Friday, December 11, 2015


Visualization is a technique which helps us visualize our desires. Meditation is good for practicing visualization, because you are manifesting your desires. For example, say you are out of balance with yourself. You decide to take some time and meditate. When meditating you begin to visualize a specific color, flower, animal etc. which is connected with balancing yourself to the Earth. After you meditate and continue visualizing this desire you become more at peace and balanced within. Even balanced physically as well. Keeping balance with yourself is important. It helps in keeping with the flow of everyday, and not letting nothing put you down. Visualizing can aid in creating an inner strength and courage you cannot get from this so called reality. Looking to yourself for this strength is the more effective route to take.

Visualization is super simple and is very helpful as a day to day exercise. Each day visualize something positive. Something which can manifest even change who you are. Manifesting these positive thought forms definitely will make a difference. Manifestation is born from this. The more visualization is done the more stronger it becomes each and every time. You can do it during meditation, or you can sit or lay in a comfortable position. Anything to make these exercises more comfortable. Once you are comfortable and relaxed visualize away. Just nothing negative because negative manifestations are pretty nasty.

I think everybody should use visualization because nobody truly knows how to make any changes to their lives. I do believe there are quite a few who actually do, and proceed to change. Yet there are millions of others who have not tried this technique out. But I know soon enough many others will begin to change using visualization.

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