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Astrological Symbols

Astrological Symbols exist in various countries specifically in places such as China, Greece, Rome, Ancient Egypt, and the group of Chaldeans. Astrological symbols are used to represent someone born within specific days of a month. Whichever symbol a person is either a Leo, Scorpio, Sagitarrius, Cancer including other symbols will classify that person as being strong willed, patient, able to start trouble, a person that loves to get attention, artistic, loves to listen to serene music so on and so forth. Astrology is related to the stars yet Astrology is indeed related to Astronomy which is the study of stars. Planets and elements are related to the Astrological symbols including the planet and the element of the symbol gives an more in depth look of how a person reacts to certain situations, they are people that give off good energy, were born leaders, have fascinations for specific objects of interest.

The astrological symbols we are pretty familiar with includes the Greco-Roman astrological symbols. China is another set of symbols others are becoming aware of as well. It makes me wonder of other countries or perhaps civilizations that no longer exist having astrological symbols defining someone. The Mayans is a group of people I do believe to have astrological symbols they created such as the Jaguar, Serpent, and others I am not quite familiar with. I do have a website I found speaking on behalf of all the astrological symbols used in Mayan astrology. Each symbol is defined as an animal on a totem. I looked at mine since I was born on June 13th the animal totem I have is the Turtle it is known as the Moon Goddess. It is explained that those born under the Turtle totem have a deep significance as the carriers of ancient wisdom's, including the carriers of the earth. Those that have the Turtle totem as well are in some way always finding themselves finding deeper meaning in everyday occurrences. They have a natural affinity for the moon, and spiritual endeavors.

Other symbols that were used by the Mayans for astrological purposes include animals such as Crocodile, Puma, Moan Bird, Jaguar, Black Jaguar, Frog etc. For each astrological symbol it does contain more than one animal, and refers to more than one earthly occurrence such as farming. You can look at this website if you are curious as to what Mayan Astrological symbol you are.

Website Link Here: (Hover Mouse Under Here to Get Link)

Greco-Roman (Hellenistic) Astrological Symbols are apparently different from the Mayan since they believed in different gods and goddesses. The symbols referred to mythological characters talked about in myths. I mentioned them a little bit up above, and these symbols refer to planets also elements that thrive on and beyond the Earth are referenced to them. My Astrological symbol with the Greco-Roman symbols is Gemini 'The Twins'. It is known as the Roman numeral II. The constellation is pretty easy to find if you study the stars, and the positions they put themselves in each day. Duality is said to be understood to get the meaning of this sign. The planetary symbol associated with Gemini is the planet Mercury. Elemental sign for Gemini is Air. Not only does Gemini have hold on the Air element symbol, but also Libra and Aquarius has are air symbols as well.

It is explained that Gemini's, Libra's, and Aquarian's are said to be the most civilized, most social, detached, abstract, rational, and considered the most human of all signs of the zodiac. For myself I do see that I can become rather social with people, but I can be a water sign because they are non-verbal. They are pretty shy and never really talk with other people. I can be shy around people sometimes, but most times I never want to talk to anybody. I feel better alone and able to do what I want without people judging. Other Greco-Roman/ Hellenistic Astrological Symbols also include Leo, Scorpio, Pisces, Sagittarius, Aries, Libra, Aquarius,Taurus etc. Planets that can be associated with each includes Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto, Venus, Mars etc. Element symbols would include Air, Earth, Fire, and Water. Others are included as well although most people would not consider them elements. More information you can look at is included at the link I will share as well.

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Egyptian Astrological Signs is the signs that really captured my interest. People born on a certain day just like other astrological signs is aligned with an Egyptian god or goddess rather than animals. I was curious about what god/goddess I aligned with for my birthday and I got Hathor, and place said I had the god Set. I wouldn't really have a clue which one I had though. Those with the sign of Hathor were born between the dates of May 26-June 24. Their strengths is that they are charming and romantic(which is not true about me). Weaknesses. Jobs they are assumed to have include social work, show arts, painting and communication. Apparently I am definitely no Hathor. Haha

Other gods and perhaps goddesses that are used for Egyptian Astrology include Anubis, Amun, Osiris, Isis, Horus, Sekhmet, Wadget etc. Touregypt.net is where I found a much better way to explain each zodiac sign under Egyptian Astrology. I will go ahead and put this link below so you can take a look for yourself.

Website Link Here: (Hover Under Here For Link)

If you used the website links to look at your own astrological sign. Feel free to comment in the comment section what your astrological symbol is, including the planet and element your sign is aligned with as well. It is always awesome to figure out another person's astrological sign. Even those from other countries. I really hope you all enjoyed this blog post as well. I cannot wait to do Planetary Symbols next. I am sure there is tons of information on that to. :)

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