Saturday, February 1, 2014

Struggling With My Spiritual Side.

It is so hard to try and grow more spiritually and to get more in depth with my spiritual journey. If I had a mentor of some kind that aided people with their spiritual journey's I myself would not have so many issues with mine right now. There are quite a few individuals that explain how simple it is. When really it is just ever so complex. I need to stop thinking and just do what I need to do, but for me it isn't as simple as I think. Maybe it is time to put up my Horus herbal amulet and pull out my Lemuria herbal amulet. The Lemuria herbal amulet helps in bridging the conscious and subconscious together. My mind has quite a bit of information stored but there is dozens upon dozens of other knowledge I can help with increasing my awareness physically as well as spiritually.

Meditation could help and charge the stone inside of my Lemuria amulet to help charge my amulet. I have tried to meditate as much as I could. The problem with that is I can never do it without something or someone making a loud ruckus that causes me to loose focus. Trying to block out the noise is only possible with binaural beats. It could be the ear phones I have it can make outside noise much louder, even though the ear phones are supposed to cancel a majority of noise. Skull Candy ear phones may be on the to do list next. When meditating I want to feel the music feel up my ears and move throughout my brain. Not listen to music, hear the dog barking, a lawn mower turning on, or any other outside disturbances. I am sure a lot of you understand how that goes.

Growing spiritually I believe to be the most vital part in every person's life. We all need to learn more about ourselves. Unlocking our psyche to be able to heal others including our selves. Modern medicine cannot achieve of spiritual awakenings can for every human being. Every deity throughout every belief/practice has been able to heal others, break bread with sinful people, cure people of diseases nobody else could (including doctors).

 I would like to open myself even more spiritually to achieve feats I never thought possible just being my ordinary self. 


  1. I have always been a highly spiritual person, though I have expressed my spirituality in many ways.

    One thing that might help you is a documentary (2006) titled "What the bleep do we know?". It's a fascinating exploration of quantam physics (don't let that put you off!). Also - what is spirituality to you? Answering that question could open whole new path to your spirituality :-)

    I'd love to hear more about your spiritual journey. All the best - Zee xx

    1. Hi Zenobia,
      To me spirituality means one can look to specific resources to help them heal others, grow in wisdom, and share knowledge they collected over the years with others.

      My spiritual journey I have been able to open my chakras to expel negative energy. The problem is me trying to keep with it. I can only become so relaxed, but it is hard to get very relaxed to where I can open my Crown Chakra or Third Eye, and Throat Chakras. I have been trying to contact my spirit guide. Not sure if you have one but if so how were you able to contact yours?


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