Friday, May 2, 2014

The 6th and 7th Books of Moses

I finally came around to telling you all about the lost books that belonged to Moses. Books of Moses that were never included in the Holy Bible. Perhaps to keep us unaware of practices we can take part in, but will be judged for doing so. There are three other books of Moses not mentioned as well these are the 8th, 9th, and 10th Books of Moses. They are all Grimoires. If some of you are not aware of what grimoires are these are books of magic spells.

The 6th Book of Moses contains the magical incantations used for each type of seal represented in the 6th and 7th books. Moses extracted this information from the Books of the Cabala and the Talmud. Moses created these different seals using magical spirit-art. There is a total of seven seals. Each seal representing the different levels of spirits. The 7th Book of Moses contains The Twelve Tables of Spirits. An extract from the Magical Kabala is included too.

All of the tables in the 7th book includes the first four tables that conjure the spirits of Earth, Air, Fire, and Water. Fifth through tenth tables conjure up spirits of Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, The Sun, Venus, and Mercury. Extracts  that Moses used from the Magical Kabala is the Breastplate of Moses, Helmet of Mosees and Aaron, the Breatplate of Aaron etc. one  inscription on a seal when read properly will assemble devils or spirits, or it will cause the dead to appear.

With these incantations along with the seals shown. I do not know if these seals have to be drawn or engraved into any particular metal. It gives each incantation that is said in Hebrew. These questions may lead to my own personal research. Maybe even experiment a little bit. A tad problem is getting started, and only Moses himself knew what to do. Casting circles may not help because these are seals we are learning about. What I think is the seal probably has to be copied, and then chant the incantation for it to work. Another problem is how should the incantation be chanted in its original language, or can it still work by chanting it in English (or other languages)???

So far I have found a few seals made into necklaces. These necklaces I assume may hold the same capabilities the seal would have being drawn. The possibilities are kind of limited it seems, but hopefully these limits can expand some. Moses probably knew a way in which people could connect with the angels and spirits for aide. There are over 120 powerful tablets, charms, talismans, and seals all of which have been redrawn as well as digitally enhanced. With these seals which have been enhanced they make it easy to read when chanting each incantation.

Even since they made them easier to read. I still stand by my other questions. The words have to be read in Hebrew (or at least I think so). The Psalms can be used in concordance with a specific seal. All of the Psalms can help with situations a person is having difficulty in handling. Not sure if other people have had any experiences they can talk about pertaining to successfully conjure up anything.

I am glad to tell you about the 6th and 7th Books of Moses. That they do in fact exist including the 8th, 9th, and 10th Books of Moses. What I intend on sharing with you next is the Emerald Tablets of Thoth. Also how Thoth is really not an Egyptian although textbooks might say otherwise. I also intend on researching about the last three books of Moses. To see if I uncover a lot more than what is contained within the 6th and 7th.

Link: of Moses.pdf


  1. Good post. It's very interesting. :)

    1. Hi Rebekkah,
      Sorry for the late reply I have been pretty busy. Work has taken away some time from my blogging. I also find these grimoires to be very interesting as well. Never knew Moses had known a lot more than what most people suspect.

      The 8th Book of Moses is pretty interesting too. I will be talking about this tomorrow in another blog post.


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