Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Your Soul Is The Key To All Doorways

Last night was the first night I ventured into my Akashic Records, viewing a life I had millions of years ago. Because that is how old the continent of Atlantis was. Some may not believe in this ancient continent, but it did exist you can refuse it as much as you want. Yet nothing can smote out its name from existence. The energy still remains much like how Machu Pichu's energy resonates till this day. Just because something is lost does not mean it will be lost forever. Memories of these objects and places still resonate. That is why energy is absolutely important for this exact reason. Energy records information that does not physically exist. Or like how crystals work. Crystals have embedded knowledge of light and healing. Memories can be stored in these crystals. That is how our soul works. We lived in more lifetimes that most have. Depending on who your truer self is. We have these memories in our spirit that has records of all the lives we traveled through.

In my post "Using Your Intuition". Not only can we use our intuition. Looking to our intuition helps us trust ourselves. The more we use this method of trusting ourselves. It becomes simpler to manifest these memories, or energy which guides us to our goal. When we meditate on this trusting guidance. We can do it quicker and with great precision without the need for meditation. The love of my life has explained this to me, and he can quickly use his intuition. Sometimes the message isn't quite clear. That does not stop him though he trusts the message no matter how obscure/confusing the answers become. Once he experiences his answer in the physical world. He is able to form an understanding from his experience.

Your soul is the key to all doorways in existence. It is you who needs to open them by simply asking yourself to.

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