Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Working With a Ouija Board

Last summer my fiancee and I go to a Swap Meet. A lady is selling a Ouija board she doesn't use anymore, or probably never used at all. That is when the fiancee and myself end up purchasing it from her.

I never used an actual Ouija board before. Of course I was excited yet somewhat nervous because I was not sure what to expect. For our first session we were curious and decided to contact Thoth. We asked questions. Then guess what happens......


Nothing happened....

I am like... isn't the oculus supposed to move...???

We even drew a circle to concentrate the energy. Today I am thinking about trying the Ouija board out again. My fiancee told me to use my quartz crystal skull to help increase the connection. Not sure if I will draw a circle, but will do it anyway to keep the energy in my field.

For the spirits I want to contact it will be Gods and Goddesses. Perhaps even my animal totems. Ask them important questions pertaining to my spiritual walk. Ask what path I should go down next. All of the cool, interesting, spirit-filled questions you would ask any higher spirits of knowledge.

I will let you know how things turn out with this attempt.


  1. You dont see or hear beings at the spirit or fairy realm?

  2. Depends on how in tune you are with the various realms of existence. As for me I am in tune with them. It is like turning a light switch on or off. You can turn it on anytime you want, and when you are finished you just turn it off to save energy. I am learning to conserve my spirit energy as I become more in tune with the various realms.


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