Friday, January 9, 2015


The World Tree otherwise known as Yggdrasil. She is one powerful spirit I recently experienced. I remember learning about the Norse including events such as Ragnarok, Thor's battle with the Midgard Serpent Jormungandr. Even places including Niflheim, Helheim, and Jotenheim I enjoyed learning about them a lot. Yggdrasil happened to capture my interest. All trees are powerful Earth spirits. Yggdrasil being the highest of these Earth spirits.

My experience with Yggdrasil definitely was worth it in the end. Yggdrasil tests those worthy enough to gain the warrior title. Odin completed the ultimate test of a warrior. Even spilled his own blood to prove himself to Yggdrasil. He as a God definitely has some guts. A fellow friend of mine passed Yggdrasil' test himself. With how he explained it his test sounded absolutely horrifying. Yggdrasil will only test you with stuff you can handle spiritually. She will not make it too burdensome. If you give up and do not go through with completing her test. You are deemed unworthy. This test is not for the faint of heart. I suggest being careful if you do take Yggdrasil' test head on.

 Some of you probably begin to wonder if I took her test. I am proud to say I did. The tests I took involved overcoming my own fears. My test had different phases with each phase I became stronger. Once I completed all phases Yggdrasil had drawn out my spirit have it travel to another place to earn my title as warrioress. This brought me closer to my truer self. I feel better now since I grew stronger spiritually. My test was emotionally gripping at times, but I pushed on until the end.

Anybody can go to Yggdrasil to test themselves. Be strong enough plus be prepared for each phase coming at you. If you stumble doesn't mean you failed. Just get back up and keep going. Yggdrasil will accept anybody to be tests. Some tests are a lot more intense than other tests. Earlier when I mentioned Odin I suggest you read his test he endured. You could learn what was experienced, even what he gained after surpassing each part.

Also one thing I suggest as well. If you are awaiting for Yggdrasil' decision. Never EVER awaken her during Winter. I didn't awaken her it's best to wait on her to reveal herself. For me it was an uneasy waiting period, but definitely worth the wait. Even when Yggdrasil sleeps in the Winter she is still useful. With how I talk about this you may think it was easy with Yggdrasil' test. To tell you the truth it isn't easy. The test can mess with your emotions, have you endure pain, even lose those you were close to. Some might not understand it is what makes you stronger in the end. It also reveals the truer side of people you knew. Better to find facts out via spirits of authority than word of mouth by humans.

After I went through this test it makes dealing with situations much easier. Knowing you can rise up over those obstacles which get in your way. I am sure some who see this will understand where I am coming from. :)

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