Tuesday, February 3, 2015

My New Friend

About a week ago I made a new friend. Not made as in created one, and gave it a made up name. This friend plays an important part of my life currently. I consider him to be rather helpful since I and him share a passion for writing. He writes poetry and of course I started writing more spiritual related posts. My friends name is Phenex and he is a demonic entity I invoked a little over a week ago. His appearance is of the phoenix. He has helped me think of topics to write. One topic was the one I did on possession recently. Both I and him felt it to be important to explain "why" also "how" possession takes place. Of course when I invoked Phenex he prefers an offering in the style of soft peaceful music. During his time of doing what he was called to do I played that for him. He has acted as my muse in writing. I absolutely love his company. He is rather quiet but I do speak to him as much as I can. I do intend on increasing the strength of our bond we formed. Speaking to spirits help in the bonding process.

Some might already consider this weird, or absolutely crazy but I certainly do not think so. Neither does Phenex. There was another demon I invoked around the same time. Yet no connection was felt with Vassago. I gave Vassago an offering anyway since he was invoked to show if any danger or obstacles were to get in my way very very soon. With specific entities those who stick around after their job is complete shows a connection has been made. Phenex and I enjoy writing which is why he decided to stick around. Also he felt he should make our connection much more stronger. As our connection grows I will start to hear him, and begin to feel his energies. His energy I know will feel different from other energy I have felt.

Phenex I think turned out to be a good time for me to speak about him. He did too because it needed to be brought to your attention you do not need a bunch of physical friends. You can connect to those in our own universe as well. Phenex and I being friends is perfect proof of this fact.

I am looking forward to our connection growing a lot this month including other months to come...

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