Saturday, January 17, 2015


Today after enjoying more of John Milton's Paradise Lost I started pondering on questions I had about what happened last night. I whipped out my Tarot deck shuffling my deck thorougly, and asking my question I had which I definitely needed to ask. The reading went really well. With all 3 cards I pulled I studied the first card, second card, and finally the third. Not to forget after looking over each card I interpreted all of the feelings I felt from those cards. (Don't worry this is going along with what intuition is, and how it works for those who use intuition). Even those who thought about using Tarot themselves.

Intuition is also called Clairvoyance "clear seeing", because with very high level intuition you are capable of getting mental images. Another way in my case you can look at a picture, painting, or Tarot card. You will then study what you see from within the image, and begin decoding putting all of the pieces together. It begins to harness your understanding of images you become prone to seeing. My form of intuition starts with piecing together images, then understanding their meaning which answers any questions I need answered.

Intuition I have seen it as this spiritual decoding mechanism helping decode mysteries needing to be solved. Once it is solved you know its meaning, and from that day forward the meaning will stick with you. Anybody who commits in taking time to work with intuition can have all sorts of scenarios/information click where they do need to spend countless days searching for answers. Intuition I received simply by dedicating myself to look into what my Tarot cards revealed to me then it made sense afterwards.

I am looking to increasing more of my intuition. Curious to see where it takes me within the upcoming months. 

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