Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Sympathetic Magick

One thing which can be considered a powerful form of magick is Sympathetic Magick. It involves drawing a picture, painting, using a picture taken of yourself/someone else. The energy of these particular pictures or symbols can be used. Say if you end up drawing a smiley face on your hand it draws on happy positive energy, the opposite can happen whenever you draw a sad face or angry face. I am very careful when I use various symbols, specifically ones that draw on different emotions. Pictures of gods and goddesses drawn on the power of those gods and they help you with whatever is asked of them.

I remember drawing a happy face on my husbands left hand, and a sad face on his right hand. After that he felt a weird unsettling energy from it. Because both shared the same amount of energy. All symbols radiate certain levels of energy. Very much like how Om Mani Padme Om is used. Each has different levels of vibration. Each one doing different duties. Chakras are also the same way too. The higher you go there is a difference between the pitch and volume of each chakra.

It took me some time to understand energy, but after a while energy is energy. It exists. It thrives in everybody, and everything animate or inanimate. By using pictures and drawings you are only helping to concentrate that energy to manifest your desires.

This is the only knowledge of energy everybody must know.


  1. I usually draw things that can haplen later on in the future, but not all the time.

  2. That is really great. You have a strong will to manifest anything you need to happen. Always keep a positive mindset when doing any form of magick. Self-doubt can hinder the capabilities of any spell, or when using sympathetic magick.


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