Sunday, September 1, 2013

Type of Psychology I Never Knew Existed.

While carrying on a conversation with a great friend, and the author of a website I aide in writing articles for. I mentioned how Scientology was not as interesting as I thought it was. Then mentioned how Psychology was way WAY more interesting, because since I took it for my field of study. I was so addicted to the information. I was able to learn even more about the human brain such as emotions, phobias, sleep patterns, psychological disorders, psychological medications etc. I began to wonder if there was an Esoteric Psychology. I know there is Clinical Psychology, Child Psychology, Social Psychology so on and so forth. Never before had they listed Esoteric Psychology. Why not include this as a career as well???  How far down the psychological rabbit hole do you need to go before you enter Esoteric Psychology?

I had found a website that really gives great detail on Esoteric Psychology and what it is. Esoteric Psychology is also known as other names to such as Psychology of the Soul, Psychology of the Seven Rays, and Psychology of Antakarana. It is also said that Esoteric Psychology is one of the main branches of that great body of teachings called the Ancient Wisdom. It goes on to say how man's soul and personality relates on the nature between each other how they form this relationship. By reading this information off of a website I mentioned I am looking on. This type of Psychology does not appear to be as dark as I thought it would be. Not unless there is a level above Esoteric that nobody else knows about......

Further research will certainly be done about this manner of psychology. Also study its roots throughout religion including history itself. I never thought I would finally come across yet another level of psychology. A kind of psychology that is a lot higher up than anybody could ever imagine.

Esoteric Psychology (website link):


  1. Truly awesome job dear, keep it up..

  2. Hi Nicole!

    I guess it could be said that psychology got it's start in the beginning. Now you present Esoterical Psychology and I do Know that is where I have a lot of data for you to discover. But you have been avoiding me as thought I am threat to you (you have not replied to my last 2 comments/messages) I'll leave data this time. Andrew Bartzis/ he's a high-level Akashic Historian. Ring him up & be sure to check out his Walking in Energy radio shows with an Aussie by the name of Hale. As for picking up on what esoterical psyc is about, you'd have to let go the fear that drives your ego to really understand/comprehend it;s inner workings in order to master what it is you are seemingly designed to get involved in. Good luck with that!
    Be at peace/you are we am I


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