Monday, December 9, 2013

What Do You Think So Far?

I know a lot of you have seen my blog posts about various types of symbols. Have there been any particular symbols that you would like to see? Any symbols that I have not looked into yet? I have come across Kemetic Spirituality along with that type of spirituality is the talk of symbols used to represent each type of god or goddess of the Kemetic Religion. Kemet is the older name of Egypt. The country of Egypt has always interested me as long as I could remember. I will still be looking up other symbols that a lot of us are not aware of, and will do research into these symbols to better understand them. I am sure everybody will certainly benefit from the knowledge of these symbols. So far I think I had fun doing the blog post on the Planetary Symbols. It does have a small link to Astrology, but symbols do have many different meanings.

Whatever symbols you find ones that you feel a strong connection with. Symbols you should use to your advantage, because they are indeed important. People use symbols in a business logo, for a club, secret societies even use symbols, different religions use symbols etc. Symbols are all around us every single day. I asked a friend if they thought of any symbols they have never seen talked about he suggested that I speak on behalf of Greek and Hebrew symbols too. I do enjoy Greek mythology quite a bit talking about the symbols would be rather exciting. Hebrew symbols I am not too familiar with, but will certainly take it into account and learn about them as well.

Roman symbols seems like another likely candidate to do a blog post on. I will see about Buddhism, Hinduism, Shintoism etc. and look at the different symbols adopted by these religions. I am glad I came across symbols because they certainly give me a good bit to explore and talk about with others. It makes me wonder if Lemuria has symbols that actually exist? The only way for me to know is do a little research into it. Hopefully find a reliable source of information.

I hope you are as excited as I am about these others symbols I will research into. Have a great evening everybody. :)

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