Thursday, January 15, 2015

Energy Manipulation

I am surprised I never came around to discussing energy manipulation. I have worked with energy for a while now. I learned to manipulate energy a few ways. These techniques I agree are helpful. One technique was passed a long to me by my friend Terry. There are three different techniques that fall into place with one of the first techniques I learned about. I am currently looking for other ways I can work with energy.

My very first exercise I used for learning energy manipulation was by creating an energy ball. The way you make it sounds difficult but it's super easy. First what you have to do is place your hands together like you are about to say a prayer. Next hold your hands one centimeter away from each other. At this point focus on the small gap. You should be able to feel this pulsing sensation happen, and your hands start moving some from this pulsing. If somehow you cannot feel pulsing of energy. Simply move your hands further away from each other, then proceed in bringing them back near each other with one centimeter gap in between them again. Once refocused you should be able to feel the pulsing of energy increase.

Another technique that goes along with creating energy balls. Once the steps of creating a energy ball is completed. Take the steps of creating your energy ball. Take your energy ball, and place it over a chakra you need recharged. That chakra will receive a boost of energy. I use an energy boost for my Third Eye, Crown, and Throat chakras. This technique does sound simple yet it's very powerful from what I experienced. Another thing I think I should go ahead, and include is creating a type of protection for the spirit. This technique I still practice myself off and on (since I find it a tad bit hard to visualize). You can create this energy field over you that can prevent negative energies from penetrating your spirit. If you can muster this up visualize this sphere of energy surrounding you, and feel its warmth consume you as it protects you from harm.

Energy manipulation ties in with elemental work. With an elemental you can manipulate elemental energy then use it for charming an object you are connected to. This requires little visualization. You simply envision elemental energy passing through you into the object you grasped. With the Labradorite stone I have I manipulated my fire energy, and infused it to become part of my Labradorite.

There is many other ways to manipulate energy. I decided to share what I learned from great teachers. I figured this was definitely worth sharing. :)

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