Friday, April 25, 2014

Incarnation Not Reincarnation

Many many people have not used the word reincarnation properly over the years. With the Buddhists belief reincarnation it is actually a move made called "incarnation." After the spirit has left its physical shell it will incarnate itself into the next physical body to live a different life. The way of past lives happen like this. Many people probably will not agree, mainly to how they were taught about the spirit. Or they just do not really want to choose to accept that fact.

Incarnation can be done by spiritual immortals. Immortals of spirits can choose the direction of their rebirths. When incarnated we are both body and soul within one being. It is mentioned how incarnation is relatively complex. With the interaction between the physical and subtle bodies that allows this incarnation. Energy which travels through the roots(nerves) of our bodies, chakras which are the main points locating our organs, also the important energy used between body and soul. Energy is used in the balancing and cleansing of the chakras also repairing the organs within our bodies. Not to forget in preventing illness and disease.

If incarnation fails to become active at the right moment when conception happens it can result in miscarriages. Otherwise if pregnancy is carried to term, and if the integration is flawed/incomplete birth defects also neurological disorders arise. The child ends up with these issues through that life. Once the soul sheds its physical form upon death this process happens again. Most souls are capable of this while others remain in the spirit realm. Spirit guides and the Higher Self can choose, not to incarnate. They stay in spirit form to aid human beings, and guide them to a higher state of consciousness.


Incarnation many may not agree with. If you do not really accept topics such as this then everybody is entitled to their own opinions. Those who exploring these topics enjoy them Past Lives play a specific part with incarnation. Past Lives will be discussed in another post. Doing more research on your own time is beneficial as well. See you in my next post.

I also know this post is a tad bit shorter than my other ones. I try not to write an entire book about topics I have did a little research into. I write as little as possible, but put a lot of meaning into what I write. 

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