Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Fear of Practically Anything

Everybody has fears. Being afraid of spiders, birds, crickets, clowns, bees etc. As for animals in most countries animals mean many different things like death, luck, wealth, love etc. etc. People fear the animal mostly from its negative qualities. The creatures of this world should not be feared *whatsoever. I use to have an excruciating fear of spiders. Because of their long legs, and even how some are so huge. Some can be the size of a bird. Spiders are practically heroes of this world, and nobody is singing no song for them except Shamans. Which I am a practicing shaman. I was taught that every animal we encounter has knowledge they pass down to us as long as we ask them for it. Also as long as we form an understanding of the knowledge they pass along through our spirits. Spiders have the strongest type of medicine. Spiders we know weave webs. Webs that can capture its prey, and they use their webbing to bind up its food. When Shamans speak of a Spider in healing terms. Spiders use their webs to mend what is injured or broken. Sew up the flesh if you get cut. Take away your bruises. Suck out infections.

Spiders do very miraculous acts for the people of this planet. They may look intimidating, and I give them dibs on that. They deserve to look intimidating because they have very strong magick. Snakes too. Snakes also have an intimidating aura about them. Snakes are speakers of wisdom. Snakes also represent rebirth. If a snake is ever to harm you there are enchantments which exist that aid in doing away with poisonous snakes.

Death is considered a fear. Many people fear dying alone, dying too early, dying from cancer or heart attack, being killed by someone. Death should not be seen as "The End". When someone or something dies does not mean they will never come back. Hermetic philosophy reveals that something can exist and not exist at once, because both are one and the same. Waves can rise and fall because both are one and the same. After a person dies does not mean they are gone. They are still here in spirit.

With fear one must overcome anything that brings fear into their spirit. Nobody should have fear in their lives. They must know how to stand fast, and face something head on. Fear is what hinders us from growing and evolving everyday.


  1. No fear towards death and creatures. Grim reapers are such beautiful creatures. So does nature itself.

    1. Any spirit has beauty within and without. I use to be completely terrified of spiders, but they are truly powerful totems. You can use each type of animal in existence to teach you the different ways of medicine used in healing. Or just to share knowledge. Like Grim Reapers they can teach you about death. Death is not truly the end. It is you living but not existing physically. Hermeticism has taught me much knowledge any I would share with anybody willing to listen.


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