Friday, January 13, 2017

Using Your Intuition

For a long time I was dumbfounded as to how can I use my intuition. It took a couple of years, but it finally clicked after reading a story about Vasalisa the Wise from the book "Women Who Run With The Wolves" by Clarissa Pinkola Estes. In her book she really speaks to the soul about how we can unlock the different parts of our spirit. Teaching us to trust the Wild Woman aspect, have her lead us on our own wild journey. Not only does this help women but it helps men too. Our intuition helps show us what we need to change in order for us to grow. The more we connect to our intuition the better connected we become with ourselves.

People who are not connected with themselves will stay that way. They get too comfortable being disconnected. Creating blocks in their spirit from their emotions. Too many blocks cause issues physically. After following my intuition I could show myself what would happen in different situations. I simply just asked myself saying "I ask myself..." After simply saying I ask myself I continue by asking what is the outcome if I do this or that. Then I am shown the result. The result is very positive or very negative. Then turn around and choose which path to go down to avoid the negative, and keep flowing with the positive waves. My man always says to go with the flow. If I wipe out, get back up, and then continue along my journey. Because he shares his stories of everything he had to overcome to get this far. Especially how he worked his ass of to change just so he could truly be with me. Because who he was before would have treated me very badly. Although I never knew who he truly was until he shared his story with me after moving in with him. He felt talking about it face to face is way more genuine, than talking about it over the phone.

Trusting our intuition and asking ourselves. Nobody else but ourselves on what could we do to change something. Where can we take ourselves in a week, month, or year. Our intuition can show us. Just remember to trust yourself. Ask yourself to lead yourself to your goals.

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