Wednesday, January 15, 2014

3 Amulets I Bought on

Almost a week ago now I went onto thanks to a good friend that referred me to that site. has many different items and books you can buy based off of Wicca. You can buy herbal candles and other types of candles used in different rituals. A lot of you might be wondering if I turned Wiccan and the answer is no. I am exploring their practices and beliefs including the particular items they would use on a daily basis. Amulets is something I came across. These amulets are herbal amulets each one has a stone that matches the color of the pouch the herbal amulet is in.

The stones are used to charge the amulet to make it more powerful. I decided to just get 3 amulets. The 3 I bought were the Diana, Horus, and Lemuria amulets. Each amulet has the ability to help the wearer such as strength, intelligence, beauty, love, rebuking negative energy, connecting the conscious and subconscious etc. From what I learned about amulets is that they are in a necklace type form. These amulets were not necklaces at all. As a matter of fact all of my amulets were in a see through colored pouch actually filled with all natural herbs such as rosemary, lavender, sage etc. They take the different parts of each plant and some come in powdery form while a few come in a stick form but broken up. What I thought would be necklaces I instead got 3 strong smelling herbal pouches.

I decided to e-mail them and ask how to use the herbal amulets, and they explained I can put them in my car, on another person, on my pet, or wear it on myself. If the amulets were actually necklaces then I would,but if I go into public and someone smells that strong scent. I may attract too much attention. I did take a picture of each amulet I ordered so I can show you what I meant by them NOT being necklaces at all. :/

Horus Herbal Amulet

Lemuria Herbal Amulet

Diana Herbal Amulet

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