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Numerology is the science of numbers. Our energy level consists of numbers, and these numbers helps us out on different levels. This is pretty much connected to the blog post on Cartomancy since Numerology is best used with Tarot as well. If you use Tarot give someone a random reading and make up something then you are not really using Tarot for what it should be used for. Numerology is a great way to use when working with Tarot, because when adding numbers together in Numerology then with Tarot understanding each card also the number they represent. It makes Tarot much easier to do.

Unless you do not want to try and practice Tarot and only want to learn about it. It never hurts to learn about it at all. Numerology is the same way. If you never heard of it, and you want to learn more about it definitely learn about Numerology. I am learning about it to better understand myself since I already explained how energy consists of numbers. Those numbers are linked to us so we can know ourselves a little bit better.

There are different numbers that can be found within your full name, birthday, and even shows the personal cycles you will have that year. Your Life Path number determines what qualities you obtained the day you were born, and qualities you learn to develop as the years pass. The Personal Year it tells you of what lies ahead for you such as this year for example. There maybe spiritual growth you will learn to develop, you may even experience or pursue things you never thought you would etc.

Now the talk about Numerology and Tarot. Tarot has each card that is labeled by a number either at the top or the bottom of the picture shown on the face of the card. Tarot cards vary by different decks such as Rider-Waite, Deviant Moon, Robin Wood etc. The pictures are different also varying by what deck you have. Numerology for your birthday can be used to determine which 3 Tarot cards you line up with.

Example: I was born 06/13/1992
1+9+9+2=2+1= 3

In Tarot from the Rider-Waite deck. My three cards would be The Emperor, The Empress, and The Lovers. In other decks the names of the cards can change, but also have the same meaning usually they have different meanings. From what I have learned and from what my friend Joel has taught me about how to find out what your three cards are. This is the best way using Numerology to find this out. You can give it a try by your own will. If not then it is alright. Never hurts to be curious. :)

Those that did do the strategy I learned, and now I am passing on to some of you that want to try. Just do what I did with the birthday(with your own birthday of course), but remember if the double digit is 11, 22, 33 etc. they are Master Numbers and cannot be changed at all. I also have a website that I will share with you that my friend Joel shared with me too.

I am glad to give a little information on Numerology and how it is used with Tarot. Or how to understand Numerology in general. I would like to expand to learn more about Numerology. Tarot I am kind of willing to actually give it a go, and to learn more about it. They have books to teach you how but then the reader must feel what the card gives off to them to do a much better reading.

I will see you guys in my next blog post. :)

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