, because this is how effective the energy can become. Specifically with my object I am using for healing. I asked to use those energies for healing, and to heal any ailment that is effecting someone. That the energies I placed within the object will do their healing duties.

Now when someone holds the object I enchanted with healing energies their spirit will go through an internal healing. This internal healing will then work it's way into the physical body. This also helps not only for just healing, but for many other purposes as well.

Charming objects are good for generating that energy you seek to aid in a variety of ways. Just never place negative energies into charming an object, because it ends up creating something that can be very harmful to your spirit. Even the spirit of those who come in contact with it. Always place positive energies into objects to charm them NEVER use negative. Positive gives positive results, and negative gives negative results.

I hope you learn a lot from how to charm objects in a simple setting. This has been very effective for me. I know it will be very effective for you too. :)

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