Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Cartomancy (Tarot)

Cartomancy is a type of divination using Tarot. It helps in telling the person’s positives and negatives within their personality. They are used for telling the future as well. Numerology from what I learned from a friend is also used in better understanding how Tarot is done. From how I understand Tarot is when using Numerology you take your/someone else’s birthday you add the month together to get a single digit, you add the day to get a single digit, and you add the year to get a single digit. BUT if your birth month is November or the day you were born is on the 11th or 22nd then you do not touch it. Numbers such as 11, 22, 33, 44 etc etc etc. in Numerology are Master Numbers that cannot change at all.

There are different decks of Tarot cards not only the ones that have the picture of The Emperor, Death, The Fool, The Lovers etc. Tarot cards also have varying numbers of chalices, pentacles, swords etc. I cannot really differentiate between the two types of decks I just explained. I will have to do my very own research to figure that out, unless I come across some people who could better explain it all to me.

Tarot sounds simple enough except for when you have to remember the meanings of each card. I think that would definitely be tricky to do. Many are afraid to get the Death card, because they think it actually means death for them. Death does mean death but it refers the passing on of another person, an animal, or an event in your life is to come to an end. I had a reading done by a friend who is a Shaman to let me know my spirit guide is here with me, but my guide does not think I am ready to see him yet.My guide is here to protect and guide me. I agree with the reading myself because I still need to grow even more spiritually aware of my guides presence before I can see that he is there. I always knew after I left that dark part of my life that I was being protected by something, and I was guided more into the Light than ever before.

Tarot is not a parlor game of any kind although some people can make it that. There are individuals that take Tarot seriously to give fellow friends readings, and even do readings for themselves to see if there needs to be any change in their life. Tarot definitely is not bad at all. It can be looked into just to see how Tarot in general works. I myself have learned a good bit of the basics to it, but not a whole lot to where I know what I am doing. If you know real experienced people with Tarot then they can happily explain its structure.

Numerology I will go more in depth with it in my next post. It will include more on Tarot. I may even get my hands on a deck of Tarot cards, and take a few pictures front and back to show you what it looks like. Or better yet I can just get an ordinary deck and then get a more modern version of one.

Note: The two types of decks are Major Arcana and Minor Arcana.

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