Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Kemetic Gods and Goddesses

Kemet was the ancient name for Egypt or from what Thoth shared in the Emerald Tablet. Egypt was also called Khem. Kemet has many gods and goddesses many of them you may know like myself. Others you might not know that well. I do know a decent number of the gods and goddesses such as Bastet, Anubis, Ra, Horus, Osiris, Isis, Hathor, and Thoth. All of the gods and goddesses had a duty there were in charge of in the lives of the Kemetic people.

Anubis he was the god of mummification including the dead. Something I never knew is that people in Kemet who would see jackals roaming around in the cemeteries then believed Anubis watched over the dead. This is why Anubis is seen with the head of a jackal. Although most pictures you would see these days will have Anubis with the body of a jackal. With more human features, and the body a solid black color. Which is how he is depicted now. Then he would usually have the head of a jackal, and the body of an ordinary man. Egyptian Priests during ceremonies held for the deceased they would wear jackal heads in honor of the person that has died.

Hathor is seen as a protective goddess, and is also the goddess of love and joy. Hathor was the wife of Horus. It is said that she sometimes was thought of as a mother to the pharoah. A very peculiar fact about Hathor I never knew about is how Hathor is connected to foreign places and materials. A temple was built in honor of Hathor in Dendera.

Geb is a god I do not know much about. I did a little research, and Ged was the god of the earth. Ged also was involved int he battle of Horus and Seth when they fought for the throne of Egypt. Horus was made ruler of the living by Geb. An ironic fact I came across is how the Egyptians would see earthquakes as Geb's laughter.

Khepri  is a god I am not familiar with just like Geb. Khepri is a man with the head of a scarab. He is known as the god of creation, the movement of the sun, and rebrith. The Egyptians would see scarabs appear out of nowhere. This is how they believed their creator god appeared is from nowhere. There are other creation stories about Khepri. It sounds similar to how the Christian God is Infinite and has always been there. He was not created in anyway.

Thoth is an Egyptian god of writing and knowledge. The Egyptian people believe  Thoth if many of you remember from the Egyptian Judgement post he is present during that event to record that person's weighing. I see Thoth as a scribe of some kind. Thoth is connected to the moon as well. There is another secret about Thoth that many do not know about. He isn't Egyptian like most people would think. His roots go down a different road.

Nut I know in being goddess of the sky. In depictions of Nut she is described as a woman with her body stretching across the sky. Her dress is then decorated with starts. She is the sister also wife of Geb (this is a frequent thing with gods and goddesses) mainly in keeping Egyptian royalty progressing throughout the centuries. Nut was also the mother of Isis, Osiris, Nepthys, and Seth. See what I mean how even though they may be brother and sister they get married anyway. It definitely has to do with keeping the royal bloodline going.

I will provide the link so you can learn about the other gods and goddesses worshiped in Kemet. I chose a few gods and goddesses I did not know about that well. I also chose a few I am quite fond of. I think this link will give you a good bit of information on them.



  1. the real question is if these were real people, what made them "gods", and how literal were all these "myths"?

    1. Thoth I can explain for sure, but I will save Thoth's true identity until another blog post. Also as gods the power they obtained to make them the god-like image. Where did this power come from? This question I know can be answered.


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