Friday, January 13, 2017

Vile Vortices And What They Represent

Ever since reading about Ivan Sanderson's information on Vile Vortices. Including the map overlaying where each vortice is located throughout the world. It does make sense in a way because ships and planes disappear within these vortices. Even recovery planes such as the old Martin Mariners one of which vanished while searching for any known signs of the Avengers Flight 19 that also vanished in the same area. None of these planes were found. Ships included. These incidents were said to have been caused by gale force winds which knocked those planes and ships of course. Or even crashed. The most recent disappearance happened October 1, 2015. SS El Faro was off the coast of Bermuda when it sank to the depths. El Faro was missing exactly one month until search crews discovered its remains 15,000 ft below sea level. There were no recorded survivors. Luckily the ship was found but unlike others which disappeared. Nobody knows where these vessels went. If they took shelter in another country, if they were capsized or with the planes they experienced engine failure from the strong winds.

After looking into these Vile Vortices some more it talks about strong magnetic fields. This tampers with the gauges in ships and planes traveling through vortices. After recently watching a video on Youtube about these disappearances a pilot belonging to Flight 19 mentions "The sky looks all wrong here..." This is something that is very interesting indeed. Why would magnetic fields cause the sky to look wrong? Although I do find something interesting. That strong magnetic fields can tear human muscles apart. If these magnetic fields are stronger than this. Planes and ships could be easily destroyed because of this phenomenon.


Youtube Video About Ship and Plane Disappearances:
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These areas of interest still intrigue me. I look to learning more about this mystery. Along with those who find them interesting/ mysterious too.

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