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Planetary Symbols

This is the one blog post I know I definitely will have fun in doing. Planets, stars, constellations, galaxies just everything about space interests me. The symbols themselves are even BETTER. Symbols to me have a greater meaning than anybody else thinks. People just classify them as childish drawings or something that has lines and circles. Each symbol has a meaning...obviously. Ha ha Planetary symbols are connected to Astrological symbols because they too tell something about a person as well.

First planetary symbol is Mercury since it is the first planet of our Solar System. Mercury is represented as the  part of you which receives/processes every type of incoming perception. Your senses take part in this perception process. A person's Mercury side looks to label or to find a reason for everything. Mercury people defines our boundaries with logic and labels. It tells those that know a Mercury person that if they are not with the process they can fall for Mercury's tricks as he/she rationalizes, argues, and chatters endlessly.

Venus being the second symbol also the second planet of our Solar System. Venus is the part of us that seeks love and harmony including the appreciation of beauty. It represents what we cherish, what colors we utterly enjoy, the shapes and sounds we love, and who we love in relationships.Venus is describing the a process each person goes through to find things/people you love, where all of the love and appreciation you have comes from. These things you happen to find comfort and harmony in.

Those that are quite familiar with the goddess Venus. She represented love. This symbol does sound self-explanatory.

Mars fourth symbol and fourth planet. This symbol reminds me of the Roman god of War which is Mars. Mars represents the power of focusing the power of your will into action. Different types of energy that is associated with Mars includes initiative, courage, ambition, and physical energy. Energy of Mars demands to be used in a physical way. If Mars' energy is not released and bottled up inside a person can experience accidents, become victimized, or become ill with infections or inflammations. Arrangement of this symbol represents you expressing your courage and initiative, life experiences that fire you up, also by changing your will, ambition, and courage. It also helps in you initiating new experiences, and act on personal desires.

Jupiter represents Faith as well as faith in life itself. This involves a process of expanding and overflowing joy, opportunity, love of freedom, and generosity. People that end up failing to recognize Jupiter's opportunities will experience unrealistic self-confidence, laziness, or scattered energies. Jupiter describes the ways in which a person can express joy and humor and how you lighten your load. It is important to prevent yourself from failing to recognize the Jupiter opportunities, and to open yourself up to any possibilities that happen to come along.
The house symbols position explains the life situations in which a person seeks in order to expand and connect with something much bigger than themselves.

Saturn's symbol represents the process of energy slowing down and concentrating into form. Saturn is physical structure, such as bones and teeth. Also it is associated with society's structure, government, big business, and the people which run these types of operations. Those that fail to recognize Saturn's energy will end up experiencing bitterness, doubt, depression, restrictions, despair, delays, inhibitions, or frustrations. Saturn seems to have a longer list of experiences one may have if he/she fails to recognize Saturn's energies. With the Saturn symbol you are capable to define your place in society by seeking excellence and social approval.

Uranus helps those from Saturn-like structures and connecting with universal wholeness. Uranus is also known as sudden flashes of insight, or mad genius. This symbol also intends to interrupt normal reality and therefore challenges the person to reinvent themselves.Uranus energy causes someone to break the rules which can aggravate authority figures. Although some who have the Uranus symbol do not cause any trouble at all.

Neptune's symbol looks exactly like the Trident the god of the ocean used. Neptune is the Roman god of the seas kind of like the Greek's god Poseidon. Neptune if I am not mistaken had the body of a Merman. Neptune's symbolizes the process of dissolving beyond boundaries. The symbol is used by the Muse of an artist, writer, or musician. If a person fails to recognize yet move into Neptune's illumination, you may become deceived by illusions.

The final symbol Pluto represents the process of both death and regeneration. If a lot of you are familiar with the Roman god Pluto he rules the underworld and he demands that people face their own wounds honestly. Once you meet its demands you are the able to create an unshakable meaning to your life. Pluto pushes a person to look within the deepest more darkest part of themselves. To push through your own personal garbage to find the treasure that is hidden within. After reading about this symbol it does seem rather disturbing, and dark in its ways but that is how the Roman god Pluto was. Mainly since he is the ruler of the Roman Underworld.

I am glad to have done this post on Planetary Symbols. It has a small link to the Astrological Symbols. Symbols have many meanings but with how the person explained these definitely made it sound even more interesting. I am not saying take these symbols meanings word for word. On the link I am about to share with you in order for anybody to view each symbol, and the energies spoken of about every symbol. The energy fields it talks about reminds of the chakras how they open up and widens a energy field around the person full of positive energy. When negative energy gets to it then that is when the positive energy decreases. I hope you all enjoyed this blog post. I certainly enjoyed researching these symbols, and telling you what I learned from them. You can do more research into these symbols. I may do that myself. See you guys and girls in the next blog post. :)

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