Wednesday, April 2, 2014

The Akashic Record

The Akashic Record is first mentioned by Edgar Cayce ‘The Sleeping Prophet’. The Akashic Record is also known as the Book of Life. Many cultures speak of a Book of Life in their countries mythologies.  This includes every thought, action, feelings etc. etc. This record follows each life journey an individual takes. Akasha is a Sanskrit word meaning sky, space, or aether and it involves the coming together of mystical knowledge. People can have the capability to tap into their own Akashic Record since it exists on very high vibrational levels. It isn’t only meant for our Creator it is meant for our own self-discovery as well.

Edgar Cayce had the capability to explore the Akashic Record, and obtained information we wouldn’t obtain here on Earth. Cayce shared many things one in particular is the existence of Atlantis he proved it existed. Cayce even had talks with Jesus Christ and the Lord showed Cayce when he was to pass away including the day and hour. Many people came to Cayce for readings many dealing with the body.

Those that are able to ready themselves for deep knowledge from the Akashic Record can seek these records out. Cayce used Astral Projection as a way to ascend into this plane, and therefore obtain the information he was able to. The Akashic Records have been used as a Divination tool to help tell the future, about people and different circumstances. Most people who never heard of the Akashic Record will think of it as a parlor trick when it is not that at all. This is to help better understand our lives. Once we understand our lives we can make wise choices to change who we are, and we can better understand who we truly are.

Personally I have been trying to figure out who I truly am. I asked myself this question for quite a while. Somehow I do know the Akashic Records can help me a great deal in understanding my true self, my higher dimensional self in many many ways. Everybody is connected by the Akashic Record. That is why all things are connected, because they are connected by energy fields. These fields can be used for healing spiritually and physically.

Hopefully soon enough more people will become aware of the Akashic Record, and use it for their own self discovery so they can better understand themselves.


  1. This is a very interesting and spiritually educational article. Meditation is one way of reaching higher planes and finding our soul self and spirit self. Good luck. Keep writing as this is another way to reach our higher selves. Kharis Macey

    1. Hi Kharis,
      The main thing most people do not know is that the Akashic Record lives within us. In our spirit. Many people must dive into their spirit and seek out the knowledge we once knew.

      It may sound difficult especially since Cayce used Astral Projection. I understand it all involves complete relaxation. When meditating I can only get so relaxed, I haven't been able to open my Crown or Third Eye chakra. It will take time though.

      Thank you for commenting Kharis. I hope you have a wonderful Sunday. :)


    2. I wish you good luck. I have been a Casey follower for a long time. I spent many,many hours in meditation. When I suddenly developed psychic powers so that I knew what everyone around me and in my family were thinking or doing it became a problem. I thought it would be wonderful but when you can know things you are better off not knowing...well it can be very upsetting. I quit meditating and my psychic powers lessened. I can now deal with what I learn through the sub-conscious.

      I was also deeply involved in numerology and astrology. Those are very good psychic sciences to learn.

    3. Hi James,
      Sorry for the delayed reply. Edgar Cayce astral projected to obtained the knowledge he possessed not to forget by channeling as well. Astral projection does seem like a challenging feat to undergo, but it is possible to do.

      Thank you for your insight.



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