Monday, January 12, 2015


Today I began to think of spiritual figures that I recently learned about. One in particular is Death. I hear talk about him even had someone talk about his very own experiences with Death (in a spiritual sense). We do know that Angels come for spirits once someone is ready to ascend. Death works in an entirely different way. He is guided by what is called Fayths. Fayths in Greek mythology have the power to foresee the death of people. Wherever death is to happen Death goes out, and sets up an event the person dies in. Any deathly event such as someone dying in a car accident, someone is killed by some estranged individual etc.

Death has been depicted many different ways even as the Grim Reaper (reaper of souls). From what I was taught about Death is however you see Death. He WILL appear that way to you once your time has come, or another person's time to pass on. Of course there were other higher spiritual beings who may visit a person close to death. There is one spirit in a way is something similar to Death, but not even close to how Death works. Banshee is one spirit I heard many tales on. Banshee is this spirit who shrieks when someone's death is near. In Ireland she is depicted as a "Woman in White" and she goes by Benshea. She plays part in announcing someones death, but does nothing more than that.

Omens create particular ways for Death to present himself. Death is certainly not rude he has manners. He sets up omens to announce he will arrive soon. One omen that is widely spoken of is very distinct knocking above an ill person's bed, or door near an ill person's relative. The distinct knock includes 3 knocks nothing more. In most countries death omens can come in forms of an animal of  specific colors usually white or black. Or if you find dead animals of  certain kinds it's a death omen. Death isn't all about death usually, but he is helpful spiritually. He causes your old self to die, and the newer side of you starts to blossom. When death happens life will not be far behind to start a new beginning.

Overall I see no reason to worry about Death. He is that mysterious figure most believe in, when others scoff at his existence. All I have to say is hopefully he doesn't come knocking at your door in the middle of the night. :)

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