Thursday, December 26, 2013

Trying to Open My Inner Self.

Lately in previous blog posts I talk about opening my Chakras. They are pretty much the first step in opening up my inner self. I am not sure what else to do next after opening the few chakras I was able to. I can only relax so much before I get to a chakra that cannot open itself. The only way I can understand who I am and what my purpose is. That way is by opening my inner self. The journey is kind of challenging but I hope I can do even more, and that includes looking for other possibilities that can help me achieve that part of myself. I know I was born a leader, willingness to help others, think of others more than myself, defender of the faith including other qualities as well. Certain actions I do makes me think otherwise. But I know I am just talking nonsense when saying that. I do believe I am something very important including everybody else in this world as well. Some have not found that part of themselves yet.

Also with searching for my spirit guide. I do know that I have one I am still trying to figure out what mine is. Spirit guides are not bad evil entities or anything. They are pretty much here to help push us into the right direction in our lives. I believe I do need one myself because sometimes there are decisions I am not sure I want to make. With a spirit guide they can help me make the right decision. I understand with my beliefs there are things in the Bible that were probably excluded, and I also understand that many people stick to what is said in the Bible. But did those people even know that there has been quite a bit that has been excluded from the Bible. Why stay in one spot when you can expand and explore so much more??

I do intend on finding out more about myself considering that is the most important journey I could possibly take. Dwelling into the Occult has also been rather interesting in learning about my inner self. It is where I can learn even more but I do need to dig deeper to find out more. The journey might take just as long but I know it will definitely be worth it.

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